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    no idea
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    How sad to see one of the best Northern trainers, if not the best, in recent times packing the game in, citing financial reasons.

    He will be sadly missed.

    Could this be the start of many more northern trainers finding it to hard to survive in the current climate.

    The greedy bookies will probably be happy if racing started to feel the recession and there was less meeting. More computer generated stuff for them.

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    no idea

    Two points here:

    Firstly, Len Lungo isn’t giving the game up totally, he is retaining a permit.

    Secondly, the trend of trainers going up then down has gone on for centuries and will continue to do so. For every trainer falling down the slope there will be one such as James Ewart rising just as quickly. Jumps training in Scotland is as healthy as it has been for sometime. Len Lungo#s mantle of making an impact at major meetings has now been taken over by Lucinda Russell, Scottish Racing could perhaps do with a couple more strong flat trainers, but there has tended to be a bias toward the jumping game in recent years anyway.

    I would suggest the cup is a good deal more than ‘half full’ rather than ‘half empty’.

    Regarding the ‘greedy bookmakers’. If their ‘computer generated stuff’ makes them money then tell me why they bother with the real thing?


    Irish Stamp
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    Sad to see Lenny packing in – especially after the success he had with the likes of Celtic Giant, Skippers Cleuch and The Bajan Bandit :(

    Always remember a trip ATR did up to Carrutherstown where they asked about his training regime to which LL replied "we canter them up the hill every morning", when the presenter asked what he did for any more serious work LL goes "send them up again" :lol:

    no idea
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    Yes Rob you are right about the computer generated stuff.

    I am pleased that Len Lungo is still retaining a permit to train as I have followed him for a good number of years.

    It is good to know that Scottish racing is doing so well.

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    …packing the game in, citing financial reasons.

    Ain’t it the truth- when you can only fetch £2,200 for nigh-on 80-rated sprinters then how can you hope to make ends meet. :wink:

    Joking aside, as a Scottish lad who got into racing around 10 years ago I’m sad to see Lenny’s demise, but he’s been on the slide for years and I’m afraid this has looked on the cards for some time.

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