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What a tribute.

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    What a moving and emotional tribute that was to the Busby Babes just now.

    The minutes silence was immaculately observed inside the stadium (not sure what the noise was from outside the stadium however) by both sets of fans. Brought more than a tear to my eye.

    It’s great to see the teams wearing old style shirts as a tribute, with United wearing numbers 1 to 11 rather than the ususal squad numbers.

    And how spooky is this, Ronaldo and Tevez, arguably United’s most influential and skillful players, were both born on the anniversary of the day the Busby Babes played for the last time.

    Well done Manchester – that’s United and City. Most of the Busby Babes have gone, but never to be forgotten.


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    I’d be surprised if their was’nt a dry eye anywere from United fans…my son’s name is Paul Duncan Edwards Green , and he is an avid United Supporter …..

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    Missed this and wanted to see it – was worried that a few would spoil the silence so good news that it was properly observed. been reading teh series in teh Telegraph on the Munich disaster over the last week or two and it brought home to me just what a catastrophic event it was and also just how highly regarded Duncan Edwards was by all who were involved with him or simply saw him play.

    Gazs Way De Solzen
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    Was fantastic.

    Well done to everyone.

    Peter Poston’s Ghost
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    I was proud of my boys (MCFC) on and off the pitch today.

    I know that United appreciated the co-operation and respect that they got.

    Football was the big winner.

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