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    I used a variation of this a while back but want to try out a new easy version of this – especially on the jumps season. It’s very quick to figure out and the info is easy to find. It uses Adjusted Postmark ratings and Postdata. Looking through the Systems Workshop I saw Kersly’s "Pointers" system uses PM ratings and a lot of other things. I hope my system isn’t viewed as being too close or anything. If there are any objections, i’ll delete all the posts. OK, here we go…

    Rules:<br>Concentrate on non-Novice Handicaps only (i.e. older more exposed types only).  First, go to the Postdata table. Focus only on horses with a combined total of at least two ticks in the Trainer Form (TF) and Recent Form (RF) boxes (i.e. the maximum is 4 ticks in the combined boxes, we just need at least 2 – whether it be 2 ticks only in either the TF or RF box, or a single tick in both the TF box and the RF box). Now, focusing only on the qualified horses, add up the number of ticks in the Going (G), Dist (D), Course (C), Draw (Dr) and Ability (A) boxes. Obviously, for NH racing Draw will always be zero. Note, count question marks (?) and dashes (-) as crosses (X). This time, narrow down your list to those who have 5 ticks or more (6 ticks or more for Flat/AW) in the above boxes. If there are no qualifiers, ignore the race. If there are more than one continue as normal. Now, of your remaining selections, their Adjusted Postmark (aPM) must be within 7lbs of the top-rated aPM horse. Whichever of the remaining qualifiers has the highest aPM is the selection. If there is a tie, decide using the Adjusted Topspeed (aTS).

    To clarify:

    1.  Non-novice Handicaps only. No conditions, claimers or sellers either. Just Handicaps.<br>2.  Must have at least a combined total of two ticks in the TF and RF boxes.<br>3.  Must have at least a combined total of 5 ticks in the G, D, C, Dr and A boxes (6 ticks or more for Flat/AW).<br>4.  Must have an aPM of within 7lbs of top-rated aPM.<br>5.  Select using highest aPM, then highest aTS if still equal.

    Hope that’s easy enough to understand. So, lets give it a go!

    dave jay
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    Hi The Oracle,<br>This uses to same-ish sources of data to Kersly’s excellent system. But I can see that it is not the same.

    Best of Luck, but I don’t think you’re going to need it, I’ll be watching with interest.

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    Good luck with this.

    Nice to see more systems being posted.

    Regards – Matron<br>:cool:

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