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    I’m still looking forward to going home – only my job has now gone by the wayside :shock: …………all these recent killings and so forth are a bit scarey really. You get very relaxed and off hand about such things here because it just doesn’t happen except for the occasional family feud thing.
    Maybe if I stop off in Italy on the way I can find a nice safe quiet village and then I can get a job doing something else, taking photies or something and selling them to gullible (er nice) touristy people. Or perhaps an isolated Scottish Island in a croft…. I could have a few chickens and plant vegies. :lol: and stay clear of nasty humans. :x

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    True, the Daily Mail’s front page picture on the immigration/emigration statistics are polarised. However, ignoring the Mail’s hyperbole on this issue ask yourselves the following questions:-

    1) Should we allow immigrants who have never paid taxes here to claim state benefits / housing / Tax Credits ?

    2) Should we allow immigration of people with no job / skills / assets ?

    2) Should we allow immigrants into the country who have criminal records? (Don’t mean speeding fines but things like assault / fraud / sexual assault/rape/ robbery)

    3) Should we allow immigrants into the country without first checking that they are free of health problems that will be a drain on our NHS. eg. Aids / TB/ Hepatitis etc. ?

    It’s not racist / facist / BNP’ish / xenophobic or even rabid “Daily Mailness” to suggest that the answer to all the above is “NO”.
    However, even though I suspect a large majority of the electorate would agree with this, none of the leading political parties has the bottle to instigate such measures (perhaps because the first party to suggest it would immediately be labelled as racist/fascist etc. by the others and the out-of-touch soft-liberal media and BBC.)
    Furthermore, even if there was political consensus to restrict immigration on the lines suggested, we probably no longer have the power to do so because we’ve sold our big decision making capacity down-the-river to the unelected EU Stasi.
    No wonder the population is increasingly disenchanted with politics and politicians; they’re such unrepresentative, self-serving fannies.
    There- I’ve got that of my chest. :evil:

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    I work in a goverment department and I can tell you that most of the "customers" as we now have to call them are from outside the UK mainly europe and they all know that they can claim money while they are here

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    Insomniac is spot on. And the state welfare system needs a dramatic overhaul (or abolishing altogether :twisted: lol)

    Seven Towers
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    Good post insomniac, my answers to your questions are as follows;
    1) I’m not 100% sure that we do, at least not to the extent it is claimed. If we do we should stop it.
    2) No, we have enough home grown wasters we don’t need other country’s.
    3) No.
    4) No. The massive increase in TB in this country alone is solely due to immigrants bringing it in.

    The welfare system does need an overhaul, it’s a crazy situation where someone can get themselves smuggled from Afghanistan in a freight container, (sometimes swimming the Danube in the process!) just to get a job washing up in a hotel in London when there are people within a mile radius of the same hotel being paid by the government to sit at home doing nothing because they say they can’t find a job.
    The Afghan in this situation is not "stealing" the job from an indigenous person, the average British scrote wouldn’t demean themselves with anything so plebian as working for a living. The Afghan has also shown the resourcefulness and tenacity that it takes to make a success in life. I’m not sure if I’ve aired this view on here before (apologies if I have,) but I think we should have a swapout system whereby for every foreigner who turns up here ready to work one of our work dodgers gets sent to their country of origin to take their chances in a country without a welfare state. Britain gains a productive citizen and loses a drain on resources in one fell swoop! :shock:

    dave jay
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    The government knows exactly what they are doing when they let immigrants in this country, it is planned and well thought out .. the purpose of bringing immigrants to this country is to stimulate economic growth, by the explotation of low paid workers from abroad and those that live here.

    In ancient times it was slaves that were the currency, when that was abolished it became the immigrants. The USA economic model is built around endless economic growth of around 1 to 2% per year. Without economic growth capitalism falls fat on it’s ar$e and without immigration there can be no sustainable economic growth.

    Another method of stimulating economic growth is the proliferation of capital through personal debt.

    It is strange to think that people believing in the mythology of politics could be even more niave and think that things don’t happen for a reason and that by some terrible accident that things are all turning to $hite for a lot of people. Like it did for the miners in the 80’s.

    If the government want to reform/abolish the welfare state then they will .. they will just do it and that will be the end of it. If they want to privatise the NHS then they will also do that as well.

    The welfare state, is one of this countries main employers .. the new constitution that we aren’t allowed to vote on, will transfer a load of these jobs into the private sector over time, along with the assets and blank cheque contracts that go with them. This will just happen and nobody will have a say. This is the transfer of public money to private companies. I think the Unions and some of the Labour MP’s have finally caught on to the EU scam, but Brown will just do that ‘gulping like a fish’ thing that he does with his mouth and ignore them.

    For example, they are rebuilding the school where my kids go, the old one was a complete mess. There were two options, the first was to refurbish the existing school at a cost of £6M. The second was to build a new school on the same site at a cost of £60M. A decision was made to build a new school, at a cost of £54M more. I attended a meeting about this and I asked WHO made that decision .. no answer suprisingly enough, I don’t think it was any of the dummies on the panel.

    This is a link to the company that is doing the job
    .. not bad going if they are on 10%. Who owns this company and how is it linked to people in the government ??

    We are but ticks crawling around on a dead sheep’s back, like it or not.

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    As a rather lightweight aside to an exellent series of posts on a most difficult subject could I just mention that it strikes me that one way of reducing what seems to be the increasing problem of bored young teenagers whiling away August rehearsing the yob credentials of their elders and indulging in crime both petty and serious, would be the abolition of the six week school summer holiday, which I believe was introduced in Victorian times only because children were needed to help with the harvest.

    Times have changed somewhat.

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    For three years, the flat above contained various young locals. As white and British as fish and chips, warm beer and old maids on bicycles travelling to the farmers market.

    This quote is strongly reminiscent of John Major’s speech which outlined his plan to return Britain to its 1950s values. It was ridiculed for being idealistic, referring to a Britain which never existed, and being like a slap in the face to people who were facing real problems.

    On the subject of being idealistic: is it mandatory to type ‘hard working’ before every reference to Poles/immigrants? It annoys me. The media always romanticises the Polish workers to the extent that they seem less like humans and more like charming elves who cheerfully graft for pennies while whistling away to themselves. Not only is this patronising enough to count as inverted racism; it demonises the English worker who, in contrast, must be the opposite: lazy, slothful and sullen, etc.

    I think you’ll find Poles are like every other race, i.e., a mixed bunch.

    Not that it matters. I, and many of the others who complain about immigration, aren’t complaining because we don’t like Poles personally. It’s for other reasons… such as the myth that Poles are only doing jobs ‘nobody else will do’ as if they’re all cockle picking.

    The majority seem to work in trades (plumbing, building), factories and warehouses, cafes and supermarkets, bars and hotels, etc. A lot of English people do these jobs and are now finding it difficult to find work, and, when they do, find it pays half as much as it used to. Again, I blame the media for this myth. The journalists probably think every English person is a middle manager in an I.T. firm (because all of their social circle is), so nobody is effected.

    There isn’t an unlimited number of jobs in England. It seems that everyday you will get headlines about factories shutting down / call centres moving abroad… with thousands of immigrants (and increasing) coming here and taking jobs, there are going to be lots of unemployed English people. I know people, recently made redundent, who are on a long waiting list to work in a local factory (for the minimum wage, on unsocial hours). It’s a sign of the future. I don’t think the fact that the immigrants like roast beef, buy clothes from Marks and Spencers, and have jars of honey about to be sold at the summer fete is going to be much comfort to them… ‘jars of honey… summer fete’: what Planet are you on? Geez.

    The infrastructure can’t cope. As much as ten years ago – there were reports about class sizes being too large, the NHS not being able to cope, housing shortages, etc. And now 1.5 million or so immigrants have entered the country. And we face questions everyday such as: do we let houses rise to ten times the average salary or bulldoze over loads of countryside?

    And the only party who will talk about any of this? The BNP. Great…

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    There has been more common sense stated in this thread than in a whole week at the Houses of Parliament. The quote that I use from Mark Twain as my signature sums up politicians and a lot of people in authority – they have the confidence to stand up and give speeches etc etc but most of them are idiots.

    The Daily Mail does go OTT with it’s news and views about immigrants etc but there is a lot of truth in the concerns that they publicise which is why the paper sells so well. I always know when somebody is losing an argument when they start accusing people of being daily mail readers just because they disagree with their opinion. I don’t think Lollys Mate is being xenophobic with his comments about immigrants. If the number of immigrants were situated evenly over the whole country then they would not be noticed so much but they are not and I think that Lollys mate has seen his neighborhood change completely because they have come in and taken over – I assume he liked it the way it was before when he felt like he was living in england. A lot of people would feel the same way in his circumstances.

    The reality is that this country would probably grind to a halt if all the immigrants left tomorrow. This is because so many of them do the repetitive unsociable lowly paid jobs that the english do not want to do – partly because of the over generous benefit system that we have. Young men don’t want to work hard for 40 hours a week for low pay just to earn a bit more money than they would get on benefits and young girls can become single mums and have free housing and benefits for years without working. Most people are not against immigrants coming into this country as long as their numbers are controlled and the checks are made which Insomniac mentions in his excellent post.

    Dave Jay mentions the economy, the USA and immigration – why does this country try to imitate everything that the USA does. I don’t dislike americans and the USA is very successful economically but it’s culture lacks any heart and soul – millions of their citizens suffer from depression with approx 500,000 teenagers each year attempting suicide. They are obsessed with sex and approx 68 million of them have incurable STD’s…yes 68 million – that is more than the population of the UK. I don’t understand why we have to copy their culture so much. We do not have an european culture – we have an american one.

    The drinking problem has been caused by our relaxed attitude towards alcohol. Until this changes then our booze culture will continue. A Police Chief recently suggested that the legal drinking age should be raised to 21 and I agree with him ( 20 is more appropriate imo ). Alcohol should also only be sold in licensed premises and not in Supermarkets and Corner shops where it is easy for under age drinkers to obtain it. One of the biggest myths is that young people grow up faster nowadays – they don’t. They may participate in ‘adult pursuits’ at a younger age but this does not make them more mature. They are more outgoing, adventurous and friendlier ( on average ) imo but they are not more mature – that idea is a joke.

    I could go on for a lot longer but I don’t want to bore you any more than necessary so that’s my rant over with………who’s next :)

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    Read about this today in the Belfast Telegraph and was absolutely horrified. … l?ITO=1490

    And some people want shariah law in Britain?

    Neil Watson
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    Its a bloody outrage and so soul destroying to read that this sort of behaviour can be seen as being normal in these countries that we bend over backwards for and give aid to.

    Firstly how can someone who is a victim of rape be seen as a criminal in someone elses eyes.

    Secondly how can stoning a young girl to death be seen as a right thing to do for being raped wether it be from one man let alone three.

    This is just sick and these Bastards should be the ones being stoned but yet if they came over here then they would probably get asylum and free bed and board at out expense.

    Here is another example from the Guardian back in 2002

    Irish Stamp
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    This stuff has me in tears – I can’t believe it still goes on today. The case of the Yazidi teenager Du’a Khalil in particular – she was stoned to death by local Kurds as British backed Iraqi troops did nothing other than film it on their mobile phones to put on youtube.

    Before one of our ministers came out and said that the revenge bombings where unprovoked and unjustified.

    Check out and help prevent stuff like this happening today :(

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    A foul "religion".

    For those that will say this is only the extremist edge of this cult, then perhaps a look at how many British muslims wish to see sharia law implemeted in FULL in this country

    and to think that bearded cnt Rowan Williams believes we should respect this

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    There was a similar case last year in saudi i think, it was on utube (not sure if still on it) someone had the footage on a phone and uploaded it onto the website it was highlighted on a late night radio talk show over here where they played the audio on the radio the screams were sickning the story was the similar as this one, the girl was 17!! but some Irish muslim’s calle dthe show and agreed with what happened, i was like WTF as were most of the callers, i cant believe that its a fluke we are here on a planet alive and living and S.H.I.T like this amongst other things go on… no wonder ET and his mates dont contact us!!!

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