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The biggest poker tournaments in 2024

Playing poker is something everyone can get involved in and enjoy, however for some, it’s more than just for fun. For the best players in the world, tournaments are a way of not only challenging to be the best against fellow world class players but are also a chance at winning real world prize money, some of them worth millions. For the majority of people who play poker online, they couldn’t dream of winning the amounts wagered at these biggest tournaments. For some people, playing poker is a way of life and a job, but that also means at the top can be serious competition as people battle it out to claim top spot.

In this article we’ll be looking at some of the best tournaments of 2024, ones that you can not only play in, but also watch pros take on each other in the battles of the best.

1. 55th world series of poker

Returning for its 55th time, the world series of poker is set to start on 28th May until 17th July with the main event final table being held on the 17th July at the Horseshoe Las Vegas where the best of the best will battle it out to be crowned champion.

There’s also a side event called the champions reunion, which is a $5000 buy-in, but guaranteed entry into the main event. This mini tournament will see former winners and champions attempting to be the best of the best.

There are a number of different options for people to choose from, from different games to different buy-in amounts, there’s a whole host of choices for people. For people not wanting to buy-in and play, you still have the option of heading down, watching the games and getting involved in the spirit of the event, which is sure to be one to remember.

2. Irish Open 2024

The Irish open will commence on March 25th and run to the 1st April at the Royal Dublin Society in Ballsbridge. There are two tournaments being held, one with a potential prize fund of €500,000 starting the 25th March and a second with a potential winning of €1 million.

The main hall will host all the poker tournaments which will feature up to 130 poker tables, which also includes the feature table.

If you’re looking for food and drinks whilst you’re there, Jokers bar is featured on site along with a bar and food truck, so there’s plenty of places to get some food to keep you going throughout the tournament!

3. World Poker Tournament 2024 Amsterdam

Being held in the wonderful city of Amsterdam, the much-anticipated World Poker Tournament is set to return once again in 2024. Due to start on the 15th to the 23rd March and is being hosted at the Holland Casino Amsterdam Centrum, and will be the host for all things poker throughout the tournament.

With last years total winnings being over €160,000, it’s sure to be a real fight for first place!

4. US Poker Open

Kicking off in mid April, the US Poker Open is set to star some of the biggest names in the business with numerous tournaments available at different buy-in prices. The US Poker Open is due to kick off April 8th to the 17th and will be held at the PokerGo Studio in Las Vegas, Nevada. This is just one tournament held by PokerGO but is a standalone tournament opposed to the other tournaments which feature a league and points system for players winning games. The winner of this overall would fetch winnings of around $1,000,000.

The US Poker open starts with a $5,300 NL Hold’em, then is followed by another four tournaments with prize money of $10,500, two $15,700 and then the finale with a prize of $26,000.

5. The BSOP Millions

After six years, the Brazilian Series Of Poker championship returns to the brilliant city of Natal, Brazil. The tournament is set to kick off on 30th May and run to the 4th June and is being held at the Serhs Natal Grand Hotel which has been host to the tournament in the past on a number of occasions.

Based in the sunny and beachside city of Natal, if you fancy sitting by the sea in between poker games, then this one is surely one to book and get down to Brazil for!

The game of poker is for everyone to enjoy, with there being levels for everyone available. However for the people at the top, just like in other sports, they play against the best of the best. In these tournaments, you’ll be competing against some of the best seasoned professionals in the game and you’ll be sure to be tested to your limit.

If you’re going to try your hand at one of these tournaments, which one will you be registering for?