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Will Kauto win at Aintree?

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    Sean Rua
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    Is victory on the Thursday part of the plan, or would that be out of the question?

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    I’d be shocked if he doesn’t if he runs.

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    I’d be bearing in mind that Clive Smith’s plans will almost certainly rest on Kauto, in the order of merit vs. Lough Derg. If the ground come Aintreeis normal (or perhaps G-S)- he goes to the Totesport Bowl and MM the Melling chase. If soft, he goes Melling and MM goes to Punchestown if anything.

    Regardless, he wins nicely at Aintree IMO. I doubt it very much that Smiths’ stars will meet any time soon, and with only one chasing the OoM title this year there can only be one winner in this vote?

    Fist of Fury 2k8
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    Is victory on the Thursday part of the plan, or would that be out of the question?

    What a weird post Sean.

    I am not sure what you mean by asking is victory part of the plan. It’s like your implying they could be sending him there to get beat.

    However my concern is the horse not what the little wheels in you mind are doing :shock:

    Ruby Walsh said after Cheltenham that Kauto may have left his race at Ascot.

    I wasn’t too happy with him at Ascot when compared to what he did to them at Kempton, so the signs were there.

    You could say it was the shorter distance but 3 miles at Kempton 2m5f at Ascot aren’t a million miles apart so I just put it down to the problem that came out with his hoof.

    For whatever reason Denman beat him doesn’t matter nor does it change the fact he ended up having the toughest of his life.

    I hope if he runs he has no more than an excercise canter and only a few turn up. The Gold Cup will have brought Exotic Dancer to peak fitness I truly hope he isn’t running as if Kauto is over the top there’s a good chance he will be beaten.

    Some horses are tougher than others and can keep their peak longer and can handle running at Aintree like Katchit did. Others like Wichita Lineman don’t and get stuffed…and by the looks of it he still hasn’t recovered.

    Even Istabraq was beaten at Aintree probably because he had gone over the top. Howver with him the defeat had little effect.

    Personally I have no idea what is going on in PN’s head but if this is his idea, then I think he’s gone mad.

    Of his two Gold Cup stars Kauto Star by far had the tougher race……..Denman gets a well deserved holiday but they want to run Kauto Star again……….just doesn’t make any sense to me.

    I hope he bounces back to his best at Aintree and they are not making a big mistake.

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    I sometimes think you’re not only in another country Fist but on another planet completely.

    That’s a good post though and you’re right – it does seem strange that Denman would get the rest while Kauto is to be turned out again.

    From a personal perspective I’d love to see him run but for the horse’s sake I think they’d be better off putting him away till next season.

    To play devil’s advocate though – a fair few, myself included, have often praised connections for not over protecting their horses so I feel somewhat of a hyprocrite. I just think they may be overdoing it this time.

    Hope I’m wrong of course.


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    Only a thought, and not my opinion, but could it be that connections think that Kauto Star has peaked, and that by chasing the Order of Merit bounty is the best way of maximising his earnings.

    I have donned my asbestos suit and await a flaming from Fists!! :wink:


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    I recall half – joking with Fist Of Fury (before Cheltenham) that Kauto Star would probably go to Aintree – on a recovery mission – after Denman defeated him.

    Nicholls said that all being well, Kauto Star will run in the Totesport Bowl, with Master Minded running in the Melling Chase. psss…Lump on the latter ! :wink:

    Kauto Star should win, but Aintree has a habit of throwing up some odd results.

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    Some horses are tougher than others and can keep their peak longer and can handle running at Aintree like Katchit did. Others like Wichita Lineman don’t and get stuffed…and by the looks of it he still hasn’t recovered.

    May i suggest that the skills of the respective trainers could be a factor? :wink:

    …..cue Fist going bonkers

    I was abit suprised to see that Kauto is running again but the suprise probably has more to do with being these days accustomed to the dismal way many horses are campaigned

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    Change of heart by Nicholls there about Master Minded.

    To my recollection, directly after that performance at Cheltenham he said that "that was it until the Autumn".


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    If he has peaked he should left alone for the rest of the season. I know he was not injured at Cheltenham, but I can’t help thinking of what happened to Azertyuiop when he was turned out at Sandown chasing a pot of gold.


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    Fist, two things beat Istabraq at Aintree……………….the trip in bottomless ground, and the fact that Pridwell consented not to throw it away. I doubt it was anything to do with the horse being over the top – he’d barely had a race at Cheltenham.

    As for Kauto, I don’t think it’s beyond the realms of possibility that he could be beaten entirely on merit by Exotic Dancer over 3m on the Mildmay course.

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    The Order of Merit raises it’s ugly head again.

    Was it 2 years ago that Monkerhostin and Royal Shakespeare were standing dishes in Graded races after Christmas in an attempt to win the title. They were both scheduled to run at Sandown too on the last day of the season until connections agreed to split the money (I think)

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    this can’t be about money?!?! Has Clive not got plenty? I’d say it more that they want KS to restore the faith again……far too many numpties now talking about Denman as the 2nd coming…. Personally I dont want to see any of them out again this year.

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    Order of merit is a good prize for owner and stable, not to be sneezed at.

    The weather forecast for Aintree currently has lots of rain in it between today and Tuesday; it may end up being very soft on Thursday. Would either of them run on bad ground?

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