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Thursday 11th January

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    Each Selection has a + figure after its name, this is a strength rating and is how many points it is ahead of the second selection, higher the figure more the certainty in theory anyway. When I have two selections on the same mark in the same race no selection for that race is made. This plus figure could be used in staking but was not my intension to do so until pointed out by a couple of people. <br>I have looked back at results so far this year and first impressions seem to point towards this + figure is indeed a better proposition as a stake than level stakes. I will continue to monitor this situation. I will call the + figure the recommended stake, +3 = 3 points and points being equal to whatever can be afforded by your bank e.g. 1 point = £10 so 3points is £30. <br>As the stats below prove these recommended stakes are doing better than level stakes at present.<br>Catterick.<br>ABANDONED<br>Hereford.<br>13:00 EXUBERANCE +2<br>13:30 JOACCI +9<br>14:00 TROUBLE AT BAY +1<br>14:30 TREASURY COUNSEL +9<br>15:00 SCHUH SHINE +4<br>15:30 THIEVES’ GLEN +1<br>16:00 FERMAT +1<br>Southwell.<br>12:40 SPIRIT OF CONISTON +2<br>13:10 NESHLA +2<br>13:40 ZAAFIRA +1<br>14:10 JACKIE KIELY +1<br>14:40 DAPPLE DAWN +1<br>15:40 BENTLEY +2<br>Limerick.<br>13:25 FREDS BENEFIT +1<br>13:55 JACK ABSOLUTE +1<br>14:25 MY TRUE ROMANCE +1<br>14:55 TIMELY PROSPECT +1<br>15:25 GARRANAGREE +2<br>15:55 LORD DARCY +1

    Today’s Total Recommended Stakes = 43 points

    Wednesday’s List gave 6 winners from 19 selections, a strike rate of 32%.<br>Highest s.p: 5/2<br>Lowest s.p: 4/11<br>Level Stakes Profit/Loss: – 3.07<br>Recommended Profit/Loss: + 4.11<br>January’s Stats.<br>60 winners from 207 selections (3n.r), a strike rate of 29%<br>Highest s.p: 10/1<br>Lowest s.p: 2/7<br>Level Stakes Profit/Loss: – 19.09<br>Recommended Profit/Loss: + 27.96

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    A tricky day today turf-wise with the bog-like ground, I can see a few favourites being turned over at Hereford but nothing stands out so it’s a small-stakes placepot at Southwell for me..

    12:40 – 4 – Canadian Danehill<br>1:10 – 8 – Barton Belle<br>1:40 – 11 – Zaafira<br>2:10 – 3 – Bienheureux<br>2:40 – 2 – Boundless Prospect<br>3:10 – 6 – La Colline

    <br>Good luck to everyone having a bet today!


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    Had some luck already as I nearly posted Catterick selections last night. Changing tack today from looking at hotshots to a cursory assessment by overall form, recent form and the possible market. The odds shown are ‘fair’ prices opposite the form IMO:

    Hereford<br>1.30 Joacci 8/13<br>2.00 Buena Vista Evens<br>2.30 Treasury Council 7/2, Hill Forts Timmy 9/1<br>3.00 Schuh Shine 11/8<br>3.30 Thieves’ Glen 8/1

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