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    Well done getting your other stable entered Jac, the site is an absolute dogs dinner :wacko:
    Very best of luck with it :good:

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    I received a message from Mike raising a valid point. He asks if it were possible to
    swap a stable out of the league and place another back in, seeing as you are only
    permitted 1 stable in any league. I was aware that you can only have one stable, and
    that they state in the rules that you cannot enter a stable into a league once the
    competition is under way. This is to stop someone entering a high scoring stable into
    a league at a later date, which would be unfair. I could find nothing in the rules
    as to whether you could swap a stable in prior to the start of the competition, as I
    didn’t see it as giving you an unfair advantage as no points as yet scored.

    I contacted Tote and had a discussion. I was told that unfortunately once a stable was
    in you could not swap it with another stable, even if prior to the start of the competition.
    I got my “thinking outside the box” cap on, and I have however worked out a way around this.
    You have stable 1 in the league and you want to have stable 2 in the league. There is nothing
    to stop you swapping horse by horse your horses in stable 1, so that it is the same as stable
    2, and then swapping horse by horse stable 2, so that it becomes the same as stable 1 was.
    You have essentially swapped the 2 stables, without swapping them in 1 straight swap.
    I thought I would post this up in case someone was similarly wishing they had one of their
    other stables in the league.

    Only 2 days to go now, so anyone wanting to submit a stable I would get you skating boots
    on and get it in just in case there is, as there has been previously, a late flurry which
    slows the site down. We are still sitting at 12 stables in the league, room for plenty more :good:

    Red Rum 77Red Rum 77
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    Thanks Tonge for the addition league to join.

    Not expecting to win so had 3 stables to limit my costs with one of them free.


    Good Luck, everyone! :good: Will post later for Nathan’s comp for Ascot (Royal)

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    Final warning !!!

    The competition kicks off at 11am tomorrow morning. Anyone thinking about entering then
    this is the time. We’ve got 14 stables in the TRF league, room for a few more, and good
    luck to them. Any last minute tinkering anyone wants to do with their stable don’t leave
    to tomorrow morning, where the site may be creaking to a halt with late entries.

    Best of luck all :good:

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    I’m all set Big G (I may still do a bit of tinkering but it’s no problem if I can’t – in fact, could be a good thing!).

    Meanwhile, anyone newly joined up can also join the Plumpton Racecourse league. Looks like TRF is already well represented. There are only 19 entries so far so we’ve got to be in with a shot. The League is simply called “Plumpton Racecourse” and the code to join is: 000122. If you’re not local, the prizes might not be of much interest but it doesn’t cost owt & worth doing to give encouragement to one of the finest small racecourses in the country (in my humble opinion) who have lost 3 of their biggest meetings of the year (Easter Sunday & Monday & “Ladies Day” in May).

    Aside from the Tote’s Cash Prizes, we’ll also offer a first place prize of a table of 4 in the Paddock Restaurant to a fixture of your choice in the 2020/21 season (and of course, subject to availability) and second prize of 4 tickets to a fixture of your choice throughout the 2020/21 season at Plumpton.

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    Just within an hour of the Competition kicking off would like to wish everyone Good Luck :good: with their individual stables and free choices.

    Thanks to BigG for being at the helm, we are in good hands and look forward to seeing our League high up on the Leaderboard by the end of the week. If I am luck enough to win Graham’s 50 smackers it’s going to Greatwood in memory of Deano’s Beano and the fantastic work they do :heart:

    Best of luck with the Plumpton League Tonge what a nice gesture by the racecourse and lets hope that 2021 is a bumper year for them.

    So beginning the countdown now 40 minutes to kick off…come on our TRF League :yahoo:

    Things turn out best for those who make the best of how things turn out...
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    Thanks Jac, and that’s a very honourable and kind thing to do, I know you’ve been a supporter
    of Greatwood for some time now. In the unlikely event that I top our league, I can hardly
    pay out to myself so I’ll follow you in there and pledge any winnings to them also, they do
    a fine job :good:

    We’re into the last half hour now folks, hopefully any tinkering has all been done, and just
    about time for someone to squeeze themselves into the league if the’ve been on some tropical
    oasis and hadn’t picked up on me rambling about the competition.

    Best of luck all :good:

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    With the Tote 10 to follow starting I wonder what’s happened to Ginger’s version :unsure:

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    I’ve not seen anything Neil, maybe with the season being shortened Ginger has decided
    just to give it a by this year.

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    The competition started on Tuesday and we’ve already had



    1 Neil’s Horses For Courses 1 166.16
    2 Bourne Losers 140.25
    3 Gift horses 129.80
    4 Frankel1234 127.46
    5 Man Superstars 117.21
    6 momslookingdown 112.45
    7 Off The Bridle 110.60
    8 Middle Of March 106.91
    9 Unbearables 94.96
    10 Flattered To Deceive 86.00
    11 Francis family 79.21
    12 At A Canter 69.40
    13 Dark Angels 67.36
    14 Midnight 62.05
    15 Free List 53.85
    16 Barrow Raiders 48.47

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    Thanks for posting the league Neil, I was waiting until today to do an update of week 1.

    Well done Neil for getting a flyer out of the stalls in the first week, that’s quite
    a stable you put together with great wins by Battaash, Golden Horde and the very popular
    Stradivarius who is nothing short of amazing. You were a bit unlucky for your Addeybb to
    run into one as good as Lord North who looks top notch and unfortunately none of us spotted
    that one :unsure: Pinatubo tried his heart out in the St James Palace Stakes and just that
    bit of lack of stamina did for him in the end going down to the promising Palace Pier.

    Bourne Losers didn’t quite live up to their name and is just a neck behind Neil. Good wins
    from Battaash and Stradivarius kept them well up there, and a well spotted Hello Youmzain,
    who won the Diamond Jubilee Stakes was the icing on the cake which puts you snapping at Neil’s

    Gift Horses keeps an eye on the front pair courtesy of Strad and Palace Pier. I think you’re
    going to be well in there with PP in your stable GH, he looks destined for great things :good:
    Russian Emperor is another you cleverly latched onto, and with no one on either of those 2
    you have a couple of nice cards up your sleeve B-)

    As I said, Stradavarius was pretty popular and in most stables, and geuss who missed him out :unsure:
    yep it was me. 52 points down the Suwannee :wacko:

    A couple of other horses spotted by some. Frankel 1234 has a nice one with Circus Maximus who
    oblidged in the Queen Anne. Man Superstars has unearthed a little gem with Frankly Darling who
    ran away with the Ribblesdale, Middle of March has the well named Art Power who powered home in
    the Palace Of Holyrood H’cap and Barrow Raiders identified the impressive Fanny Logan who waltzed
    away with the Hardwicke.

    I’m hoping that Vatican City can make up for me leaving Strad out (sleepless nights over that one)
    and do the Derby honours.

    So that’s week 1 done, a long way to go but a lot of established superstars who lived up to their
    names, and a few others that look to be heading that way too. Best of luck team, I still wish they
    had done a league of leagues, I reckon we would be well up there. :good:

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    I’m also currently leading the Plumpton Racecourse League with 42 members, with a score of 178.85 but I sure that before the finish someone will pass me on both leagues. The overall leader is a stable called Cretan Runners 19 & Cretan Runners 21 with a score of 347.10 so we’re someway off serious money but how much did they fork out. ;-)

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    You’re probably right Neil, it sounds like a consortium with a stable the size
    of John Gosden. It’s hard to beat these guys when they have the cash to perm just
    about every top class horse. All we can do is put up our best and hope that’s
    good enough, the way you are going I would’nt rule out your chances :good:

    John Gooch
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    Hello to all of you.

    Reference the overall leaders in the tote ten to follow competition.
    This as been a major problem for someone who enters single entries
    for many years since the Tote started to run the competition in partnership
    with the Racing Post. I have tried to enter what I consider my best list
    in the Free Competition, where only one entry is allowed and although so far
    I have failed I live in hope.

    As far as the Racing Forum 10 To Follow is concerned when I e-mailed
    Gingertipster he told me that because of Racing at the time being in a
    state of shut down and because he had plans to move house in the summer
    he would not run the competition this season.

    Plenty of good sport still to come during the rest of the season and much
    to play for.

    Thank You :good:

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    How the league looks after week 2

    1 Neil’s Horses For Courses 1 166.16
    2 Gift horses 157.10
    3 Bourne Losers 140.25
    4 Middle Of March 134.21
    5 Frankel1234 127.46
    6 Man Superstars 117.21
    7 momslookingdown 112.45
    8 Off The Bridle 110.60
    9 Flattered To Deceive 103.50
    10 Unbearables 94.96
    11 Barrow Raiders 89.57
    12 Francis family 79.21
    13 Free List 71.45
    14 At A Canter 69.40
    15 Dark Angels 67.36
    16 Midnight 62.05

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