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    Expect protests from the pressure group Animal Aid outside Cheltenham today, according to Radio Five, who gave their gaffer a good ten minute slot this morning.

    They will have plenty of ammunition after last year.

    More details of their anti-racing stance here – details of the ‘Cheltenham Horse Death Cover-Up’ here.


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    Have they nothing better to do? Wonder what happened if people protested outside their house saying they use to much water or eat too much or something. Bet they wouldn’t like it.

    dave jay
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    I thought these people had all wised up .. no ponies in the pit no pit ponies. No race horses on the race course no races horses.

    It’s not rocket science, the fools.

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    After someone told me that a bunch of animal rights protesters dug up some scientists mothers grave I lost all respect and it just confirmed my fears that they’re all zealous nutjobs..

    Race horses, apart from the occasional death on the racecourse, lead a bl**dy good life.. Personally I think its all a load of sh!t, just like animal testing. Have these people not got jobs and something better to do?!?!

    Maxilon 5Maxilon 5
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    It’s lost on them, Dave, but a good argument. This crowd ought to be fighting in the Amazon delta against deforestation if they really wanted to save the world.

    Btw, you want to hear what teachers have been teaching my lad about horse racing. It starts young.

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    These people are not fools and will do their best to make horse racing illegal. As long as they protest peacefully and in a civilised manner then I don’t object to them. Everybody is entitled to their opinion.<br>I can understand why some people think horse racing is cruel even if I don’t agree with them. A person can see a horse getting injured or killed on the racecourse and their gut reaction is to consider it a cruel sport without understanding the pleasure and joy that most racehorses experience in their lives.     <br>

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    I think they have every right to demonstrate…Peacefully, I have discussed, listened to their arguments…and being a racing fan, generally dismissed them !! :)  No problem….

    It is interesting that there is very little way of demonstration outside Boxing Arenas where human beings are battering each other senseless for the enjoyment of the crowd???

    Anyway, don’t let these people, who are really quite nice, ruin a magnificent week’s entertainment…Chill..:)



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    These guys got more airtime than the actual racing on R5 this morning, disgraceful.<br>I see that Nicholls in his column today states he wont be giving any interviews to his local BBC after an item on a programme, I’d like to see this extended to R5 this week by him and others.

    Why aren’t these misguided people concentrating on all the animal cruelty there is around the world? How much airtime do they get in Ireland?

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    Quote: from yeats on 11:13 am on Mar. 13, 2007[br]How much airtime do they get in Ireland?

    None. If I didn’t have UK telly, I wouldn’t even know they existed.

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    Dave Jay’s argument is, of course, correct.

    However, we have to remember that NH isn’t "cool" and is lumped in to the whole "field sports" genre by many.

    Now that foxhunting has been banned, we should expect NH to be the new target.

    … and we shouldn’t the mainstream media to bother their arses about giving a balanced argument.  <br> <br>Steve

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    Maxilon – what have teachers been teaching your son? Sounds sinister to me.

    Animal Aid or any extremist group like them will never "wise up". Yet the more media attention they get, the worse it will be – and they’ll do anything for media coverage.

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    Quote: from Maxilon 5 on 10:51 am on Mar. 13, 2007[br]<br>Btw, you want to hear what teachers have been teaching my lad about horse racing. It starts young.<br>

    Times have clearly changed. My headmaster at primary school would have been comparing selections for Cheltenham.

    Irish Stamp
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    Do they not have other things to do – like trying to kill horses themselves.


    (Edited by Irish Stamp at 7:35 pm on Mar. 13, 2007)

    Andrew HughesAndrew Hughes
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    I see that Nicholls in his column today states he wont be giving any interviews to his local BBC after an item on a programme, I’d like to see this extended to R5 this week by him and others.

    Exactly the kind of reaction that will delight Animal Aid. This is a battle that is being fought in the media. Withdrawing from it doesn’t make it go away. Refusing to talk to the BBC is a mistake, it is ammunition for those who would portray racing as insular and out of touch. I know I’ve harped on about this before, but the parallels with fox-hunting are there. Hunt supporters sat on their hands while the media war took place until it was too late. The anti-racing argument will be made again and again with ever more impact. Racing needs to be out there, engaging in the debate and winning it.


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    i am pro-racing and pro-animal welfare, the two are compatible in my opinion

    when a horse gets hurt on the racetrack it is an accident, the same as it is an accident if your pet cat gets hurt while it is out doing what it does – should we ban pets also, as un-natural and cruel – no, of course not

    it has already been posted that racehorses are well looked after

    as far as i’m concerned proper animal actisvists will be working quietly and hardly 365 days a year to stop un-necessary and cruel events such as the seal hunt in canada – i would happily catch a cold sitting on the ice for a month or so each year with a snipers rifle picking off fat canadian b*****d
    s with picks in their hand – and laughing if their boats sank :angry:

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