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    Just 3 more months until the flat and i cant wait this years NH has been the most boring season for me. I think its the whole summer jumping.but there has been one good thing KS come back apart from that its dragging… roll on the flat.

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    KS apart it has been a bit of a drag you are right GA. (And Outlaw Tom winning of course!)

    no idea
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    I am a NH fan and I have to agree it is a drag this season for some reason. I think it is because to much emphasis is put on Cheltenham that it does become a bit boring, plus the fact that a lot of the racing is of low poor quality.

    However the flat is little different

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    You could scrap summer jumping, have Kauto Star winning the King George for the 8th time, and it would still be the almighty drag on British racing that it is.

    Even Stevens winning off of 91 on New Year’s Day at Southwell, on the Fibresand surface he excels on, was the highlight of the winter so far in Britain, even if he is owned by Paul Dixon! There’s a Class 2 handicap on the 24th January for him.

    Dubai Carnival, Melbourne Autumn racing, Kentucky Derby trail – plenty to keep me going, thankfully.

    Ugly Mare
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    I have to disagree vehemently with the above posts.

    This has been one of the most exciting first half of the jumps seasons that I can remember. Whip rules notwithstanding – a few misdemeanours here and there – they’ll get over it – and the Grade 1’ers have got their way with the exclusions, so it’s all hunky dory – this has been such a great season so far to watch, full of exciting finishes and interest with few weather interruptions.

    I’m expecting the Schweppes Gold Trophy – as I still call it – to be snowed off but we can’t have everything…

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    I love the jumps season! I find the flat drags far more, and can’t stand it for the most part.

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    I love the flat and can’t wait until the new season kicks off. If there wouldn’t be All-Weather racing during the winter I guess I would have to hang myself. I just can’t watch poor midweek jump racing. Well, poor AW racing isn’t that exciting too but It still helps at least to survive during the winter. However I really have to admit that I enjoy jump racing this season more than ever. I only watch the bigger meetings on the weekend but I think there was some great sport so see so far.

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    Why does it have to be one verus the other?

    Just enjoy both sports for different reasons.

    Can’t see why anyone should be bored with this NH season. Apart from Kauto Star we’ve had wonderful racing.

    David Pipe starting his own Paddy Power dynasty with Great Endeavor.
    Big Buck’s, the best staying hurdler we’ve ever seen, breaking records.
    The tough and genuine Overturn coming back again and again.
    Carruthers, winning the Hennessy for Lord Oaksey.
    Sizing Europe running away with the Tingle Creek.
    Grandouet emerging as a credible Champion Hurdle candidate.
    Topical win for Quantitative Easing, neglected by AP, but getting up in the final strides to win the big Cheltenham handicap.


    Value Is Everything
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    I also cannot see why it has to be one form of racing against the other.
    I think that perhaps the NH scene has suffered a bit of "after the Lord Mayor’s show" syndrome post Frankel on the flat.
    That said I really enjoy seeing how the exciting novice chasers progress throughout the NH season.
    The jumpers longer career also allows us to bond more with their characters.
    But where is my old mate Punjabi ?

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    Sorry, forgot to add above.
    How anyone can prefer all weather flat racing to NH baffles me.
    However variety is what makes life interesting, so each to their own.

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    I totally agree, the Jumps season has been TOTAL GARBAGE with NOTHING WHATSOEVER to take interest in.

    Kauto Star? Well maybe that one-trick, flat-track bully Kauto Star. But apart from there’s been NOTHING ELSE in the season.

    OK, maybe the Long Run rivalry, too. Oh, and Carruthers perhaps, if you insist. Can’t forget Le Beau Bai against Giles Cross myself. And the Master Minded saga. And Great Endeadour and Grands Crus and David Pipe. And Nicholls and Henderson. The ‘creche’ of Harry Dereham and Brendan Powell and Sam Twiston-Davis. And Big Zeb and Sizing Europe. Sprinter Sacre, Cue Card and Pedlers Cross. The precocity of Fingal Bay and Baby Mix. And not forgetting SWC and the Otage De Brion incident. The Cross Country confusion. And the whip rules.

    Big Buck’s, anyone? Fourteen in-a-row in the Long Walk? Sooo boring…

    Hurricane Fly – will he or won’t he? If not, Binocular’s back…or Grandouet. And scores of other sories about to be written as the season climaxes.

    Yep as you all say, halfway through the season and nothing to see here.

    Nothing at all.


    Marginal Value
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    How can you not be stirred by jumps racing every year? Every single winter there are returning experienced horses to enjoy again, some being top class horses at the peak of their ability, brilliant to watch and cheer. There are last season’s progressive types who could make up into exciting championship contenders. There are all the fascinating newcomers; juvenile hurdlers, first-season mature hurdlers, cracking hurdlers moving to fences, fencing novices from top yards and the odd one or two from small yards with lots of potential that might make the big time. No NH season is boring or weak, there are just some flat-only fans who are not interested in the detail that provides the fascination and eagerness to follow what is going on. I am also a fan of the flat turf season, but I suffer from the same problem as some of the people I have just mentioned, except in my case it is with all-weather racing. Nothing top class and very few progressive horses. Those horses are just not interesting enough for me.

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    No competition at all,as Jump Racing wins in a canter,The flat is always draw-ground biased,pace of the race,and even money to get a clear run in a field over 8 or more.Also it keeps me going through the dark winter months.Smaller trainers have more say and chances to win.Just one drawback how does NH Racing benefit from 2m NH flat races?.I hate these types of races as they are nothing more than a chance for a trainer to school a horse round,without learning to jump in public.I know it will never happen,but get rid of them.
    Its like having a hurdle race at the end of every flat meeting.

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    I’m not just a flat racing fan, That’s the point.

    For some reason this season has not been up to what previous seasons have been. IMO

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    I love both and the fact that we have the two codes is what for me makes it the best sport in the world. There is something for everyone 12 months a year.

    How dull would it be if it were just flat racing all year? Or just NH?

    Sorry but this NH season has to be one of the best I can remember. Kauto at Haydock and Kempton. Carruthers and Mattie Bachelor at Newbury. Sprinter Sacre last week. I also think there has been less "we’re putting him away until Cheltenham" this year as most trainers have realised that if everyone does it, it can’t work!

    All starting to bubble beautifully as March approaches!

    "this perfect mix of poetry and destruction, this glory of rhythm, power and majesty: the undisputed champion of the world!!!"

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    How can you not be stirred by jumps racing every year?

    It could start with the aesthetics, progressing as deep to the difficulty in contextualising the true physical achievement of the horses participating. (Obviously, they’re not all thoroughbreds)

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    (Obviously, they’re not all thoroughbreds)

    Class of 93
    Yes but does it
    really really matter
    on a damp foggy day
    at fake’n’ham
    when effectively
    the lights are out

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