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    The Private League facility is now live

    Click on menu in top left hand corner, click on leagues from drop down menu.

    Once clicked you come through to the league area, where you can create or join a league.

    Choose to create league > Name the league > choose which of your stables to enter the league (no distinction in mini leagues between free and paid stables) > invite other people to join

    To join, the customer hits “Leagues” > Join League > enters PIN > selects the stable of theirs they want to join the league with > gets taken to the league where they can see their stable

    When you’re in a league, you can click “Invite Member” to access the PIN code and share the league PIN with your friends

    Click on the icons below the PIN to be taken into that sharing journey.

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    Cheers Geezer, I’ve started a league although they are continuing in the vein of making
    things difficult. I have 2 paid stables and one free, but as soon as I clicked on the
    1st of the three it went straight into the league without giving the oppertunity of entering
    the other 2. When I came out of the league and clicked to go back in with stable 2, it says
    “league already contains one user’s stable”. At this point it seems you can only enter 1 stable
    in a league. I’ll try and get in touch and see if that is the case, or if there is another way
    to enter a second stable.

    The league name is theracingpost (it wouldn’t accept TRF as not enough letters). You can click on
    invite a friend and send it via either tweet or Facebook. I’m not into either really so I’ll give
    the PIN to enter on here. Before I do, does anyone think it would be better if I sent the pin to
    those asking for it in a PM, either PM me or leave word here you want me to PM you. The reason I
    mention this is when we set up a league in the Stable Stars Competition there were a good number
    who joined who weren’t in TRF, and many of which gave up early which brought our league average
    down. It may not matter here anyway as there is no mention of a League Of Leagues competition and

    If no replies, or if it isn’t thought to be a problem, by later tonight I will just post the PIN
    on here.

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    Okay, bit of an update. I contacted Tote and asked about entering more than one stable in
    a private league. I was told “no, at present you can only enter 1 stable”. Chancing my luck
    I asked the obvious question, does “at present” mean we will be able to enter one later? I
    was told I could try and see if there was any change tomorrow :unsure:

    It does seem the private leagues are a bit of an after thought, and they are scrambling at
    the last minute trying to get it set up. Also I am told that there is no League Of Leagues
    competition and leaderboard, so it’s just there to compete with each other in the league.

    With that being the case I think I’ll just post the PIn here for anyone wishing to stick in
    a stable. Bear in mind, if you have more than one stable, you should click on your favourite
    stable as it may well be the only one you can enter into the league.

    PIN No. 000063

    Good luck all

    Red Rum 77Red Rum 77
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    Hi Graham, just joined the league thanks for setting up and good luck. My stable name is Neil S Stable0 for some reason :unsure:

    But hey it’s all fun :yahoo:

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    Good man Neil, I hope all went well today. Best of luck :good:

    Red Rum 77Red Rum 77
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    Hi Graham and co. :good:

    It went smashing, mum had a beautiful send. I’ll feel a lot better having respected her wishes and we’ve played her favourite bit of music at the end of funeral which I only discovered while looking after her.

    “CAN I CANOE YOU UP THE RIVER” by ARTHUR GODFREY which was a record in the 1950’s apparently on a 78 record. If the song is unfamiliar to you, (like it was to me) the are records of it on the internet, and the is a recording of it sung on Youtube. :heart: :heart: :heart:

    The song is making up part of a playlist on my I pod Touch as a tribute to mum and dad to keep them close to my heart.

    Going to look at entering other entries on the Tote, one inspired by Jac will be a group of greys will let you know later what them greys are. Expect one to be Bristol :yes:

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    Thanks for the sage advice BigG. Crikey, as you say it’s not easy to navigate but I did finally manage to get 25 entries in after 3 hours ! I thought that making a shortlist of horses would make the process easy, but when I came to making up various stables I found I couldn’t select from that shortlist, so I just reverted to the main long list … discovered it helps to click the ‘ABC’ icon at the top to put the list in alphabetical order. Hope it helps others…. and get cracking !!!
    Good luck all.

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    You needed to click the +sign beside each horse in your shortlist to add them to your team of ten.

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    Entered & joined (eventually – hopeless site!). I’m Bourne Losers. Good luck everyone

    John Gooch
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    I have entered Jumping Stars Free List in the Private League

    Thank You :good:

    Nathan HughesNathan Hughes
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    I’m in BigG
    Bloody hard work that was
    would rather eat cardboard then trying to navigate that site again

    Member since March 2008
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    I’m in Graham you won’t miss Jac’s Flyers I hope they do what it says on the packet B-) but mainly keep themselves safe.
    I was so excited to find the join a league thread that I clicked on the wrong stable so you won’t see Bristol De Mai in this one, hopefully I can put my Dark Angels team in later…best of luck to our TRF League. :good: Jac

    Neil, so glad to hear your mum had a lovely send off to her favourite song..
    my husband’s best mate who died relatively young went of to the strains of ‘Gone Fishing’ it made us all smile. :rose:

    Things turn out best for those who make the best of how things turn out...
    Red Rum 77Red Rum 77
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    It was tough whittling the songs down to just 3, but me and my brother was adamant that was one of them. She’s gone but were richer for the memories she’s left. Will post on Top 10 songs my tribute to mum and dad. Here though will reveal my greys which is my free stable.

    Al Dancer
    Angel Breath
    Bristol De Mai
    Dalila Du Seuil
    Duc Des Genievres
    Eldorado Allen
    Elixir De Nutz
    Geordie B
    Mr Grey Sky
    One For Rosie

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    Had a listen to that song Neil, it’s a lovely little number. My baby daughter seemed to enjoy it :-)

    Good luck in this comp all, I didn’t enter as would have lost the run of myself but will follow this thread :good:

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    Just catching up as I’ve been out the whole day. Glad to see that We’ve got a few in
    the league now, I wonder If I should have stuck a thread in the Racing Competitions
    forum, I’m not sure how many will have clocked it in here. Having said that, I’m not
    sure how many will have thrown the towel in before getting a stable up and running,
    it’s not exactly a user friendly site. There’s usually a last minute mad dash with
    these competitions, so I’d expect a few more. Stables have to be registered before
    midday tomorrow, but I don’t think there would be any objection if anyone joined the
    league later in the day or thereabouts, there would be no advantage gained.

    Glad to hear things went well Neil, and I couldn’t think of a more apt song to have
    a send off to, Can I Canoe You Up The River….it did make me smile :yes:

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