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    The real barney
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    My daughter says that her horse goes better when she mentally urges the horse on, Its something I encouraged her (in conjunction with concentrating on a spot just between the horses ears) to try to do do after reading about it in a schooling book.

    Do horses respond in a positive way to the will to win coming from the jockey?

    I am thinking particularly of driven individuals like McCoy and Fallon who, on occasion, seem to get more from the horse than it previously has had to give.

    Is the racehorse picking up on this conscious and subconscious desire and will to win within the jockey and performing better as a result of the telepathic bond?

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    IMO – course it would!

    A horse will sense if you are fearful or positive, and they will react accordingly. My stints in the stables included a few lessons on this from the trainer.

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    Before you know it they`ll be doing card tricks.

    MCFC Stan
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    THey must be able to count because Kauto Star always knew whcih fence was the last so it could give everybody a scare.

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    horses, being herd animals must pick up on non verbal [obviously!] signals when they are in danger etc….wouldn’t it be fascinating to actually be a horse for a few hours and and have all of the heightened senses that they have; smell, hearing etc….and as they probably react to fear and danger more than anything else, having McCoy on their back must do something to them..terrifies me just to think about it….someone once told me that if you learned about horses from the day you were born till the day you died you still wouldn’t know the half of it.

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