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    Albeit the season is starting late, the Tote has decided to run the competition for the flat.
    The tapes go up at 11am on 16th June 2020 and the competition concludes on 17th October 2020.
    You don’t have to wait until just before the competition starts through concern for any of your
    stable getting injured/ill as you can change your stable as many times as you want up until the

    Stables cost £5 each, but you also have the option to submit a free stable, whether you buy any
    stables or not. Just a word of warning if, like me, you are submitting a couple of paid stables
    and the free one. Last year whichever stable you 1st put into the league was the only one you were
    permitted to have in the league, so pick your strongest one. It’s definitely not the most punter
    friendly sites, we had problems working it out last year so anyone having problems don’t be shy
    about asking for help, we were pulling our hair out last year but I think I’ve got the hang of it

    Points are awarded to horses for winning and placing in their races throughout the season. The better
    the grade of race, the more points on offer. There is a prize for the winner which is dependant on the
    total pool. Last year’s winner netted a very nice £177,961. There is also a monthly prize of £10,000.
    The prize money is reduced for the free entry, although £5000 outright, and £1,000 monthly is not to
    be sniffed at.

    Bonus Races and scoring

    Regular Points: Group 1 win – 25 points, Group 2 – 20 points, Group 3 – 15 points, Listed – 12 points,
    Any other race – 10 points. Points will also be awarded from returns of a £1 each-way bet on the
    Tote in each race a horse runs in. Example: £1 win at 5.50 + £1 place at 1.20 = 6.70 points awarded

    Bonus races: Queen Anne Stakes; Commonwealth Cup; St James’ Palace Stakes; Prince of Wales’ Stakes;
    Ascot Gold Cup; Coronation Stakes; Golden Jubilee Stakes; Irish Derby; Oaks; Derby; Eclipse Stakes;
    July Cup; King George VI & Queen Elizabeth Diamond Stakes; Sussex Stakes; Steward’s Cup (Heritage H’cap); International Stakes; Nunthorpe; Ebor (Heritage H’cap); Ayr Gold Cup (Heritage H’cap); Irish Champion
    Stakes; St Leger; Tote Challenge Cup (Heritage H’cap); Prix de l’Arc de Triomphe; Champion Stakes; Queen Elizabeth II Stakes
    Bonus Race Points: Additional 25 points for a win, 12 points for finishing 2nd.

    There will be a 5 day transfer window between Glorius Goodwood and York’s Ebor festival where all
    stables are allowed to make up to 2 substitutions.

    You can access the site here……….

    The league name is theracingforum
    The entry Pin Code is 000085

    I’ll update on here how the league is doing. I did suggest to them last year that they might consider
    a League Of leagues competition, and perhaps a prize for the top scoring League. This seems to have
    fallen on deaf ears. As long as we get sufficient entries, I’ll stick up a prize for our winner. I’ll
    wait until nearer the off time when I can judge what might be appropriate and post it up in due course.
    One stipulation which I wish to make clear now, is that the prizes can only go to someone who is a
    registered member here. I’m not dissuading anyone who reads the forum from entering, I have no control
    over that in any case, and I’m not trying to drum up new members, but I need to be able to contact the
    winner and I can only do that if I can send them a message. Any person not currently a member, and
    wishing to be considered for any prize, must be registered before the tapes go up on 16th June 2020.

    I’m sure there are other bits and pieces I should have brought up, but that will do for now.
    Best of luck to all that have a go :good:

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    Look forward to this one Graham. :good:
    It’s going to be quite tricky getting a good stable together with all the Group races not in their usual slots but I have at least twenty horses that I really like..just have to sort them so they’re not all running against each may take a while. :wacko:

    Best of luck everyone. :rose: Jac

    Things turn out best for those who make the best of how things turn out...
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    The Dark Angels are on board Graham and almost ready to fly..believe we have until 16th June to finalise our Stables so there will be some clipping of wings before then. :mail:

    Best of luck everyone..looking forward to this. :good: Jac

    Things turn out best for those who make the best of how things turn out...
    John Gooch
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    Hello to all of you. Hope you are all well.

    I think that from a sporting point of view this is the best news for the last 10 weeks or so.

    Busy trying to sort out my entries at the moment and will enter theracingforum league when I
    have completed my choices. Pleased to have two weeks thinking time and being able to change mind
    if needed.

    While the jumpers have been my favourite over the years, the 2000 guineas is one race that always
    provides great interest and Pinatubo could just be a top class horse in the making. But there are
    so many other threads to try and follow.

    Once again good luck to everyone :good:

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    Submitted my 10, under the name “Flattered To Deceive”. Have already had to make 1 alteration though, since Ben Vrackie is no longer in training with John Gosden.

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    Good luck with your Dark Angels Jac, and with your knowledge of the flat I don’t
    think you’re going to need devine intervention to be right up the top end of the league.
    Talking about devine intervention and Dark Angels, we’ve been watching a bit of Lucifer
    on Amazon Prime. A Dark Angel cast out of heaven to run Hell. He gets fed up and decides
    to take a vacation in Los Angeles running a seedy nightclub, as you would B-)
    I’m sure your Dark Angels won’t suffer the same fate :unsure:

    Good to have you with us John, you do well in the competitions so I’m sure this will be
    right up your street. I think we’re all hoping that Pinatubo turns out to be the new
    wonder horse, he’s done nothing wrong yet. Unfortunately the 2000 Guineas won’t be in
    the competition, but I’m sure he’s going to win plenty top notch races :good:

    Glad you’ve thrown your hat into the ring too Krypton. You’re another with an impressive
    CV when it comes to these competitions. It would be great if one of our gang could
    actually pull it off and win this or one of the monthly £10,000 prizes. I think we’ve
    got as good a shout as any. I’ve obviously missed the news with Ben Vrackie, is he
    injured that he is no longer in training, or has he moved? I see he’s still on the
    list in the competition.

    Best of luck guys, we’re a small select group of 4 at the moment, but I’m sure their will
    be plenty more interest before the tapes are raised :good:

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    I may stick an entry in. Usually only do the jumps one but as it’s an unusual year on the flat with some racing being run already before the competition starts I may have more of a clue.

    Hopefully I won’t disgrace myself against all you experts. :good:

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    Thanks for the heads up on Lucifer Graham that sounds right up my street.
    Currently watching The Witcher on Netflix which is all about monster hunting and Dark Magic, very gory in parts but a good story in a Game of Thrones type way.

    Wish this had started earlier to include The Guineas as usually by the time Royal Ascot kicks off we have a bit of a clue especially with the 2yo form, but I’m just happy we have it at all and to see the old gang back again taking part. :yahoo:

    Best of luck everyone and thanks again for doing this Graham .. :heart: Jac

    Things turn out best for those who make the best of how things turn out...
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    Great to see you in Mike, I think I had to cough up for Man Superstars in one of
    these, it wouldn’t surprise me if I had to do the same again in this :cry:

    Lucifer is quite an easy light hearted watch Jac, when you just want to put
    your feet up and not have to think too hard. Tom Ellis is deliciously camp
    as Lucifer and each episode is in general wrapped up in the last 5 mins, although
    there is an ongoing theme running through it. I thought it a bit flimsy at 1st,
    but it does toughen up a bit as it goes along and I’m quite enjoying the series.
    I’m onto series 2, so clearly I’m getting hooked :good:

    I’ll add The Witcher to the list I’ve yet to get to :good:

    John Gooch
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    I have joined private league as Free List.

    Many Thanks :good:

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    Just in case anyone was wondering, now that we have a few entries, my stable
    is “Off The Bridle” :good:

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    BigG, I don’t know definitely if Ben Vrackie is still in training or not. He isn’t listed in my copy of Horses-In-Training which is usually on the money for the older horses at least. Didn’t see his name in the Autumn horses-in-training sale but could be injured/sold privately. On that note, I wish the BHA could publish a list of horses who are sold to race abroad, but that’s just a pipedream of mine.

    Agree with Jac’s sentiments regarding the start of the competition, would have been nice to include the Guineas.

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    Bourne Losers are in (eventually…)

    Meanwhile, Plumpton emailed me to announce they also have a league (with prizes!). Details below if you fancy joining (and what have you got to lose?)

    Whilst there are many bigger things going on in the World aside from racing, it has never the less been great to have the sport back this week and it’s quite extraordinary to have 3 group 1’s in the first week of action. To aid our enjoyment and whilst we still need to spend time at home, the Tote have re-launched the Ten To Follow competition for the flat for the 2020 flat season. I have created a Plumpton League for all of our database and you can access it by clicking the below link:

    The League is called “Plumpton Racecourse” and the code is: 000122 if you don’t get in automatically. We will offer a prize for the winner and/or top 3 but we’ll announce those next week and the more people who join, the better prize we can inevitably give!

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    I’m in. Only a free one though. Thanks for organising.

    Joint the Plumpton one too Tonge. Cheers for mentioning it.

    Good luck lads.

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    Great stuff Tonge and MOM :good:

    I’ll stick myself in your Plumpton League Tonge, and likewise I’ll announce a
    prize for here a little later when I see how many have entered.

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