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    No prizes for guessing which ones Grass lol. Talking of those horses that I keep following, no better example than old Frodon. Love him. Going to be a nervy old three miles on Sunday

    Good old Saltonstall, and the sentimentality approach (ie not putting them up) paid off nicely. Falcon Eight won that like a proper old pro, and though he was too short to bet him on his own, he did boost the perms a fair bit

    Good day all round then, especially with main bet Sir Bob winning and King Of May placing. Wanted to bet Monday, but couldn’t find one, so it’s a very rare venture to Lingfield today. Main focus of day is a nice clear round for Iroko at Warwick

    1347 Lingfield – Wynter Wildes 18’s EW 4Pls

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    Hi Bobby,

    I’m not a big fan of listening to what trainers say but post race interview for iroko says he’s likely to go for the turners. In case u missed it. Nice run today from him

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    Yeah, same here mate, but decided tonight to cover him for Turners. He’s my big Novice Chaser for the season, so I’ve covered him for the three Novice Chases now. I can cash him out for NH Chase, and though I share your scepticism for trainer comments, I reckon I’ll end up cashing him out (which I did this morning)

    Some performance today as you say Ken, and plenty more to come.

    Great run from Wynter Wildes today, and really happy with that. Found one bet tomorrow, snd I’ll try to keep it going with Sir Chauvelin at Kempton

    1930 Kempton – Sir Chauvelin 18’s EW

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    Another day another Bobby boomer. Nice work mate. Hit 140s in play. :good:

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    Smart moving cashing out the iroko NH chase I reckon, can’t see it landing up there now

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    Thanks mate. Unbelievable win that, though I wish I had got a slice of that 140’s

    As for Iroko, yeah agree, just the sensible thing to do.

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    Well after Sir Chauvelin last night, I have to keep going.

    Two good days on the All Weather for me, which is something I don’t often say, but back to the old routine, and after those bets, going with a few on a decent days Racing.

    Midnightreflection is a “Midnight” that has made these threads before, snd although maybe place chance only, I’ll risk her

    Fifty Ball is a horse who’s never really caught my eye, but looks too big to me, while old pal Janidil looks ok at 11-2. Peak Allaho would lap him, but 18 months is a fair old layoff, though I suspect Mullins might know more about the horse’s wellbeing than me. He’ll depend on earlier bets I reckon

    Most interesting horse today is The Big Galloper. Was one of my big hopes for last season, but after getting a few entries, he obviously had a setback and didn’t run. He’ll surely need this, but hoping he can be a Pertemps horse. Potential definitely there, but he’ll surely need this

    I’ll decide on Janidil later, but after a few good days, happy to have three at least on a busy Thursday, although certainly not going mad.

    Market against The Big Galloper just now, so holding off. Took Janidil instead

    Fifty Ball non runner

    1205 Ludlow – Midnightreflection 20’s EW 4Pls
    Clonmel Oils – Janidil 11-2

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    Another decent return yesterday, with Midnightreflection running a blinder into second.

    The Big Galloper looks worth following too, and I hope to see him in a Pertemps Qualifier.

    Couldn’t find a bet today, but most interesting runner for me was Hunting Brook. Far too short for me, but he was a notebook horse for me last year when with Emma Lavelle, and he should win more races to add to his victory today, now that he’s with Gordon Elliot

    Really good days racing, and most of these covered in Big Races. It was tough leaving out Gesskile, while I need a bigger price for Remastered. I nearly cashed out on Frodon, given he was so short, and the number of bets I have, but he’s been incredibly good to me, so I have to stay loyal. Sam Brown I really like for round Ascot this year, but he could blow that chance tomorrow, and I rate him highly. Big player in The Badger Beer

    Couple not mentioned in Big Races. Wincanton is the right kind of track for Midnight Midge, and he’s got the assistance of Elizabeth Gale, who won well on Celebre D’Allen the other day. Legacy Thor got me a huge EW last year, and back with him today.

    Seriously busy day for me, and as per, I’ll be looking to claw back stakes where possible.

    1315 Wincanton – Midnight Midge
    Pertemps – Hillview EW4/40’s
    1345 Down Royal – Legacy Thor 25’s EW 4Pl
    Wentworth – Brad The Brief 10’s
    Badger Beers – Frodon 4’s
    Grand Sefton – Ganapathi EW4/40’s
    Grand Sefton – Percussion 12’s
    November Handicap – Euchen Glen EW5/28’s

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    Midnight Midge got things off to a good start on Saturday, and it went so badly afterwards that the only other consolation was stake back on Percussion and Legacy Thor. That was a small consolation on a tough day.

    Back on it today though, and have to give Geremia a chance at Kempton tonight

    Missed the 16’s, and hoping to beat current 11’s

    Settled for 11’s

    Geremia 11’s

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    Reasonable run from Geremia, and just needed an extra four furlongs. At least. Still, I’ll take the good run after that lot on Saturday

    This was hard work last season this Cheltenham Meeting, so although still got a few bets, stakes are more cautious.

    All listed in Big Races. I’d like to lay off Didero Vallis (can’t cash out), but I’ll decide in morning. Doesn’t help that I just want to see Galvin win

    Edit – Just letting it run

    Lycetts – Captain Voltar EW6’s/33’s
    Lycetts – Skradin EW6/50’s
    Mucking Brilliant – Ballybreeze 7’s
    Arkle Trial – Homme Public 8’s
    Cross Country – Didero Vallis 66’s EW4
    Trustatrader – Wild Side Of Life 66’s EW
    Valda Energy – Sequoiaspirit 20’s EW6

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    Very happy, if not very luck yesterday.

    Homme Public was a bit disappointing throughout the race yesterday, and didn’t look a natural chaser. Very sore on JPR. Still, got to take it, and an 8-1 winner with Prince Zaltar 40’s EW, and Didero Vallis 66’s EW, made it a very good day.

    Latitude main fancy today. I haven’t topped up Torn and Frayed, though I will if he hits 33’s. Few non runners, so I’ve added Black Gerry. Expecting Haafapiece to run well yesterday. Hoping Real Steel can make the frame.

    Should really leave Lucky Lyreen and Top Moon alone, but off the back of a good day, I’ll only have small interests on them

    1150 Navan – Lucky Lyreen 14’s EW
    1255 Navan – Top Moon
    1310 Cheltenham – Latitude 14’s
    Paddy Power – Black Gerry 50’s EW
    Paddy Power – Torn and Frayed 20’s EW
    Games Hurdle – Real Steel EW 5Pls

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    Disappointed with most of them yesterday, and the only return was from Real Steel, with both Latitude & Torn and Frayed bigger bets.

    Still dining out on Friday though, and a few bets again today

    Cavani – Es Perfecto 9’s
    Cavani – Mr Saxobeat 16’s EW 3pls
    Jewson – Dom of Mary 33’s (Laid Off)
    Troytown – Run Wild Fred 20’s EW
    Troytown – Thedevilscoachman 8’s
    Greatwood – Hey Johnny 40’s EW5Pls/50’s

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    That decent day on Friday really made the difference last weekend, as the weekend went downhill.

    Coko Beach winning The Troytown had me inventing new swear words, but both Run Wild Fred and Thedevilscoachman high on the shortlist after that for The Paddy Power Chase

    These all covered in Big Races, and I’ll definitely take the stake back on Haut Estime as she continues to shorten

    Betfair Stayers – Schalke EW6Pls/40’s
    Betfair Chase – Royal Pagaille 10’s
    Hurst Park – Funambule Sivola 12’s
    Multiple Chase – Haut Estime 33’s EW

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    Chuffed to bits with Royal Pagaille today, one of those that I’ve put up so many times, and he’s just a very likeable type. He deserved that today, and great to see him get a G1. The 10’s was unreal

    Laying off stake on Haut Estime made it a better day too. She was beaten early on, and that was a wise decision. I just wish I’d had that option with Schalke.

    Cracking days racing Ireland tomorrow. It’s unlikely that Stattler will do it tomorrow, but I can’t let that 28’s go. Added him to my Cheltenham bets, as if that run in last years Gold Cup didn’t happen.

    I’m really pleased to see En Beton back. Notebook horse of mine two years back, snd he’s preferred to The Big Galloper, who was supposed to be my Pertemps horse this year.

    Wa Wa is one of I’ve already bet this year, and he’s been poor, but I’m drawn back in, with him dropping in grade.

    Same applies to Meetingofthewaters, who I’ve already tried recently. Hard to figure out the plan with him, but you can be sure he’ll win this year. Might as well persevere.

    In The Risk of Thunder I’ve chanced Three By Two. In the next, Tullyhill looks rock solid, but I think that For Fear Of Frost had EW potential

    Lot of selections, but paid for by Royal Pagaille, so just went for it

    Risk of Thunder – Three By Two 8’s
    1245 Punchestown – Wa Wa 33’s EW 6pls
    John Durkan – Stattler 28’s EW
    1450 Cork – En Beton 9-2
    1525 Cork – Meetingofthewaters 17-2

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    Meetingofthewaters a nice winner on Sunday, while I got money back from Three By Two in running. I’d rather have got money back for Wa Wa, as he was a bigger bet. He’ll definitely win before the season’s out.

    En Beton blew up quickly, while I was genuinely chuffed that Stattler ran well for a long way.

    One bet tomorrow, with Goose Man at Newbury, as per race thread. Hopefully it beats the weather

    Coral Racing Club Chase
    Goose Man 25’s EW 4Pls

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    Midnight River
    Hurricane Ali
    Baltic Bird

    Really gutted about Midnight River. One of my bigger Anteposts, and I hate the not knowing how he’d have got on if he stood up

    Decent card at Fairyhouse, but sticking to the Porterhouse, though I did look at Eagle Fang, Sharjah, and Sir Allen

    Screaming Colours 28’s EW5Pls/50’s
    The Dabbler 25’s

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    Antepost Update

    Percussion 10’s

    Fighting Fifth
    Benson 200’s EW

    Boylesports Hurdle
    Benson 14’s

    December Gold Cup
    Torn and Frayed 25’s

    Howdens Silver Cup
    Sam Brown 25’s

    Betfair Exchange Trophy
    Faivoir 25’s

    King George
    Frodon 66’s EW
    Hewick 33’s

    Paddy’s Reward Club Chase
    Saint Roi 20’s

    National Hunt Chase
    Three Card Brag 20’s (wanting to bin)

    Ballyburn 16’s

    Cross Country
    Conflated 7’s

    Banbridge 16’s

    Dashel Drasher 66’s EW

    Trustyourinstinct 33’s

    Albert Bartlett
    Ballyburn 20’s

    Gold Cup
    Capodanno 440’s
    Coko Beach 550’s
    Kilcruit 1000’s
    Stattler 330’s

    Grand National
    Stattler 50’s
    The Goffer 66’s EW 5Pls

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