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    Kicking myself with missing the 33’s fur Flower of Scotland tomorrow, but would have been token bet, and I’ll win same amount from the 10’s, but still

    Coral Trophy is verging towards having a bet for the sake of a bet territory, but taken a chance on Il Ridoto, who I loved at Cheltenham.

    I’ve bet Thanksforthehelp again, as well as for Cheltenham, and hopefully he’s in good nick

    Since Day One has already been very good for me, so had to take 9-2

    Easy Bucks, Christopher Wood, and Lord Baddesley also interesting runners tomorrow

    Eider – Flower of Scotland 10’s
    Pertemps – Thanksforthehelp 7’s
    Coral Troohy – Il Ridoto 9’s
    1600 Newcastle – Since Day One 9-2

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    Didn’t do thread yeaterday, as I was cashing out and laying off all over the shop. Just didn’t feel it in the morning. It would have read as a complete shambles. Turned out a wise move in the end. I kept Coopers Cross, and added Fighting Fit, and Brewinupastorm, while I couldn’t get rid of Hidden Heroics at all.

    Fiveaftermidnight is a horse I’ve obviously put up a lot, but on this seasons efforts, I had made the decision to just bet her as a sentimental one, rather than one o could put up as a sensible choice. I’ve had a U-Turn though, as I’m pleased to see her pitched in here, and also pleased to see Torrens up. 28’s looked fair.

    Wanted bet in the 1600, but Digby a Non Runner, and having cooled on The Abbey, I missed the price on Genois

    The 1450 looks a gimme for Cash Back, but I’m hoping for a run for my money from Sir Allen

    1450 – Sir Allen 14’s
    1635 – Fiveaftermidnight 28’s EW 4Pls

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    Todays bets

    EBF – High Treason 33’s EW5Pls
    Imperial – Faivoir 10’s
    Imperial – Metier 25’s EW6Pls

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    Step in the right direction yesterday with a profit on Faivoir in running. He really should have won

    Any Second Now was ready over hurdles last year, so had to go with him today.

    In The Leinster National, I’m sticking with Ontheropes. Was delighted with the opening 22’s, but then topped up, or should that be “topped down” at 18’s and 25’s, as I then took 40’s. Diol Ker the backup at 14’s.

    Ontheropes is my biggest bet of the week so far, so if he wins, which looks unlikely right now, I’ll enjoy my week

    Any Second Now 9’s
    Diol Ker 14’s
    Ontheropes 40’s

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    Starting off in Supreme with Supersundae. This is definitely one I’ll be looking forward to following long range. Certainly a big price, but he does look a smart prospect……………in time. Bit of a puzzle this race, so happy that I’ve got a bit of interest here.

    I spent all winter chewing over the 33’s for My Mate Mozzie, but ended up settling for half that, between topping up a wee bit last week. Most interesting Arkle I can ever remember, so it would be nice to have the winner too.

    My bet on Kitty’s Light in The Ultima I’m already regretting, but I’m fairly hopeful of a good run from Lord Du Mesnil. Although vulnerable to younger legs, I’m hoping he can make the frame.

    My big quandary in this race is what to do with The Goffer and Meetingofthewaters.

    The Goffer big notebook horse from last year, and Meetingofthewaters one of my main target horses this season. Already called myself a few names for missing him in The Paddy Power, when I let his fairly short price put me off. My line of thinking is that if The Goffer wins, he’ll pay for my Grand National bets in one go (or part of them) by laying him off, so I’m might go with Meetingofthewaters. Already had one win from him this season, and I don’t plan on it being my last. I’m still really excited by this horse, so just talked myself into him.

    The Boodles is a race I blow hot and cold on. Eagle Fang is the long range fancy, and I’m going to add Mordor for backup.

    Finally with Apple Away in the NH Chase. One of my favourite races, but not the big plunge I usually have. Not that I won’t complain if Apple comes in.

    If I can get rid of Kitty’s Light, I will, but looks hopeless. If I did I’d add The Goffer

    **Adding Luccia in Champion Hurdle for small interest. Had made a profit on the race from Pied Piper, so some of that the way of Luccia

    Also not decided on The Goffer/Meetingofthewaters puzzle yet.

    Supersundae 125 EW, 100EW4, 480’s
    My Mate Mozzie 20’s EW NRNB
    Lord Du Mesnil 40’s EW7, 50’s NRNB
    Luccia 50’s EW
    Eagle Fang
    Mordor 50’s EW6
    Apple Away 25’s NRNB

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    A very ho hum day all round.

    Highlight was Luccia, who I topped up to 50’s. Only on her with the profit made on Pied Piper and I take more pleasure from that, and getting 50’s, than from the actual returns. Very welcome though

    Other positives we’re Meetingofthewaters being a free bet in running, laying Apple Away before the off, and somehow being able to lay Kitty’s Light before the off.

    That’s clutching at straws though, and Mozzie, Mesnil, and Eagle Fang were all bang average, and weren’t smaller bets either

    The real sickener though was Corbetts Cross. He was always on my shortlist, for a race I love to have the winner of, but I just missed his price. He’ll definitely be one of my Gold Cup bets for next year.

    Talking of next year, Supersundae was very promising, and hopefully I’ll get to follow him in the odd race when he’s backable.

    On to tomorrow. Ballyburn my big hope obviously. Delighted to have singled him out last year for the notebook, and although I layed my stake back, I’m confident of a nice win (even though it should’ve been bigger)

    I’m mob handed in The Coral Cup, and although any one of them would be welcome, I’d love Shanbally Kid to do it. He’s not achieved much, but I liked him last year, and I’ve not given up on him. I’ll have a sentimental interest on Benson. Brazil is an old favourite already, while Zanndabad looks very interesting type

    Funambule Sivola is a bit of a bet for the sake of a bet, and really shouldn’t be on this thread, but hopefully he acquits himself well.

    Coko Beach is my nap of the week in The Cross Country, if it’s on, while I could leave Stattler.

    The Grand Annual is by a country mile, my worst race of the year, but if I have any luck earlier in the day, I’ll bet Saint Roi. I’m not convinced this is the plan, and like Sharjah, I could see him going Topham, or maybe even Galway Plate

    Ballyburn 16’s
    Brazil 16’s
    Shanbally Kid 33’s NRNB
    Funambule Sivola 150’s EW

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    Ballyburn is a fabulous long range spot – at 16s!!! – I hope you had a stack on it. Funambule Sivola was a brilliant, “bet for a bit of interest in the race”, I remember? At the time, I decided to follow suit, but after Edwardstone fell, which I had bet on, I did not watch the rest of the race. Later, I saw that I had been paid on FS which came third (though they were paying two, the antepost paid three). Like you, I had 150s so the place win was my best win this week! All down to you as I would not have bet on it. Many thanks.

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    Cheers mate. Sadly not a massive bet, and I was actually kicking myself for it not being bigger a couple of weeks back, but I’m delighted anyway. He looks an outstanding horse.

    He might have been beaten around six furlongs, but I’m not complaining about an EW at 150’s. Glad you were on too

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    Much better yesterday then, and with decent profit (finally), on Shanbally Kid in running, a good day all round, albeit the amounts were modest.

    Busy day today, and still not made my mind up on Plate or Kim Muir. I’ll edit this post later on with selections if I ever make my mind up

    Iroko 14’s
    Sharjah 25’s EW4Pls
    Chantry House 25’s (Laid pre race small loss)
    Flight Deck 66’s EW
    Prairie Dancer 33’s NRNB
    Banbridge 25’s (Laid for small profit)
    Conflated 8’s
    Dashel Drasher 66’s EW
    Janidil 80’s EW
    Sire Du Berlais 25’s NRNB

    Avatar photoNathan Hughes
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    Funambule Sivola

    and well done with 16’s Ballyburn
    I was too unsure where he’d rock up so chickened out with 6/1 any race

    Blackbeard to conquer the World

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    Thanks mate, really enjoyable day. Lucky with Funambule, but Ballyburn the (only) highlight of the week. Well done with the 6’s. I’d love to bet him again, but I might struggle now.

    Smaller bets in The Plate. All drifting at moment, so haven’t bet yet

    Fighter Allen 100’s EW
    Riaan 22’s
    Torn and Frayed 66’s

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    Grim yesterday, with my only crumb of comfort taking that profit on The Ryanair a month ago.

    If I lose the Thursday though, I can almost be certain I’ll struggle for the week. Need miracles today.

    I say this almost every year, but it’s easily the strongest of the three days, it felt like Cheltenham yesterday, particularly after that terrible card on Wednesday. It’s easier to say it after a losing day, as sometimes I feel as if it looks like I say that after a good days betting.

    I’ve laid Faivoir for a free race on The County, and even topped up Samui. Also more on Jungle Boogie

    The Albert Bartlett has been a strange old race for me this year. Three Antepost losers in Ballyburn, Cadell, and Great Pepper, but still ahead because of my lay on Great Pepper. I was very relieved when he wasn’t declared. I’ve put that profit the way of Johnnywho, to still give me a free race. Interesting one this, and he’s my horse for The National Hunt Chase, The Pertemps, The Ultima, The Kim Muir, The Nunthorpe, and The Irish National next season.

    Faivoir 50’s NRNB
    Samui 80’s
    Samui 66’s EW 5Pls NRNB
    Corach Rambler 25’s NRNB
    Jungle Boogie 50’s NRNB
    Nassalam 50’s NRNB

    Avatar photoNathan Hughes
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    Good luck with Faivoir
    I’ve stuck him in the itv7
    after Majborough if he comes in I’ll be about half way to the jackpot

    Blackbeard to conquer the World

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    Cheers mate. Next year again for Faivoir

    I seen your post. Well done with Teahupoo and Ballyburn

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    “Held up in rear, steady headway approaching last, kept on well run-in, never near to challenge (jockey said gelding hung right-handed) (tchd 66/1)”

    I would think when they saw the ground they decided that today was not the day. Would be very interested when he has a quicker surface under his feet. Needs to go up half a stone to get in the Galway hurdle so can afford to win a big one well between now and then.

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    Now on to the analysis of what went wrong for me. My first losing Cheltenham since 2013. 2013 will always be my worst. Had some awful punts that year, that I’ll never repeat, but 2024 was a comfortable loser.

    Strictly speaking, the amounts lost this year are nothing to worry about, it wasn’t carnage, but of more concern to me is how comfortable a loser it was, and how I wasn’t really excited during any race, bar with Apple Away, Ballyburn and Luccia.

    Just doing this for myself, so I can reference it in October. Breaking it down as a gentle reminder to myself

    Supreme – Small profit Antepost thanks to my Booster Bob bet. Put that the way of Supersundae. No qualms with this approach, and no harm done, but all pretty pointless at same time.

    Arkle – A race I don’t care for, more often than not a procession for whatever horse WPM or NJH have, but got suckered into Mozzie, and was a bigger loser. Leave alone unless there’s something at really good odds

    Ultima – Loser, but usual amount bet, and no concerns about them. Pleased to have left it alone Antepost, which I’m increasingly confident is the best way to approach this race

    Champion Hurdle – First bet in it for a few years. Profit Antepost from Pied Piper, followed by 50’s EW Luccia. All good, but probably be hesitant to bet in it next year.

    Boodles – Smaller loser, but still two losing bets. Will try not to look at it too seriously from now on, and one to swerve looking at until the day anyway

    NH Chase – Small profit Antepost thanks to Iroko, and Three Card Brag, while decent lay on Apple Away. Profit overall then, but I baulked at the 10’s for Corbetts Cross in the autumn. Should’ve been a winner. Will definitely have a go again Antepost

    Gallaghers – Ballyburn was one off for me, and a race I’d usually swerve. Delighted this year though, and my biggest winner. Should’ve been bigger though

    Brown Advisory – one bet, Apple Away, that I cashed out early doors for small profit, and one small loser in Iroko

    Coral Cup – Tough race as always. Antepost made the difference again with the 33’s on Shanbally Kid, giving me a good lay on the home turn, which paid for the race. However, I think from now on, I’ll try to just go with one on the day

    Champion Chase – Second biggest return, and taking Funambule Antepost was crucial.

    Turners – Wouldn’t have bet Iroko post setback, and although I suspected beforehand that this was part of a plot for Sharjah and The Topham, a very disappointing race. Always a token gesture betting race though, so no real damage

    Pertemps – Too big a bet on Prairie Dancer beforehand. I’ll try to wait until the day from now on, as the prices hold ok (not like I didn’t know this already, with it being one of my favourite races)

    Ryanair – Decent profit on race thanks to Banbridge lay. Big Antepost punt made all the difference.

    Stayers – No complaints, would do same again. Still a bigger losing race though.

    Plate – Not a massive betting race, given my record in it, but still bet more than I planned, and three losers are still three losers. Didn’t really fancy any of them. Lesson learnt. Finally

    Kim Muir – Loser, but my smallest bets ever in Kim Muir. Here’s the thing though, AGAIN, didn’t really fancy them much. My Anteposts on Read To Return and Midnight Our Fred were fair hefty punts. Also would’ve called Inothewayurthinkin as the winner days before. Let the price put me off. NH Chase Mark Two

    Triumph – I’ve no interest in The Triumph whatsoever, but still had a very small Antepost on Trustyourinstict, where I was betting a horse rather than than on the race if that makes sense. Thankfully an insignificant bet.

    County – Bet what I’d expect to bet on race. Happy with approach and no complaints. Profit again from Antepost, giving me great angle on Favoir

    Albert Bartlett – Three losers Antepost, and still made a profit, put that profit the way of the wrong one. Free race, Stellar Story second choice. Tough to watch

    Gold Cup – Always my biggest loser because of profile of horse I go for. Usually claw plenty back from them, and I did from Capodanno, but the others were a bit of non starter. Lesson learnt. Happy to continue with my approach, but unless a real standout, nothing before January now.

    Mares Chase – Dinoblue my lay of the meeting, and AGAIN, Limerick Lace at 5’s not big enough for me. Just daft. NH Chase Mark Three

    Martin Pipe – Always a big betting race for me, but my early fancies didn’t go. I didn’t adjust stakes, bet for the sake of it, didn’t fancy my three at all, and bet for the sake of it. Schoolboy stuff. Sore loser this one

    Pleased I wrote that down. Seems Crystal to me keep going Antepost, bar The Turners and Gold Cup, it paid its way. I’ve read that back a few times, and I think my key lessons are

    1. Don’t be scared of lower Antepost prices (Corbetts Cross, Inothewayurthinkin, Limerick Lace)

    2. Stop betting on races for sake of it. This year being Plate, Kim Muir, M Pipe, Brown Advisory

    3. Don’t bet on Gold Cup rags until after entry stage

    Now to remind myself of this come October

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    Yeah Grass, as I’ve just mentioned in my write up, no complaints from County Hurdle at all. He’s a nice horse Samui, and confident I can get a nice win from him.

    Hope you enjoyed it more than me this year.

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