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    Pink Dogwood just done by a brave winner. Going to chase today’s losses with another nice looking mare who caught the eye over hurdles:

    7.25 Down Royal Great White Shark evs 2pts win

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    Pts staked 32.5

    Back in the saddle for Kilbeggan

    First two bets are down to jockey bookings:
    Think the admirable Cliff House may run into yet another one
    Sticking with Allee Bleue for the handicap chase

    2.35 Bluegrass Princess 15-2 0.5pt
    3.10 Dasmyhoss 5-1 0.5pt
    4.20 Robin de Carlow 13-8 1 pt
    4.55 Allee Bleue 4-1 1pt
    5.30 Think Positive 13-8 1 pt
    All win only

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    Pts staked 36

    One NR, two winners, two losers.
    Robin de Carlow jumped well and should win plenty more.
    Didn’t see Allee Bleue race but sounds too bad to be true.

    One for Listowel tomorrow- The Last Marju had some very nice form over fences last year, has had a spin on the flat and young enough to improve some more. Draycott Place in good order, Presenting Mahler jumping for fun at Down Royal and Mill Quest so tough it’s not over till the line comes so decent opposition but any horse that gets close to my beloved Robin gets my vote ;-)

    Listowel 3.20 The Last Marju 4-1 PaddyP 1pt win

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    Pts staked 37

    The Last Marju jumped a bit stickily and never looked like getting involved. Will leave him to one side for now.

    Elsewhere on the card- Penny Out did well to finish second considering her ears were in her jockey’s face most of the way round and she hurdled as badly as you would expect. City Ballerina- in the City Island colours- was going quite nicely till she got one all wrong and unseated rider.
    Fast Buck looks a really good sort, nice looking proper NH horse.

    Nice to see On the Fringe fill the first spot today :good:

    No bets tomorrow- bit tempted by Richard Newlands’ rejuvenation of Magna Cartor but happy to leave alone.

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    Pingshou was in a different class to the rest for his win at Ffos Las LTO- jumped well and much too good for them. Topweight shouldn’t matter a jot to the big beast today and drop in trip not likely a problem either.

    Smaller bets at Wexford on two horses I’ve had my eye on.

    Newton Abbot 2.25 Pingshou 10-11 5pts win
    Wex 3.20 Shantelle 9-1 0.5pt ew
    Wex 5.20 Churchtown Glen 7-2 1pt win

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    Pts staked 44

    Rats. Pingshou was cruising along bouncing over the fences merrily most of the way. I wouldn’t blame Harry Cobden for not forcing the pace earlier as he got the horse in a nice rhythm. But as soon as I saw him start flapping his elbows I thought “Please just don’t stuff it up”…then bam! Watching the mistake again though the horse changes legs crossing the road a few strides out then starts to hang, so there probably wasn’t an awful lot Cobden could have done to set him right. Hey ho. Well done bold little Kentford Heiress. And it was nice to see Pingshou enjoying himself, hope hammering the last hasn’t put him off.

    That’s racing…as is the fact that I looked at 1/5 odds 4pl vs 1/4 odds 3pl for Shantelle, and went for the latter. When she got out of traffic she ran on to finish a nice 4th. Rats!

    Churchtown Glen- came 2nd.

    Back to small stake today- Evan Williams horse back up in trip.

    5.35 Ffos Las Jonagold 11-1 0.5pt ew

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    Pts staked 45

    Got to stay loyal to Bapaume in the Prix La Barka even though he has a tough enough job at the weights. French Made on the other hand gets a bit more weight from Polirico in the Prix Questerabad and equal rest time with him between races this time so I’m backing her to reverse the neck deficit from the last time they met.

    2.50 French Made 2-1 1pt win
    4.32 Bapaume 2-1 1pt win

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    The mare got hampered at the second last and made a hash of the last but still wouldn’t have won. A summer of grass might do her a power of good.
    What next for Bapaume? Fences? Isn’t going to beat Paisley Park over hurdles, isn’t fast enough for G1 2m hurdles, too high for handicaps, so they may as well give him a go over the big jumps.

    8.10 Roscommon Stoneford 9-1 0.5pt ew
    Thought he ran ok last time. Don’t know enough about the others and the bet is just to have something to cheer for.

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    Pts staked 46

    A few bets on my TRF Saturday competition horses:

    Luxor -see Ben Linfoot’s reasoning (although I picked it before he did!)
    Caerleon Kate is never going to stun the world but perhaps a bit overpriced considering she likes this track
    Black Key Breaking my no-ex-Giggi rule already! Trainer back to form, headgear on
    Persian Wind Caught my eye a bit last year, form at Downpatrick 352262

    3.35 York Luxor 18-1 0.5pt ew 1/5 6pl PP
    3.40 Downpatrick Caerleon Kate 40-1 0.5pt ew 1/4 4pl b365
    3.55 Hexham Black Key 20-1 1pt win PP
    4.50 Downpatrick Persian Wind 18-1 0.5pt ew 1/5 3pl PP

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    Thought there was cause for optimism when Caerleon Kate and Black Key shortened but no dice!

    1.45 Downpatrick Poker d’Ainy 6-5 1pt win
    Been knocking on the door and got to break his maiden somewhere

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    Pts staked 51

    Beaten fair and square.
    Just one for today: had to pick between two I’m watching

    8.00 Kilbeggan Brahma Bull 5/6 3pts win

    Would like a go in the Plate trial too but too many I like, so will sit it out and waste money on the fast Ascot nags this week instead :-)

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    Brahma Bull NR which was just as well, as Plinth was neat and quick and may well have won anyway.

    Sitting at home on lovely maternity leave so walks in the park in the morning, sitting in front of the racing till my eyes go square all afternoon, all week :good:

    Decided to stick to a rigid plan, since every time I get enthusiastic about a flat horse it goes to pot as I don’t know what I’m doing : 1pt on each of my TTF horses plus one point on something else in each race, all week. 1pt=£1 for me so that’s a week’s worth of betting entertainment for less than £40. If I get lucky I might splash the winnings on more bets, if not, not too much harm done. Today I have

    Barney Roy 6-1 1pt win
    Mythical Magic 60-1 0.5pt ew b365 4pl
    Arizona 3-1 1pt win
    Well of Wisdom 22-1 0.5ew boyle 4pl
    Blue Point 11-4 1pt win
    Fairyland 28-1 0.5pt ew
    Van Beethoven 100-1 0.5pt ew
    Arctic Fire 20-1 0.5pt ew 5pl
    Magic Wand 5-1 1pt win

    (Two of my TTF horses in Kings Stand and didn’t want to add another, so added a second in the Coventry instead).

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    Pts staked 60

    Only down 1.5 pts for the day thanks to my two “sensible” bets. Had Arctic Fire to 5 places and he came 6th…

    Day 2- mostly Ballydoyle horses due to lazy lack of research.
    Queen Mary: a big field of 2yo sprint fillies…are you kidding me? No clue. Go for the Ballydoyle horse whose form ties in with the Jessie Harrington horse. Next.
    Queens Vase- that’s more like it. Be NH sires some day. Picked the Ballydoyle horse whose name I can imagine cropping up in NH pedigrees.
    PoW- Three of my TTF in this so picked my star horse
    DoC – Ballydoyle horse plus Nyaleti after watching Mark Johnston’s video piece about his Ascot fillies
    Hunt Cup: bit of a skim through some form looking for cut in the ground and straight courses, indulged my addiction to unlikely horses at big prices
    Windsor Castle: lost interest, Ballydoyle horse, done

    Tango 16-1
    Western Australia 4-1
    Crystal Ocean 9-2
    I Can Fly 9-2 +Nyaleti 40s
    So Beloved 50s Mitchum Swagger 40s
    Southern Hills 8-1

    All 1pt win except Nyaleti and the hunt cup 2 which were 0.5pt ew – the mare 4pl, cavalry chargers 7pl with PaddyP

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    Pts staked 68

    Love Crystal Ocean, just a good honest horse. Nyaleti had to do her own work- had hoped she would cling on for a place but never mind, at least she seemed happy enough. Southern Hills looks a nice sort too, took a chunk out of my overall deficit.

    Got so absorbed in Ascot I missed the better price on Morgan in the beginners chase at Wexford but gave put a bit on anyway. Fencing still not perfect but much more savvy than last year when he was pitched in against good opposition and couldn’t cope with the likes of Galway’s quick double.

    7.30 Wex Morgan 13-8 1.5pts win

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    Pts staked 69.5

    Ascot Day 3
    Mount Fuji 15-2 win
    Air Force Jet 14-1 ew

    No bet 2nd race as Buckhurst NR
    Fleeting 6-4 win
    Stradivarius 6-4 win
    Master of Reality 100-1 ew
    Eclipse Storm 66-1 ew
    Severance 33-1 ew

    All bets 1 Pt win or 0.5ew

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