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    Sprinter Sacre travelled and jumped in great style and was beaten only 3 lengths. If the same race was run again in 4 weeks DB would not see which way SS went. After over a year’s absence this was a brilliant run and he can only improve from this run, all the ability is still there.

    This. Keep the faith and fill the boots ante post lads and you will be rewarded. As Alan Lee said on the sunday forum this morning "I think we are going to look back in March and realise Sprinter Sacre at 3/1 was one of the bets of all time."

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    I actually believe we will NOT see Sprinter Sacre on the track again, too many problems to overcome, he was about 85% fit taking trainers comments into account, Gord has excellent 40/1 about DB but the horse isn’t that good round Chelts however Nicholls is the man to improve these chasers!!

    For me Sire de Grugy is the horse to beat and should he come back successfully he will be fav for sure

    The Ante-Post KingThe Ante-Post King
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    Yes ‘Sire de Grugy’ could still spoil the party Gary but again he’s not having the ideal preparation for a Grade 1 race.I thought ‘Sprinter Sacre’ looked a picture yesterday,he looked fit as a flea not like a horse who would come on for the run so to see Nickys reaction spoke volumes.He genuinely expected the big horse to canter in,he didn’t.The ‘Sprinter’ of old would have won by 10 lengths and jumped for fun,sadly yesterdays performance was that of a past Champion meeting a future one.

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    2pts win 3/1 Chandlers

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    Gord: Agreed, I’m sure they all hoped he would have hosed up and then moved on but these things don’t happen after such a long time off!

    Are you not concerned about DBs previous runs at Cheltenham? Fully understand the genius that is Paul Nicholls could have ironed any niggles out!

    Good luck with the bet – after that race I’m sure Gary Moore is licking his lips in anticipation and I can see Mr Mullins dropping Champagne Fever all the way back to 2 miles ;-)

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    I have always been a great believer of the old saying, they never come back .

    The Sprinter Sacre of 2 seasons ago would have picked that lot and carried them . Sadly, the brilliance has gone and ain’t coming back, dreamers – hence why I had the good sense to back Dodging Bullet yesterday .Yes, Sprinter Sacre looked fit and ran a good race , but for me, the boldness and zest of old were missing. I was surprised at how well he did run. Even so, I just cannot see this once great horse winning the Champion Chase in March.

    I followed Sire Du Grugy religiously last season, and as a result, reaped a healthy reward. Again, his long absence is a worry. Were he fit, he would be my automatic choice. He won last year’s race like the very good horse he is.

    So with those doubts lingering , my thoughts turned to Al Ferof and Champagne Fever. Al Ferof has a good record at Cheltenham and is guaranteed to stay up that hill . Champagne Fever has the speed, if not the requisite stamina, but battled well under a confident Ruby Walsh ride when just touched off by Western Warhorse in last season’s Arkle.

    My preference at this stage is for Al Ferof.

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    The Ante-Post KingThe Ante-Post King
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    Are you not concerned about DBs previous runs at Cheltenham? Fully understand the genius that is Paul Nicholls could have ironed any niggles out!

    Not worried at all Gary,if you watch

    Dodging Bullets

    Triumph hurdle run as a 4yo you can see how physically and mentally weak he is,a trait he carried into the ‘Supreme’ and again the ‘Arkle’ as a 6yo which is no age for a National hunt horse.I had a good bet on ‘Uxizandre’ at 5/2 in November to claw back my losses Ante-Post on the horse for the Paddy Power,all the way round I’m thinking ‘Dodging Bullets’ is the horse I fear and he proved it running the fav close proving his Aintree running was all wrong.I thought then had ‘Dodging
    Bullets’ had the benefit of a pipe-opener like Alan Kings horse he’d have beat me.Betfred were offering 40/1 about Pauls charge after the race and I snaffled it for the QMCC.When I saw 10/1 for the Tingle Creek I thought Xmas had come early.

    Dodging Bullets

    is a different horse now he’s mentally and physically stronger and finally looks the finished article.Clock watchers like myself compare ‘Sprinter Sacre’s’ and ‘Dodging Bullets respective Arkle times rather than the visual performance and that alone tells you a great deal.

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    Did anyone really expect any better from Sprinter? It’s pretty obvious a horse isn’t going to ever really get completely back to their best at that age and after such a length of time out, but I thought he looked great and much better than I thought he would.

    This was his first run in so long and on testing ground, take out DB and he’s just beaten Twinlight and Somersby by 5 and 12 lengths respectively, that’s incredible I’d say, two horses rated in the 160s, both with 3 runs under their belts. Now he’s had that run and will be on better ground in March I was surprised to see such a knee jerk from the bookies pushing him out beyond 3/1, should’ve lapped that up while I could!

    Everyone is ignoring DB, he’s fit as a fiddle at the moment and apparently a different horse this season, give him credit I’d say.

    I think the Queen Mother has potential to be a great race this year, all signs point to Sire De Grugy coming back well from injury, but with him and Sprinter probably not quite at their best, that really brings the likes of DB in to the race, I’d love to see Al Ferof (won’t happen) and Champagne Fever brought in to the race too. CF didn’t get home over 3 miles and has beaten DB both times at Cheltenham. And why they’ve stuck with longer distances with Al Ferof has always baffled me slightly. I think the 5 of them could finish within half a dozen lengths.

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    I am not sure how strong the Clarence House form will prove to be.

    Coming into the race I expressed my doubts about the form of Twinlight and how reliable his new rating was. I am not sure Dodging Bullets had to improve any on his rating to beat Twinlight by the margin he did here.

    Somersby is a good old stick but he’s getting on now and hasn’t won for a while. He set out on an all or nothing effort and made a bad blunder. He finished a good bit further back than he had behind Dodging Bullets last time, and again, the way Somersby was ridden, it meant that he had perhaps run poorly on the day, rather than Dodging Bullets putting in a big improvement.

    Dodging Bullets was suggested beforehand as not being suited by the going and while he’s clearly got to respected now that he’s found his form, there wasn’t any confidence behind him going into the race, with Sprinter Sacre being the one everyone wanted to be with. He clearly put to bed any concerns about the ground but we saw how easy Barry Geraghty was on Sprinter Sacre and defeat was accepted pretty quickly.

    For me it’s a race that throws up too many questions. How fit was Sprinter Sacre, how trustworthy is the Twinlight form, was Somersby given little chance with such an aggressive ride. Did Dodging Bullets really improve on the ground they thought wouldn’t suit and how far below his 188 rating did the top rated chaser actually run?

    I’ll stay away from those questions and back Sire De Grugy.

    Thanks for the good crack. Time for me to move on. Be lucky.

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    Looking at how powerfully he passed the post, I’d say DB had about 5lbs in hand – maybe more.

    Never argue with a fool. He will drag you down to his level and beat you with experience, then onlookers might not be able to tell the difference.

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    Yeah I do completely agree, Somersby, while still capable is obviously on his way down, and Twinlight I’ve never rated. I guess I was trying to redress the balance from those who think Sprinter Sacre is finished, I don’t think that’s quite the case, he did better than I expected and I think come March he could surprise those people a tad.

    I’m with you about Sire De Grugy, without the injury I’d have my house on him, but you just never know how horses are going to be coming back, though I’m still sure he’s where the smart money is going, do you take the 3/1 now or the risk that he might get cut to near evens after the game spirit next month?

    Dodging Bullets has surprised me this season, it’s not so much what he’s beat, but the manner. I’ve never rated him, always thought he was just going to be a stayed on one pace kind of horse at a decent level, but he looked really keen at the end of these 2 races in testing ground and I was impressed enough in the Clarence House to back him yesterday after being a big critic of his last year. He looks strong now, whether he has a good enough finish on better ground remains to be seen.

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    I think Sprinter Sacre ran an absolute belter and what I think is really important is Barry Geraghty looked after him. Because of the ride Geraghty gave the horse I don’t think Sacre will bounce next time.

    The ground will be almost certainly quicker at Cheltenham, Geraghty won’t hold Sprinter back quite so far and I fully expect him to win the Champion Chase again. Betvictor are still going 3/1. If Sprinter gets to Cheltenham he’ll be nowhere near that price. I’ll happily take the chance on him getting there.

    The Young FellaThe Young Fella
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    A little more time has gone by to let the brain digest the Clarence House.

    As TAPK says, you’d think that Nicky Henderson would have had Sprinter Sacre pretty straight for his comeback given the old heart issues. Compared to his previous seasonal reappearances, it was a little lacklustre. It’s easy to forget how much of a monster Sprinter Sacre used to be! Barry G used to have to hold on very tight to stop this horse from tanking off into the lead from the off. That cruising speed wasn’t quite the same on Saturday. He was able to drop him in at the back without much more than a little freshness.

    I’m not quite brave enough to back up my opinions with ante-post bets, but I’d lean towards Sire De Grugy now. Dodging Bullets can’t be trusted to replicate his best for at the Festival, so it’s the chestnut for me until I see any reasons to think otherwise.

    He’s not always great in deep ground or first time up, so Sire De Grugy might even look a little more tempting after the Game Spirit.

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    Again after digesting the Saturday race I have come to the following conclusion :-

    I thought SS looked great in the paddock and therefore ready to rumble. During the first part of the race he looked pretty ordinary but when he swept around the bend he looked the horse of old. BG was obviously tentative to then press on and may have thought he had the beating of DB without asking too many questions. DB had other thoughts. Viewing NH after the race he was obviously disappointed although he said he would be beforehand if he didn’t win. They have to be upbeat about his chances in March and therefore the post-race interviews reflected this. When the 7/2 price was quoted straight after the race I thought great value. Now I’m not so certain :?

    SS will definitely improve for the run but how much further will DB improve if any? Has PN saved enough in reserve to get further improvement for the CF? He’s only young so you have to think so. The negative is PN has not had great festivals for the last 3 years ("only" 4 winners – one of them from a satellite yard). But the improvement PN seems to consistently get from his horses still surprises me. Perhaps it shouldn’t as imo he’s the best (including Ireland).

    And then there is SDG. Again I will have to see how he runs in the Game Spirit. I think again connections will be disappointed if he does not win. Not sure what odds he is for this race?

    So in conclusion I have about as much idea before the race Saturday about who will win the QMCC i.e. NONE :lol: Heart definitely says SS though :mrgreen:

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    This race is becoming a real fascinating watch.

    I just hope Champers doesn’t run. Can’t see his jumping hold up at pace. Ryanair bound surely.

    I am struggling to find a bet for this race. Might have to be a swerve job. Routing for the Sire though.

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