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World Cup..Am I missing something ??

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    The two Quarter Finalists’ of 2002, Japan, are turning up in Germany.<br>Both were knocked out by 2002’s Finalists….<br>Both are in Top 12 FIFA Teams,

     USA….100/1 !!!!<br> England….10/1 !!!!         :o  :o  :o

    USA won their Group with the highly talented Mexico in the pack.<br>It is known world wide that the team ARE improving, lack of home support the only negative, that should not affect their performances.<br>England won the easiest International Group ever selected in International Football, with dreadful ,predictable performances’.

    Yep, a bit of 100/1 for me  ;)  ;)  ;)



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    Far from missing something, I reckon you’ve spotted a bit of value that others have missed!

    Any sort of run from the USA and you should be able to lay back for a profit.

    Good luck!


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    150-1 is even better :-

    Same with Bets4all but they are fairly small so stick with a PLC,furthermore,with Betandwin you should be able to find join up Bonus so it might work out nearer 300-1!!

    Be lucky

    Deano H
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    That’s a good call Doyley, I might have some of that.

    I am already on Serbia @150/1 (now @ 80/1) and I am sure there must be other teams worth a bit of value.

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    England fans buoyed by the weekend win over Argentina are set to stake £1.5 billion on the team winning the World Cup next summer. (The Sun)

    Easy money if your a layer on the exchange.

    England will be undone by their bigest weakness and that is the manager.

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    Couldnt agree more. I intend to pay for my summer holidays by laying the arse off england. And there will be plenty of takers after that result on Saturday. <br>Good to see the english media have learnt their lesson from previous years, and arent blowing this result out of all proportion.;) <br>Fools. Setting themselves up for another fall. It seemed to slip everyones mind that England only got back in to the game when the argies took requelme off. That wasnt mentioned once in the aftermath even though it was a huge factor.

    Andrew Hughes
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    Additionally, Argentina were missing a couple of key players and are at a low ebb at the moment, there being a question mark over the manager’s tactics in building a team around Requelme. There was a very good article about this in Saturday’s Independent.

    I still think England lack the pace to trouble the best teams if they play 4-4-2 and don’t play Wright-Phillips.

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    USA look big at 100/1, well reach the quarter finals again so could be a good trading opportunity.

    England are very poor value at 10/1. Not as solid at the back as they like to think, a midfield who, despite their undoubted talent, still haven’t gelled consistently and won’t do so until Beckham is played on the wing and leaves Gerard and Lampard to get on with it. Their big weakness is up front and they simply don’t have the firepower to become World Champions.

    The best I can have them is 20/1.

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    Wouldn’t suprise me to see USA not get out of there group stages. I think last world cup had funny results with USA and South Korea going so far but i think this time the big nations will dominate. I’ll think Holland are a cracking price at 12/1. For bigger prices Portugual at 25’s and Czech Rep at 28’s look the teams that are value for people lookin for more of an outsider.

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    Portugal wont’ do anything. If it was the Euro’s you could make a case for them but the always seem to bottle it at the world cup.

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    I think we can chuck out the old "Europeans win it in Europe" rule.

    The south Americans have been playing over here long enough to be on a level playing field.

    My thoughts on certain teams:

    Argentina: Not convinced. They were a one man team against England and that’s not going to work once they come up against a team who are savvy enough to know how to stop a single player. Unless they’ve got a few more ideas up their sleeves, they’re going to struggle against quality.

    France: lost it completely.

    England: good players but a s**t
    e manager and a leaky defence and a captain who’s a liability. Will probably go out in the 2nd round or q’finals. Might make the semis if granted an easy passage.

    I’m not convinced by Italy (look weak on paper and were crap against Scotland) or Spain (good squad but can’t seem to play well together).

    Brazil, Germany and perhaps Holland should be the first 3 in the betting IMO.

    Portugal might be the best of the outsiders.

    IMO good bets on betfair right now would be:

    Germany 10.5 back<br>England 8.8 lay<br>Holland 14 back (lay off at 10)<br>Mexico 65 back (lay off at 40)<br>Spain 19.5 back (lay off at 13)   <br>Portugal 30 back (lay off 16)

    Brazil look around the right price (4.2/4.3) and Argentina look a little short but not short enought to lay.


    Jim JTS
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    England got a good draw and can only throw away qualifying but I’m rooting for Holland as I always do when Scotland aren’t there.

    c’mon you oranje

    Andrew Hughes
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    Excellent analysis from Steve and I agree that Holland are a good bet. Think they’ll top their group.

    By the way, was anybody else p**s
    ed off with Motson last night. The German doing the draw was speaking English and Motson was trying to fill every available second with gibberish. It was pure Alan Partridge and with the two of them gabbling on, gave me a headache.

    Deano H
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    Quote: from Aranalde on 8:12 am on Dec. 10, 2005[br]By the way, was anybody else p**s<br>ed off with Motson last night. The German doing the draw was speaking English and Motson was trying to fill every available second with gibberish.  

    Couldn’t agree more, nearly kicked the telly in, out of frustration!

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    Sorry Steve, I have to pull you up on your choices. You start off by saying forget this "Europeans win it in Europe" and then go on to choose 4 European teams out of 6, as good betting prospects. Brazil is an obvious one to throw in, but Mexico is a bit speculative.

    So basically you are franking the fact that Europeans win it in Europe.

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