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Select 3 Horses – Jumps Season 2019/20 Final Standings

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    Congratulations on Venture To Cognac on winning a truncated version of the Select 3 Horses Competiton and Hot Fuss for landing the best NAP component with 33/1 Betfair Hurdle winner – Pic D’Orhy. Regarding the prizes, if you send Triptych (many thanks for sponsoring this) your details that should be sorted out accordingly. Thanks to all of you for playing every week. Hopefully racing will resume sooner rather than later (a hope, rather than expectation) and we can start the flat version of this competition.

    Final Leaderboard:

    121.0 – Venture To Cognac
    101.0 – Hot Fuss
    98.5 – Goodfellow
    85.5 – Over2u
    80.5 – Giddyup
    65.5 – Pat123
    53.5 – Dfward
    53.0 – Nenni
    53.0 – RedRum77
    52.5 – Kingmonkey
    52.0 – John Gooch
    52.0 – Nathan Hughes
    51.5 – Raymo61
    41.5 – Greenasgrass
    39.5 – BigG
    38.5 – Quelle Farce
    35.5 – Middle Of March
    34.5 – Euroalien
    34.5 – Lyla40
    34.5 – Robnorth
    34.0 – Jonova2003
    32.5 – TheKryptonFactor
    32.0 – Yahoo
    28.0 – Bob Rolf
    26.0 – Triptych
    23.0 – Steve75
    22.0 – Wyldesyde
    16.0 – Dessie73
    13.0 – Bladeblaster
    2.5 – Silent Assassins
    0 – DiamondGeezer
    0 – PandoraHughes

    Best NAP – Pic D’Orhy (33/1/8th Feb/Hot Fuss)

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    Very well done Bobby (VTC) I know you would rather that the competition went
    full term, but in exceptional times I think we did well to get the Festival
    included, it looked touch and go for a while. For a shortened competition that
    is an exceptional score. A very well deserved winner :good:

    Hot Fuss, as per normal, is right up there (I still haven’t forgiven him for
    mugging me on the last day of the competition last year with a 40/1 nap :wacko: )
    and with a superb 33/1 nap to boot this year. Goodfellow just a hairsbreadth
    behind in 3rd, nearly breaking that 100 barrier was another great effort. Well
    done guys :good:

    Big thanks to you Krypton for taking on the competition that Jac (Triptych)
    had nurtured for many years. You’ve made a great start, and a few changes of
    your own (posting up to the time of your 1st selection) I think are a plus.
    It’s a pity it was cut short but also understandable. Thanks for all the
    time and hard work you put in, it’s greatly appreciated :good:

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    Well done VTC!! :good: Thanks to Krypton for running this contest. It’s a shame the season was cut short but still lots of fun!!

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    Well done Bobby (Vtc) that was a brilliant effort to win :yahoo: and Hot Fuss I knew you would be thereabouts and congrats for that fantastic winning 33/1 Nap Pic D’Orhy :yahoo:
    Please both PM me and will arrange to get your prizes to you or let me know what you would prefer..and let’s hope things will soon return to something like normal.

    Many thanks to Krypton for running the comp so well and totally agree with Graham (BigG) that the 1st Race posting time was a brilliant change to the rules..I just never saw that :wacko:

    Look forward to us all being back safe and well to restart the Select 3 horses comp soon and meanwhile stay safe and well..Jac :heart: .

    Things turn out best for those who make the best of how things turn out...
    Nathan HughesNathan Hughes
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    Nice one Vtc… :good:
    Thanks for keeping the comp running TKF.

    Member since March 2008
    bob rolfbob rolf
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    Well done Bobby, great tipping 🏇🏆 and well Hot Fuss for the Naps part of the competition 🏆 many thanks Krypton for all the work out into running the competition :good: also to Jac for the sponsorship, great work guys :good:

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    Well done to Venture To Cognac and Hot Fuss for winning the respective sections of the competition! Thanks to The KryptonFactor for running the comptition!

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    WD Bobby, Hot Fuss and Goodfellow for making the podium and thanks TKF for running it. I love this comp, can’t wait for the next one :good:

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    Just a message to Vtc (Bobby) and Hot Fuss…
    I did send you both PM’s regarding your prizes but think the messaging may be down as I didn’t hear back.. so could you please let me know what you would like me to do regarding the prizes..look forward to hearing and again well done to both of you and hope we can all get back together soon..
    Stay safe and well :heart: Jac x

    Things turn out best for those who make the best of how things turn out...
    Venture to CognacVenture to Cognac
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    Message sent Jac

    Thanks all, much appreciated, and well played everyone, including Hot Fuss and Goodfellow.

    Thanks for your efforts Krypton.

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    thank you stay safe

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    Congrats VTC, well done! Also, a big thanks to KF (and Jac, of course)
    Sorry for the late post, but this coronavirus thing has turned everything upside down and I’m still not sure whether it’s Christmas or Easter. :wacko: I hope things get back to normal PDQ :yes:

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