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    Grey Desire
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    For those who like to follow the fortunes of the forum’s syndicate we have just secured a new recruit for the upcoming season.

    We looked at trying to incorporate Craig’s name into the naming of the horse if we could so with the stable name of the horse being Wendy we came up with the name ‘Wendy Craig’ which has now been approved.

    She is an unraced three year old with John Balding who is based just outside Doncaster in Scrooby.
    John as I’m sure you are all aware was the first British trainer to taste success at this years Dubai Carnival with Turn on the Style and sprinters are what he is best known for including the well known Tun horses (Tom,Henry and Matty) as well as Blyton Lad.

    Her sire Arkadian Hero was a very useful horse for Luca Cumani winning the Group two Mill Reef Stakes as a two year old.
    Two further listed sucess at four were added before he struck twice at Group three level the following season taking the Criterion and Hungerford Stakes.

    He has had a steady flow of winners as a sire.

    The dam Millies Lady was unraced but has produced winners including Millie’s Lass,Willijo and Volitio.
    Her dam Pitlessie was also a successful broodmare.

    She has been in training with John since January and is starting to step up her work and the plan all being well is for her to run throughout the turf season.
    Hopefully she’ll be ready to make her racecourse debut sometime in May.

    Here’s a couple of piccies taken at a stable visit a couple of months ago.

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    Best of luck GD

    non vintagenon vintage
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    Good luck with this.

    Just a thought – have you checked with Wendy Craig (the actress) or her agent that this is ok?

    I’m sure the filly will float like a butterfly…

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    She looks a nice little filly (is she little or is it an optical illusion?)

    Actually, she’s got a pony-ish look about her, but that might be cos of her furry little face :) Obviously didn’t fancy the clippers much!

    Good luck with her :D

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    Anyone remember the filly Willie Rushton? [ Master Willie – Amberush (No Rush) ]

    I’m sure the great man would have been amused

    Good luck with Wendy Craig

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    Good Luck Grey and all the other syndicate members. Craig would have been delighted that you are still carrying on with a syndicate.

    Grey Desire
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    Thanks everyone.
    Without apk’s tireless work the syndicate would long since have folded.
    Can’t even begin to describe what a grand job he has done in extremely difficult circumstances.
    That includes securing a new horse for us after the lease with Taj ended.
    We actually between us own about a quarter of Wendy so fingers crossed we have some luck with her.

    Any chance of adding this thread as a sticky as we have done with the previous horses?

    Jim JTSJim JTS
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    Good luck GD and the other syndicate members, lets hope Wendy Craig gives you plenty of “butterflies” and even if she turns out to be decent never put your house on Wendy :lol:

    (wendy house)

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    Brilliant news GD, and best of luck! I shall be following with interest as usual.

    Any news of Taj by the way?

    Yes, can this be stickied please Corm?

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    Thanks to GD for posting this.

    The "old faces" are out in force again this season I’m pleased to say in the syndicate.

    The purpose of the thread isn’t to tout for trade (we’re fully syndicated so cant take any more members anyway) It’s just to keep you up date really with whats happening, particularly as we’ve managed to name a horse after Craig for this season

    Just to answer a couple of queries that have been raised:

    1. Yes, we did have to seek Wendy Craig’s consent and the diva of the small screen has given the thumbs up!

    2. In respect of her size, the pictures dont really do the filly justice.

    She’s a good deal bigger than Tajj and very well muscled now she’s been in steady work. After she’d been clipped she looked a bit waif like and hadnt gone into full training at that point.

    She is built very much like a sprinter although walks just a little bit "longer" so perhaps a 6/7f trip might be her starting point.

    In summary, Johnny Balding likes her, she moves well, and so we’ll see "what’s what" in May

    It’s a tribute to Craig that the syndicate is still up and running & guys like GD have kept it going.

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    Thanks for stickying (if that’s a word!) the thread Corm :-)

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    i"m sure you will have lots of luck with wife"s named wendy and i sure been lucky her

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    We’re off to see her this weekend so hopefully GD will post some new photos of her. She is unrecognizable now she has been in full training for a couple of months.

    All the registrations have been completed and she should be out and about within the next 4 weeks.

    The next two or three weeks are vital for her because she’ll be winding up to flat out fast work and that will tell us exactly how much ability she’s got.

    The good news is that on whats she’s shown so far John Balding reckons we could be in business with her on turf this season.

    Gazs Way De SolzenGazs Way De Solzen
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    Just to wish you all the best of luck.

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    Can’t wait to see the new pics GD.

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