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Tamarinbleu job horse?

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    Always has been IMHO.

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    More like consistent, had the run of the race and the only one to give his running. The rest of the field were beaten 5 out.

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    Fair play to you for understanding that he was trying to win to 79K prizemoney.If only you had told us before the race.

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    The horse will not win his next race. Mark my words.
    Job is done. No need for the disparaging words dj, i’m just stating an honest opinion. I knew the horse would win today, as soon as I saw the card. Lay him next time though.

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    Job horse winning a Grade 1?

    I’ll give you one thing – at least it is an original thought….

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    Presumably you backed the horse heavily then, Scribbles?

    Tamarinbleu is a horse who had always promised plenty, but appeared to be more than a little difficult to ride. There’s no doubting that today’s result probably flatters him a little, but he’s now won two decent handicaps and a Grade 1 on the spin and may just be beginning to deliver on that early potential (he did run Accordion Etoile to a head on his chasing debut at Cheltenham).

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    Scribbles – if you were laying one out for a ‘job’ you were hardly line him up against the Queen Mother Champion Chase favourite in a Grade 1 race.

    A horse that was talented over hurdles and is now developing into a top chaser after having shown promise. It was hard to see him beating Twist Magic but he was no forlorn hope today.

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    scribbes talking drivels

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    "………………..but he was no forlorn hope today."

    Obviously not, Corm. :wink:


    Fist of Fury 2k8
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    Geez some of you guys can be twats at times

    Learn to understand everyone doesn’t have your knowledge of racing.

    I have no doubt he thought the horse was a good thing and probably bet him.

    He was right we were wrong………….the fact he thinks he’s a job horse is just a guy getting carried away…………..but he believes what he’s saying.

    It takes years to learn the in and outs of racing and we all say silly things along the way.

    Cut him a bit of slack and without being a smart ass explain rather then tell to make yourselves look like you know more about the game than you actually do.

    Any clown can make a 3 word sentence in an effort to make himself look knowledgeable………..I for one would rather help the guy understand racing that say he’s a Muppet with justifying it.

    BTW old man Pipe would pull of touches in grade one races without batting an eyelid………..who’s to say they never had their balls on this one?……I doubt it very much but do I know for sure….No!!!

    non vintage
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    I’m genuinely not sure that Scribbles is deserving of such a vehement defence FoF. It looks like after-timing of the most blatant type served with lashings of egotistical smugness…

    Any clown can make a 3 word sentence in an effort to make himself look knowledgeable…

    What, like “Tamarinbleu job horse”[/color:smxzrwk7] or [i:smxzrwk7]”Always has been”[/color:smxzrwk7] [/i:smxzrwk7]???

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    Tamarinbleu won the Boylesports off a mark of 150 in a race in which he and the third Patman du Charmil (has run well since) went faster than ideal according to all known sectionals.

    Today he recorded a time which, on the limited information we have about Ascot, suggests he may well be top-class.

    As has been pointed out elsewhere, the ground today was almost certainly not even close to "heavy". The Champion Chase division is weak (it could well prove to be an easier race to win than the Ryanair this year).

    Underestimate Tamarinbleu at your peril, imo.

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    What would you suggest the going was this afternoon, Pru?

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    I’d go for "Soft", but it was probably on the g/s side rather than heavy.

    Black Sam Bellamy
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    They always used to say this horse was best fresh, but he seems to be showing more consistency these days. I am wondering out-loud if this is due to a subtle change in training routines as the batton has been passed between Pipe generations ? Perhaps Tamarinbleu is doing less between races, which is allowing him to produce his best form on the track on a regular basis ? Same with Lough Derg, who appears to be holding his form despite a number of tough assignments.

    A number of the higher profile Pipe horses appear to have ‘improved for the run’ this season; Vodka Bleu, Gaspara and Over the Creek spring to mind….I just get the impression that things are changing at Pond House, and the old theories about Pipe overtraining his (better) horses are now starting to become outdated.

    Does anyone agree ?

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