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    According, to “The Racing Post” ITV have agreed a new contract for another three years.

    I think they have generally done a good job so far and pleased coverage will be available on “terrestrial”.

    Blackcountry Kid
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    Very happy to see racing have an outlet on ITV,however they really need a shake up with the presenters as I can’t believe they can continue with this motley crew!
    good luck to all

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    I only watch the races that I have had a bet in.

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    Agree 100% Matron. Like most, I certainly dislike several of the team but it’s only my opinion & personal prejudice and, overall, I think they have done a great job (especially in the current weird times) and am grateful (both for myself & the future of the sport) that terrestrial coverage continues

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    Very happy that ITV have agreed a new 3 year contract. :good:

    Have really enjoyed the coverage throughout the lockdown period and hope they keep to the policy of showing more horses in the paddock and going to post when the general public return in force. Think they need a small shakeup of the team ie Luke Harvey and Mick Fitzgerald who are both NH biased so why do we have them for flat racing? Would like to see more of Kevin Blake during the flat season, himself and Jason Weaver brilliant mix of English and Irish pundits.
    Great news though Matron. :good:

    Things turn out best for those who make the best of how things turn out...
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    Great to see racing continuing on terrestrial TV.

    There’s been more positives than negatives in the last couple of years. I’ve especially liked ITV going to some of the “lesser” courses.

    Ed Chamberlain has been excellent, Jason Weaver and Kevin Blake are superb and I’m hoping that Ruby will have a role to play in the winter. Get shot of Persad, McCoy and Plunkett and they’ll just about be there.

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    First post.
    Good to see a thread on ITV racing.

    How about things you like, and don’t like in the programme.

    Don’t like:
    – Music.
    – Richard Hollies. Just too much talking, he does not take a breath!
    – Too many presenters. 3 or 4 used to be enough years ago. Save the company money!
    – On presenters, no offence but do we need so many irish contributors? I used to love hearing them when the broadcast went over to the Curragh for example. Now, it makes you wonder if our country has competent people to present.

    – As others have mentioned, good to see back on terrestrial tv.
    – Informative betting shows.

    What works, doesn’t work for you?

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    Don’t like:
    – Chapman.

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    Don’t like

    Chapman shouting his head off when a horse goes 3/1 into 5/2 like its the biggest gamble in history

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    Should say I’m pleased it’s continuing.

    Plenty of downsides but with fast forward and pause controls it can be enjoyable.

    I must agree that the ‘Pure Theatre’ theme music and visuals (and the incidental music come to that, bloody Chandelier) is rank bad. Bring back the ’70s ITV Racing theme tune

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    Even hearing that music countless times, you can never get used to it.

    Then you have Ed Chamberlain saying its two hours to a big race, then one hour to the big race then half an hour to that same race. Bet he gives a countdown to his kids on the 1st of each month “only eleven months to advent calendar’s kids, only ten months….”.

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    I must agree that the ‘Pure Theatre’ theme music and visuals (and the incidental music come to that, bloody Chandelier) is rank bad. Bring back the ’70s ITV Racing theme tune

    I agree with this.

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    Who is Natalie Green and whose idea was it to put her on the Opening Show…’s a poor programme and she makes it poorer.Blander than bland and zero opinion or expertise……Chapman seems openly irked by her presence (Which kind of makes up for it a little bit)

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    Well, I’m still loving it, especially as they’re showing racing on Sundays, too. And that Natalie woman has put up some good priced horses I believe.

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    I’ve always recorded the racing, but now find I just fast forward to the races themselves whereas in past years I would watch the whole lot. Even then I try to block out Hoiles incessant, relentless, not coming up for air commentaries. He is knowledgeable, but what a poor poor commentator.

    There’s no chemistry with ITV racing.

    Shows that had Francome, Big Mac, Jim McGrath and Simon Holt or Mike Cattermole. Just a few presenters, but boy was it a much better well balanced programme.
    Seems ITV think if they can chuck as many people as they can on a programme, people will find their favourites and find it watchable.
    It’s not working ITV! And in this case less would definitely be best.

    I remember when there was racing with just John Oaksey, John Rickman and John Tyrell doing the betting shows and results. So simple, so perfect!

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