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How many 2007 Chelt Festival winners did we see today

Home Forums Horse Racing How many 2007 Chelt Festival winners did we see today

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    <br>Denman<br>Aran Concerto<br>Kauto Star<br>Well Chief<br>Beef Or Salmon<br>Crocodile Rock

    What do you think?

    Denman, Aran Concerto, Kauto Star & Well Chief for me..

    Racing Daily
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    Denman – NO<br>Aran Concerto – Maybe<br>Kauto Star – NO<br>Well Chief – YES<br>Beef Or Salmon – NO<br>Crocodile Rock – Who? ;)

    That’s my opinion

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    Crocodiles Rock won the bumper at Newbury today. Unlikely to win in March but neither is BoS so thought I’d mention it anyway:biggrin:

    I don’t have an opinion on the Foxhunters at this stage but I suppose I should have mentioned Whyso Mayo as well. 

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    Had to be impressed with Denman today. However if i remember last time it won at 1/12f by about 20 lengths in february only to be turned over. It will take a good one though to beat it considering how well it jumped. I’m not even convinced my selection, Ungaro, will even run in the race!:(

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    Well Chief

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    Denman looked impressive and the time compares well with Kauto Star, though the Aon wasn’t as truly run as Denman’s contest. Was Denman’s superioroty also stretched by the possibility that the runner-up didn’t get home? It was his first attempt at the trip, he’s not guaranteed to stay it judged on the dam’s side and he emptied awfully quickly.

    Apart from that Denman jumped really well and fully deserves his status at 7/4 fav for the SunAlliance.

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    Denman was impressive but faster ground at the Festival found him out last year and may do so again.

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    Denman – Nope<br>Aran Concerto – Nope<br>Kauto Star – Possibly<br>Well Chief – Likely<br>Beef Or Salmon – Nope<br>Crocodile Rock – Nope

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    Denman – Maybe<br>Aran Concerto – Yes<br>Kauto Star – Maybe<br>Well Chief – Definitely<br>Beef Or Salmon – You’ve got to be kidding<br>Crocodile Rock – Who Knows

    dave 22
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    Denman – No, will be outpaced after the last fence<br>Aran Concerto – No, sweet wake!!!!<br>Kauto Star – No, will fall<br>Well Chief – Yes<br>Beef Or Salmon – No<br>Crocodile Rock – No<br>Fair along – Yes – with ease<br>inglis drever – Yes<br>detroit city – Yes

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    I don’t really care how many Cheltenham winners we saw this saturday, we’d be pushed to have a better days racing than that. A brilliant day, and a fabulous advert for National Hunt. THAT’S what it’s all about!

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    Second that, Burroughhill.<br>With regard to a Chelt. winner: Denman and Well Chief looked impressive in the paddock and on the track.<br>Kauto Star looked edgy in both but perhaps needed the run. I wouldn’t rate Beef or Salmon away from home.

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    The comparisons with Sweet Wake and Aran Concerto are pretty weak and pretty poor effort to be honest. Aran Concerto is now a two time Grade 1 winner without coming off the bridle..Sweet Wake has won a maiden and a small conditions race.

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    Yes it was a fantastic day’s racing – in fact I’d go as far as saying that it was the best non-Festival day I’ve seen in my lifetime – though I was only born in 86:biggrin:

    Will never happen but imagine the roar if Beef Or Salmon were to do the unthinkable in the Gold Cup!

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    BOS winning the Gold Cup would indeed be worth seeing!

    Surely that would be the most popular result of the week – unless anybody can think of a better one?

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