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    The Tatling Cheekily
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    Aye Walsh is like the Roy Keane of racing. A seemingly miserable, aggressive, git but talks plenty sense.

    And yes Chappers screaming is pretty daft.

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    One other thing. Yes we like favourite horses but the way they go on about some of them is way over the top. Tiger Roll, Altior etc. And when they fail they shut up.

    It must make other horse owners fed up keep hearing certain names all the time and not their charges. Just like in football, all you hear about is Liverpool and Man U and if the other team win, the former must of had an off day!

    Bet Chamberlain was telling his kids yesterday “only 11 months to your advent calendar’s”, and will bang on about that to them every month now til then poor b…….!

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    Please ban presenters from mentioning “Happy birthday to” anyone they know who’ve had a birthday recently. :negative:

    value is everything
    Red Rum 77
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    One thing about announcers, when a horse who they rave about gets beaten they fail to give credit to the winner. Usually in such cases the winner was totally unthought of by them.

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    I thought I’d watch this just to see how he got on. For some reason the video didn’t come up when I tried to play it but the audio played fine. I thought he did a decent job with zero prep time…yes there’s a bit of waffle to cover when nothing is really happening but he gives every horse a proper mention and paints the picture pretty well.

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    Not ITV Racing itself, but those irritating Betfair ads. Why the whispering? Gets right on my nerves. :wacko:

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    The ITV7 this weekend is from Warwick and Market Rasen, which conjures up memories of the 1970s on World of Sport where it’d often feature two lesser courses. I wonder what which races will be screened? The Joe Coral Golden Hurdle Qualifier, Philip Cornes Novice Hurdle, Brooke Bond Oxo National, Lincolnshire Poacher Pattern Hurdle perhaps?

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    Wonderful posting, Govril, which evokes so many memories.

    The ITV7 was great back, then – such a simple but effective format: a rapid-fire race every 15 minutes, Brough Scott at one meeting, John Oaksey at the other, with Ken Butler (a better tipster than either of them tbh) standing in during holidays.

    John Penny and Raleigh Gilbert commentating.

    There was even an ITV7 Annual with all the fixtures they covered and maps of the courses.

    It was always the occasional (some once a season) coverage of the smaller Jumps tracks – Market Rasen, Towcester, Wolverhampton, Windsor, Fakenham, Hexham etc – that excited me most as a teenage viewer first discovering racing.

    A golden era I thought would never end.

    Cork All Star
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    I remember watching the ITV7 with my father on those long ago Saturday afternoons. And I certainly remember the Oxo National at Warwick.

    I really miss Windsor as a jumps track. It was great when they briefly brought it back in 2004/05 when Ascot was being redeveloped. I saw Baracuda win the Long Walk there. I hoped they might decide to bring the jumps back permanently but it was not to be. I suppose they want to preserve the ground for the more lucrative Monday evenings in the summer.

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    Did anyone notice after the Welsh Grand National Ed Chamberlin more or less apologising for the use of term “A mans ride” by Evan Williams regarding Adam Wedge’s ride. It never crossed my mind at the time and I was shocked by the reference to it. Political correctness gone mad.

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    I think Evan says “that’s men”

    Adan Wedge had earlier said in the interview with Luke Harvey after Luke had asked him about his two crunching falls earlier, “it’s a mans sport”

    Venture to Cognac
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    Agree Yeats, not quite sure what he was apologising for.

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    Why would anyone take offence at that perfectly true statement everything has to be so PC today :wacko:
    Next we’ll be getting condescending voices coming on before racing goes on air..
    “May contain bad language or scenes that some viewers may find distressing”
    I’m fed up with being told what I might or might not find distressing and thankfully still have the ability to reach for the off switch…Jac

    Things turn out best for those who make the best of how things turn out...
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    What the comment “it’s a mans sport”

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    Well it is a ‘man’s sport’ just taking it as meaning you have to ‘man up’ but obviously it includes tough ladies too. :yes:

    Things turn out best for those who make the best of how things turn out...
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