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    Stylehunter ran a stormer given the circumstances, could scarcely believe my eyes when I realised he got 3rd. Haven’t fallen down the Kaloor trap again, but can totally see the case. Best of luck tomorrow.

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    Thanks mate, so bloody close.

    Can understand that with Kaloor, I’ve not given up……..yet. Good luck with the selections tomorrow, especially Midnight Folie of course.

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    Just the one bet today then after the withdrawal of Kaloor, but I’m not complaining with a 50-1 shot placing.

    Can’t believe Numerian was allowed to go off at the 50’s, and he ran a screamer. He maybe wasn’t a winner that got away like Stylehunter, but like the Gosden horse, he didn’t get a clear passage, and he would have been a lot closer. He was flying at the finish, and there’s definitely more to come.

    Absolutely delighted, and makes a massive difference to my week.

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    After that today, I can afford to maybe have a go in every race, but it’ll still be a cautious approach, as it’ll be difficult to top that today.

    Facing a dilemma in The Albany. I’m definitely going with Jm Jackson, took the 16’s to five places. Really decent start to her career, and that price was far too big. The problem I have is with Kemble. One thing I’m trying to do this season is have slightly less races with multiple selections. This isn’t the type of race where I’d want a couple, but I did like the idea of her for The Queen Mary. She’s a fair old price at 20’s, and it makes sense I suppose to cover her, if only for piece of mind.

    I’ll watch The King Edward VII without a bet, but I’m a big fan of Japan, who did me proud in The Derby, and I’d love to see him do it.

    I’m also a big fan of Ten Sovereigns, and I think he’s got to go close in The Commonwealth Cup, but like Japan, far too short for me. I swerved Rumble Inthejungle Antepost, as I was hoping for an extra place, but not to be. Thankfully though, I can still get 25’s. He has his moments, and though I’ll not be the least surprised if he finishes last, he’s also the type to surprise, and I can honestly see him making the frame here. Happy with the 25’s.

    I was very keen earlier in the week for Pretty Pollyanna in The Coronation Stakes, but looking at the market, I might be the only one. I had a wee go at 9’s in the week, and the plan was to top up win only if declared. She’s 14’s, and drifting, so obviously a concern, but I’ll probably stick her out, but it will have to be each way now. Hoping to beat 14’s.

    In The Sandringham, Model Guest looks to be just short of this, certainly for win purposes, but her last two runs here suggest to me that she’s more than capable of making the six. Trainer can get them ready for the big stage, and his Ropey Guest ran a screamer at 200’s in The Coventry. I can really see her figuring, and I’m giving it a go. I’ve taken the 50’s, but I’ll be going for bigger each way available, and also on The Exchanges.

    The Duke Of Edinburgh rounds off Day 4. He’s a horse I’ve followed for a while now, and he’s certainly been around the block, but for all those miles on the clock, I reckon Spark Plug is as good as ever.

    One significant negative is that he’s risky Antepost (I took 25’s), as he’s often pulled late on if the ground isn’t ideal, but the main negative is form at the meeting. He’s came up short on his four previous attempts, and even has a “fall” to his name, having came down in The Royal Hunt Cup.

    Maybe not his meeting then, but the trip is perfect, he’s looked as good as ever, he’s on a decent mark, and Oisin Murphy is booked.

    You know what you’re getting into, he could be pulled half an hour before the off, but I was happy to have an early go. I’ve topped up to 50’s each way to five places, and though that record here really is poor, it’s a sporting price. If he actually runs.

    I can see Collide (12’s), and Pivoine (33’s) both outrunning their odds, and I’ll be covering one of them at least.

    Jm Jackson, Kemble
    50p Reverse Exacta

    Duke of Edinburgh
    Spark Plug, Pivoine, Collide
    20p Combination Exactas and Trifectas


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    The rest of them didn’t do too much, but what can I say about Model Guest. I said I’d give it a go, and I did, and what a race she ran. No hard luck stories this time, she just ran a great race, and my second one to make the frame at 50’s in the space of two days. Gives me a winning week whatever happens Saturday, and I’d have bit your hand off for that on Monday.

    She was my biggest bet of the day, and safe to say that Gifted Master is biggest bet on Saturday. Took a bit 33’s, and a decent top up to seven places at 22’s.

    I was so close to going with just the one, but the 33’s to seven places was just too good to refuse for Stone of Destiny.

    I went with The Tin Man 16’s in The Diamond Jubilee. Very unlucky last year, and though a smaller bet, I’ll no complain if he gets his compensation.

    Pallasator is a big fancy to defend his crown in The Queen Alexandra. I took the 10’s Antepost, along with the 20’s for Black Corton. I’ll just keep the pair of them as the bets. I was going to add Cleonte, but missed the price, which is a shame, as I think he’s going to run a big big race. I’ve added Black Corton to the four places at 16’s.

    After a rare flat run last time at Newmarket, Theglasgowwarrior is back out at Ayr. He looks too big at 14’s, but I’m holding out for 16’s, 18’s hopefully.

    Diamond Jubilee
    The Tin Man, Sands Of Mali
    1405 Redcar
    Midnight Warrior, Jan De Heem
    1705 Ayr
    Theglasgowwarrior, My Reward
    50p Reverse Exactas

    Gifted Master, Stone of Destiny, Hey Jonesy
    Queen Alexandra
    Pallasator, Black Corton, Cleonte
    20p Combination Forecasts and Tricasts

    ***Cleonte/Pallasator paid £44.50***


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    Well this won’t take long.

    Gifted Master was very unlucky in The Wokingham, getting hampered at a crucial stage. I reckon he’d have been about 14th but for that bump.

    No excuses for The Tin Man, Theglasgowwarrior, and Stone of Destiny, but Theglasgowarrior will be paying his way soon.

    Great run from Pallasator, and good to get first Exacta of the season, but it was two who I didn’t bet that I enjoyed the most.

    Defoe and Cleonte been given many a good word by myself, and they’ve both paid their way as well in the past for me, just not today. Defoe was particularly pleasing, and great to see him win two decent prizes on the bounce.

    Great to get a winning Royal Ascot, with Numerian and Model Guest being the ones that made a difference. Only scraped through, had a decent bet on Gifted Master which put a dent in it, but delighted to come out ahead.

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    Two Notebook horses running in same race today, so an unexpected betting day for me.

    1620 sees Buriram and Kaloor back out, and I’d like a go with both of them.

    Kaloor really blew me away at Salisbury last year, though it’s safe to say he’s not backed that up so far. I lost a couple of quid on him Antepost last week at Ascot, but I was planning a good go on him on the day, so if he hasn’t progressed, then I saved a few pounds. I just can’t bring myself to give up on him completely, and back here, and on his Handicap Debut, then I might as well risk him each way. I’m hoping for bigger than 16’s.

    Buriram caught my eye at Musselburgh last year, thought I seen a bit of potential, and been keeping an eye on him. Got his head in front last time at Carlisle, and though a weak enough contest, he did it in the manner of a horse with more to offer, and the rise in the weights shouldn’t be a big problem. I managed to take the 7’s.

    Might as well have a few to go along with them.

    Also at Salisbury are Hors De Combat, and Brancaster. Hors is a frustrating type, with a brutal win ratio, but down in class here, I thought he could make the 3 here at 12’s. This might be too early in the season for Brancaster, but he’s not the worst 20-1 shot I’ve seen, and the 4 Places makes a difference.

    First one of the day is a proper loud one. In the 1540 at Ffos Las, went with Leaving Home. He’s got a bumper win to his name, but it was his last run at Warwick that got my attention. Eventually tailed off, before taking a heavy fall, it was just the way he travelled, that I thought he could nab a prize somewhere. The price would have to be right though, but when I seen him available at 100’s, I had to go for it. Goes without saying each way. Also goes without saying that tomorrow won’t be the day at that price.

    I’ve also been suckered in to the last two races at Kempton. Tralee Hills at Bath was one of my favourite winners of last season, and he’s finally reunited with Hayley Turner. Easy to forgive him last run, and he just looks a shade big at 22’s. In the last, went with The Fiddler. I liked the look of him early last year, but never took the plunge with him before. I think this is an ideal opportunity though, and the 10’s To 4 places looked ok to me.

    That’s more than enough for a midweek, especially this early in the season for me.

    1620 Salisbury
    Buriram, Kaloor
    50p Reverse Exacta


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    That was difficult viewing today, with nothing to write home about.

    Buriram saves it from being too bad. He was certainly the biggest bet of the day, and I thankfully got it back in running when he went clear. He wasn’t clear for long, and in the end, he was a disappointment. Other small success was Leaving Home. The 100’s didn’t last long, and I got stake back on him, well before the off. I swerved Brancaster, as he didn’t quite have the same appeal at 8’s to 3 places.

    On to the losers. Hors De Combat also dropped in price, but I was happy to stick with him, but unfortunately went win only. He’s a nice, but very frustrating type. At Kempton both The Fiddler and Tralee Hills were stuffed, but Tralee will definitely be bet again. Last but not least is Kaloor. He was a lot more cautious than Buriram in the same race, but he was well held again. I’ll have no hesitation in betting him again if the price is right, but he certainly hasn’t built on that early promise, and he certainly doesn’t deserve his own thread. I even gave him a good word on The St Leger thread. I must heavily edit that post FFS

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    All about The Rockingham today for me, and very happy with my 33’s to five places with Brick By Brick and Orvar, but it’s a tough old race. Smash Williams and my old pal El Astronaute look like massive dangers.

    After the poor show on Wednesday, I’m reluctant to add to The Rockingham, but there are some interesting types elsewhere.

    At Newmarket, Three Card Trick has been disappointing, but at 12’s, he’s interesting with headgear, and with Jamie Spencer booked, is there going to be a change of tactics?

    I like Bowerman for a few big prizes this summer, and hoping for a good show at Newcastle. Far too short for me though here.

    At The Curragh, a horse I’m interested in this year is out, The Mouse Doctor, though I’m hoping that today isn’t the plan.

    One horse I did bet though was Move In Time at Hsmilton. Thinking of popping along to see him tonight, he’s an old favourite, and the 8’s was fair.

    Finally at Leicester, Don’t Do It at 14’s to 5 Places is interesting, but I think I’d have to have some success in The Rockingham or at Hamilton, before I risked him.

    Orvar, Smash Williams
    50p Combination Forecast


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    Orvar fair dug me out tonight, and I was happy to get him placed. No excuses, he was well away, but just couldn’t go with them, eventually getting back into it late on. Shame about Brick being a non runner, but I was more than happy to come out of it ahead.

    Move In Time wasn’t well away, and was up against it from the off. He did ok, but he’s not getting any younger, and was a big ask to get back into it. I only bet him maybe twice a year, but I’ll keep an eye on him. Quite impressed by the winner, Dapper Man, and I’ll be keeping tabs on him.

    As intended, had a wee go on Don’t Do it, after making a few quid on The Rockingham, and I was fairly happy with him. He’ll win before the seasons out.

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    Another decent card tomorrow at The Curragh, and I’m intending to have a few on after Orvar tonight, but first things first, a very ropey looking race at Cartmel.

    I’ll only bet one of these, and likely to be Samtu, but a bit up in the air, and I’d want a look at the ground first. Might sit it out as well, but certainly trying the forecasts.

    1530 Cartmel
    Samtu, Anteros, Larkhall
    20p Combination Forecasts and Tricasts


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    Although not exactly a natural, surely Anteros has a chance of winning a miserable chase off his current mark. Jeu De Mots caught my eye early on for Nick Williams but can’t entirely recall why. Picked up by Dianne Sayer back in May and might appreciate the return to fences. Couldn’t really justify a bet though.

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    Yeah, it’s a very ropey race mate, but I’ll definitely be betting one of them.

    I’ve also bet Mash Potato now at 33’s in the 1600. Hopefully give me a wee boost for tackling the Curragh Card.

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    Krypton, I’d love to say I plumped for that 8’S EW on Anteros, but I stuck with Samtu, who ran worst of the trio. Much better from Mash Potato though, and I took my money on him before the off. I will definitely be betting him again.

    Didn’t get on to put my Curragh bets up, but the perms are still going, and Nimitz placing would be alright for me.

    1825 Curragh
    Nimitz, Formula One
    65p Reverse Forecast

    1835 Newcastle
    Eeh Bah Gum, Foolaad
    50p Reverse Exacta


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    Decent Saturday this, and got a few horses I’m waiting on for other targets out and about.

    Barsanti – Bet365 Trophy
    Norway – St Leger/Melbourne Cup
    Zhui Feng – Bunbury Cup/Moët International
    Justanotherbottle – Stewards Cup

    I wouldn’t be betting Zhui Feng or Barsanti today, but a good show today will probably see me take a punt Antepost.

    I like Bottle a lot for The Stewards Cup, so not sure he wants to be winning, but I still have to see a good effort. I took a wee bit of 20’s, with a bit more to lesser odds six places.

    As for Norway, I’m convinced he’ll win a proper prize before the years out, and I’ve taken the 33’s each way.

    In The Plate I’m with Speedo Boy to max places each way, while main hope is Stratum win 9’s, having decided to leave the 16’s Antepost. My original fancy, Theglasgowwarrior, was balloted out, but I’m hoping he’s a straightforward each way selection to four places.

    Also at Newcastle is Von Blucher. Kicking myself for not taking the 25’s Antepost, I had the bet loaded, but nabbed 20’s ew four places. He’s been gambled, so I’m hopeful.

    In the 1700 at Newmarket, after a few disappointments, Midnight Wilde has a lot on his favour here, and ran his best race (in defeat) here last spring. He’s currently 18’s, but haven’t bet yet, he’s drifting, and I’m waiting him out.

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