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    Decent return from A Wave Of The Sea, and he’s probably worth chancing again for a big pot. Kilcruit definitely disappointed, but was still able to cash him out for The Gold Cup this morning, and that was a no brained.

    Thought I had cracked it with Dark Voyager. As low as 20’s before the off, and I had a wee look at the exchange, and I could get 240’s. That told its own story. I still topped up though lol. Pure Greed, and pure stupidity.

    Great to see Big Evs back up his Ascot, and just wish I had bet him. He really is very likeable

    I’m going through the card again at Goodwood, but nothing I’m looking to put up. Concentrating on the big one at Galway.

    Galway Hurdle
    Cash Back 40’s/EW7
    Tudor City 25’s/EW7

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    Bit of a rush here………

    Considering both Johan, and Fairyhill Run in running……

    Golden Mile – Escobar 50’s/EW7
    King George – Equality 7’s
    Tribes – Lucid Dreams 25’s/EW6
    Tribes – Nibiru 33’s/EW6
    Blazers – The Dabbler 50’s EW6
    Rockforce – Stratum 4’s

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    It finally happened, and I got a decent return from The Dabbler. Main bet of the day as well, so really chuffed. Not quite the 25’s, but got 8.4’s on Johan, so a decent day.

    Most of these covered in Big Races, and if The Dabbler is finally paying out, then I have to give Ilikedwayurthinkin another go too.

    Can’t believe I’m only going with one in The Stewards Cup, but stuck between Badri, Summerghand, Hyperfocus, and Aberama Gold, so sticking with only Bielsa

    I’ll watch the market for Bumble Bee Bet in the opener at Galway

    Summer Handicap – Euchen Glen 25’s/EW5
    1430 Galway – Ilikedwayurthinkin 22’s EW5
    Challice – WickywickyWheels EW4
    Stewards Cup – Bielsa 20’s EW

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    No complaints from today. Great runs from Euchen Glen and Bielsa, but EW Returns not enough to stop it being a loser, as WickyWickyWheels was main bet.

    Been an up and down week, but just going for it tomorrow

    Still to decide between Embittered and Vado Forte in the 1530

    Slight amendments…

    Boom Boom Boom 25’s EW
    Fiveaftermidnight 50’s EW 6pls
    Peregrine Run 16’s
    Vado Forte 11’s
    Master Matt 40’s EW 6pls
    Geremia 8’s

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    No time to update as away for a few days before Galway finished.

    Decent time of it last week. Had a couple of good days at Goodwood (and a couple of very bad ones), and I kept ahead with a few decent EW’s, particularly The Dabbler, which was a big bet. Fiveaftermidnight by some stretch the biggest loser.

    I missed Chief Seattle during the week, having promised to bet him next time, and it wasn’t encouraging that run. I’ll give him another chance tomorrow though, and started chipping away at 33’s. Goodnightgodbless a fancy too, but happy to swerve at 4’s

    At The Curragh, got to give Big Gossey a chance, while Mogwli is a horse who I think can surprise in the big handicap.

    Stratum too short, while I can’t split two regulars, Escobar and Empirestateofmind in The Shergar Cup, so with them both shorter than usual, and with me not being a fan of the event, I’ll swerve them

    1500 Haydock – Midnight Mile 6’s
    1525 Curragh – Big Gossey EW 4pls
    1710 Curragh – Mogwli 25’s/EW 7pls
    1925 Kilbeggan – Chief Seattle 33’s EW 4pls

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    Satisfactory day last Saturday, with the two main bets coming good. Midnight Mile was a small profit in running, while Mogwli did the EW Business. First time I’ve bet him, and I’ll be betting him again. Definitely some promise.

    Only a couple today with Gulliver, who I think will actually be targeting Ayr, and Single, who’s bidding to win this again.

    Islandsinthestream is a horse I like, and gave him plenty of thought, but it’ll depend on Gulliver

    Great St Wilfrid Gulliver 22’s/20’s EW 7pls
    1545 Newmarket – Single 16’s EW 4pls

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    Just the one bet today, and that’s Looking For Lynda in the opener.

    If I can get an EW Return there, I’ll bet Hot Fuss and Tronador later.

    I’ve sat them out at the moment, as I’ve completely missed the price on Hot Fuss, while with the meeting generally being a loser for me, I’m not keen on two bets in Tronador’s race with me already having an Antepost loser in it.

    Hopefully Lynda can do the trick

    Looking For Lynda 16’s EW 7Pls

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    Lynda missed out by one place, but on the plus side, no other bets as a result.

    That seems the sensible option again, but Thursday a busy day, and all covered in Big Races. Racingbreaks Ryder left out just now, but definitely considering in running.

    At Leopardstown I really like Mogwli, and I’ll be betting him too. He’s currently 16’s. If any luck in earlier races, I’d consider Arch Enemy in the last, but can’t be adding one at around 11-2, with so many selections

    Clipper – Escobar 20’s EW 7Pls
    Yorkshire Oaks – Novakai 20’s
    Galtres – Moracana 10’s
    EBF Fillies – Rock Melody 22’s EW 6Pls/25’s
    1820 Leopardstown – Mogwli

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    Mogwli made a big difference yesterday, and though obviously scarified the EW Returns, got a decent amount back in running, and thought he had it. Definitely one to keep backing.

    Yesterday was the only day I was having a few extra selections at York, and I’m really happy that I’m more or less swerving it this year. Enjoying it without too many losers.

    Hopefully Equality can give me a run for my money today, and hopefully Big Evs can justify being supplemented too. I think he’ll run a huge race, and I’m toying with the idea of adding him.

    Sir Chauvelin is my pick of the Goldie runners in The Silver Bell, while the Ryan pair, Father Jed, and Waitnsee look worth an EW punt at Kilbeggan

    Nunthorpe – Equality 100’s EW
    Silver Bell – Sir Chauvelin EW5Pls/25’s
    1845 Kilbeggan – Father Jed 18’s EW4Pls
    1920 Kilbeggan – Waitnsee EW5Pls

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    Poor yesterday, and deciding to more or less swerve York this week is the only crumb of comfort I can take

    Concentrating on The Ebor today, and topped up my pair.

    Couldn’t leave old Saltonstall either

    Any joy, and I’m looking at Fairyhill Run, or Sun Never Sets as well

    Ebor – Euchen Glen EW8Pls/40’s
    Ebor – WickyWickyWheels EW8Pls/180’s
    Irish Cambridgeshire – Saltonstall 40’s EW 6Pls

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    Very happy with the old boy Euchen Glen, and just wish he had got that ride last year. Decent sized bet though, and happy with the EW then.

    One bet today, and a fairly low profile one in Pepperoco. I’ve seen glimpses to get me interested, and the booking of Jordan Gainford draws me in even more.

    1855 Wexford – Pepperoco 20’s EW 4pls

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    Very happy with Pepperoco last week. Decent sized bet, as only bet of the weekend, and I gave the EW away in running, settling for a decent profit heading for home.

    Wanted to play on, but not one further bet last weekend, or this week. Just couldn’t find one.

    Compared to last weekend though, this weekend is unreal, to the extent I had to be really strict.

    In The Sovereign Path, I’m swaying towards No More Porter, but I’ll see how earlier runners do.

    I’ve taken 14’s Golden Twilight in The Petingo, sacrificing the EW, as I think I could get a profit in running. I think he’ll run well, so if he drifts, I’ll definitely top up.

    The others covered in Big Races

    Bet365 – Escobar 20’s
    Old Borough Cup – Euchen Glen 16’s
    Sprint Cup – Rohaan 40’s EW
    Petingo – Golden Twilight 14’s

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    Supposed to be having a few yesterday, but bar my opening couple of quid on a few of them, I decided to duck it, as Saturday was so poor. No real damage from the old regulars, and the main bet by far was Golden Twilight. Figured I’d comfortably get stakes back in running, and didn’t even get close.

    Missed a couple of decent returns yesterday. Although I had started on Equality, it was only opening bet, and not worth the bother, while I’d have made on Master Matt in running. Decent runs from a few on my radar though, so not a lost cause, but missed a good return from Equality.

    Decided to bet Father Jed today. He’s the only one pink on Oddschecker, but he’s worth a wee interest.

    An Mhi quite an interesting type in the 1630, but a horse to track rather than bet at todays odds. Any joy with Jed, then I’d consider the rag Any Day Now, and Glenquin Castle later on card

    1705 Galway – Father Jed 12’s

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    A few on the go today.

    Obviously put up fair few Goldie runners, but I strictly never bet his Favs. Real quandary with Call Me Ginger though, and I just had to, as he looks to have a live chance, and always happy to see Amy Waugh booked. Live In The Moment isn’t popular, but didn’t stop me topping up.

    My big hope for the flat this year, Biggles, takes in The Park Stakes, and I hope he runs a good race at the very least. **edit laid off stake

    Hearts Are Trumps is a frustrating one to follow, but he’s given me some good days. He might have already used up his win at Ballinrobe, but he ran well in this last year off a much higher mark

    Imperial Class is an interesting recruit for Elliot, and he’s one I’ll definitely be following this year. Price suggests today isn’t the day, but it’s big enough to draw me in.

    Any luck earlier, and I’ll bet Empirestateofmind later on.

    Portland – Call Me Ginger 8’s
    Portland – Live In The Moment 22’s
    1445 Navan – Hearts Are Trumps 18’s EW4
    Park Stakes – Biggles 16’s (Laid off stake)
    1630 Navan – Imperial Class 22’s EW 4Pls

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    Very happy with the run of Hearts Are Trumps, and I gave away the EW, to lay off in running for decent profit. He was biggest bet of the day, so made sense. Very late adding this in, but laid off stake on Biggles before the off, and to be honest, after that poor effort, it wasn’t much of a consolation to have a free race. He really disappointed me

    Happy enough with stable debut for Imperial Class, and I’ll definitely continue to follow.

    The profit on Hearts Are Trumps wasn’t really enough for me to be desperate to play on, but I do like to bet every day at Listowel, but nothing at all on Sunday. Missed the boat with Samui yesterday. Already mentioned him a few times as one I’ll be following, but I waited too long, missed the big prices, and didn’t want to bet at 4’s in a hot race. He’ll come again.

    Couple today. Old regular Saltonstall I thought a great EW price, and earlier on, I’ve had a decent bet on Free Solo. I can see him getting mugged late on, but I’d expect him to be bang there, so I’ll definitely be looking to claw stakes back at least in running

    1515 – Free Solo 11’s
    1700 – Saltonstall 20’s EW 4pls

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    Free Solo was a disappointing one, as I put a few quid his way. Didn’t work out at all, and never got near my lay. He showed temperament as well, so he’s out. Saltonstall was average again. I’ll keep betting him, but it’ll be through sentiment, so should really stop putting him up now (same with Euchen Glen who runs tomorrow)

    I’ve stuck with my old pal The Goffer today, and though not the race I had in mind for him, I can’t let him go at 16’s

    Kerry National – The Goffer 16’s

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    Really happy with The Goffer, and should have been an EW Return, he certainly would have been an EW later in season. Definitely more to come.

    As poor as Biggles was at Doncaster, I’d still considered him here, but I’ll just stick to him when he’s bigger.

    Standing by old Father Jed today, while I think from what I’ve seen of Shagpyle, she could pay her way next couple of seasons. Have to go with Pepperoco again (Non Runner), given that nice return last time, and as per big race thread, I’m with Man O Work

    Ladbrokes Hurdle – Man O Work 28’s EW6
    1515 Listowel – Father Jed 25’s EW 5Pls
    1645 Newbury – Shagpyle 8’s

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