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    Is anyone else salivating at the prospect of this race? After what was a slightly disappointing KG in terms of strength in depth this looks like it could be an absoulute classic.

    The same was said of the coronation at ascot but the rain ruined it. This is the most excited I’ve been about a race this season by a long shot. Think I may have to be a bit dull and be behind the favourite at this point. I think the two oaks winners are probably better over 12f and I’m not sure finsceal beo will stay.

    having said that this looks like one of those races and enjoy a group of top fillies going head to head.

    Gareth Flynn
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    Looking like one of the best races of the year, and I’m amazed because after so many good fillies retired last year I thought it would be a few years before they’d be replaced.

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    Just wrote a reply and lost it :evil:

    Bloody laptop!

    Anyhow – I agree- best race of the week and one of the best of the season.

    I have to complain about the prices though. These are with Paddypower

    9 – 4
    Previous Odds: 11-4

    Peeping Fawn
    5 – 2
    Previous Odds: 2-1 9-4

    Light Shift
    3 – 1
    Previous Odds: 10-3

    6 – 1
    Previous Odds: 8-1 13-2

    12 – 1
    Previous Odds: 10-1

    12 – 1
    Previous Odds: 16-1

    Sweet Lilly
    33 – 1
    Dont Dili Dali
    100 – 1
    Finsceal Beo
    11 – 2

    To have 5 hprses under 6/1 (3 of these are 9/4, 5/2 and 3/1) the remainder of the field should all be 33/1 as these 5 are obviously exceptional to be such skinny odds. But not the next 2 in the betting are 12’s.

    Its a great race – just a shame the bookies do not want to provude some value.

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    Yeah I agree with that. I doubt I will have a bet in the race as while I am leaning on Mandesha it is not strong enough for me to take 9-4. I’d have thought given the competitive nature of the race they would be better served pushing the prices out a little, theres such compelling arguments for so many horses.

    It may just be me but that doesnt mean they should all be so skinny, their chance of winning is lessened by the presence of other top class horses.

    Is that a symptom of the current environment? Any good horse has to be short regardless of what it’s up against?

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    Jeez it’s only a 33% overround – just be grateful it’s not being run on the AW at Kempton – we’d be lucky to get 2/1 about any of the 6!

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    it may be only 33% overround but if there wasnt a 100/1 outsider then what? and its still antepost at the minute. they may be intended runners but if they pull out you wont see that money again.

    but hey the bookies are there to make money, I know they struggle to do so so I’ll lay off :roll: :D

    the welsh wizard
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    it may be only 33% overround but if there wasnt a 100/1 outsider then what?

    er, 32%.

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    OK yes now I do feel foolish.

    However that aside I still think it is an unambitious book for such a competitive race. But like I said thats not their job, I’m just whinging, apologies.

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    Light Shift for me… It seems almost certain it’ll be good/good to firm ground on saturday and she’ll have to much pace for peeping fawn on that ground.. I’m not convinced Mandesha has been trained on or is yet 100% (They may have her right for this but I would have thought she’d have been too good for Mountain High lto) so i’ll be taking her on at that price.. FB gives the impression that a mile is her max trip and the same applies with Nannina..

    Cracking race.. The fillies have provided some top drawer stuff this year and it looks like continuing..

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    When I was reading the article on this race in today’s RP I got that lovely tingle feeling down my spine. Have to say I can’t wait to see Finsceal Beo stepping up to this trip. Alot of people will be of the opinion that she wont stay it well enough at (a solid) G1 level to put it up to the likes of Mandesha et al, my own opinion is influenced by sentiment too much but I certainly hope she can, at least, be placed.
    What a race it could prove to be, possibly even rivaling the Ouija Board-Alexander Goldrun duel, I for one can’t wait. :D

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    Agreed. She is my favourite horse of all time and i shall back her out of sentiment more than anything else. But it is an easy 10f and with fast ground she has a good chance imo.

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    I won’ t back Finsceal Beo until she wins again.The early season took a lot out of her and I need proof that she is back to her best before backing her.A great race to watch nevertheless.

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    If Finsceal Beo wins the Nassau I will not post again and declare myself a horse racing dunce. :wink:

    She has absolutely no chance she barely gets a mile.

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    If Finsceal Beo wins the Nassau I will not post again and declare myself a horse racing dunce. :wink:

    She has absolutely no chance she barely gets a mile.

    Agree completely, Flash.
    She won’t stay this trip in a horsebox and it is throwing money away to bet her today – wait for the Matron next month, and if it’s anything like fast go in all guns blazing. 8)

    madman marz
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    What a race it could prove to be, possibly even rivaling the Ouija Board-Alexander Goldrun duel, I for one can’t wait. :D

    No doubt this years Nassau has all the ingredients to be a classic, as virtually every top filly/mare is in oppossition.
    No matter who wins we will still be no wiser as to the relative merits, as most of the field have been running against their own sex (mandesha beaten by mountain high, who is a good horse but no superstar), unlike the two horses mentioned above, who were consistently high class against all ages and sex, and varying distances.
    Of course its early yet there is still plenty of the season left, but I have a funny feeling that none of the field will prove capable against the best of the colts. I am still looking forward to what should be a cracking race, Peeping Fawn for me, seems to be improving at a rate of knots, who knows 1&1/4 could be her best trip ?, ground wouldn’t worry me as most of the Fillies had no choice but to run on bad ground with the atrocious wether we have had, only thing she did, is prove she handled it extremely well, she could be just as good on better ground. Her price will probably be bigger on the morning of the race, before the Coolmore heavy hitters get stuck in just before the race. Betfair will probably be even bigger, as people will have doubts about trip and ground, the moral of the story if you fancy her back her Saturday morning.

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