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    Tete Rouge
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    For anyone who missed it, Glistening Silver just hacked up at Chepstow.

    Jim JTS
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    Well done everyone connected with Network Racing :clap:

    ps. We may not see DL until next Friday now 😉 :laugh:

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    Fantastic – really pleased for everyone – especially DL who i know has put so much into it. 25/1!!! Hope a tenner or two was put on! Really brilliant news.

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    Excellent job, well done you guys, enjoy it!

    Many more to come I hope!

    Slippy Blue
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    Spoke to DL about an hour ago and it`s fair to say he was delighted for the new syndicate and the horse fairly hosed up :bounce:

    And I own 5 % :dance:

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    Really pleased for all involved, well done, hope there are many more days like today for you.


    Nick Hatton
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    Many congratulations to all involved. :clap:<br>Hope some of you had a nice bet.

    Tete Rouge
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    OK, I’m p****d now, so ….


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    What an evening! DL kindly allowed my son & I to join the party (I’m a  Gloaming syndicate member but the "Silver" syndicate couldn’t use up the ticket allocation). Some of us certainly availed ourselves of the 44s on the Tote:biggrin: . Hope others did to.

    A big thank you to DL for his organisation of the syndicates. In less than a year, we have been in the Winners Enclosure 3 times out of 18 runs, visited countless courses, thrilled to having a runner at Cheltenham, enjoyed a number of excellent stable visits, made lots of new acquaintances, etc.

    For those of you who have been wavering about signing up – what are you waiting for? Enjoy your favourite sport from the inside.

    Wonderful training performance tonight by the way. Off the course for a year and with ground not ideal. John & Becky are a lovely couple and I am sure will go places in the coming years. Well done, DL, for finding them.

    I hope Rich gets his voice back in time for Leicester on Sunday! My arms are aching from helping to carry the 48 cans of Grolsch back to the horsebox which, sadly, go to the stable lads but at least we got to drink champagne.:cheesy:

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    Just got home and now I can get this coat hanger out of my mouth :biggrin:

    It was a truly great evening and thank you to all the people who have posted here, phoned me and text messaged me after the result to give your best wishes, as it is very much appreciated by myself and the syndicate members.  I’m just glad to be part of such a great bunch of people/owners.

    I daredn’t post too much now as I’m still buzzing and need a few more glasses of plonk to calm me down.

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    I would like to add my congratulations to all concerned.<br>Having been involved with the Amelia syndicate I understand how much time and effort has been put in by the syndicate organisers to make things run smoothly for the syndicate members.<br>It’s great to have a winner, but a 25/1 winner must be even better. I hope everyone had a great day.

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    A big well done from someone not involved with network racing. I bet it feels just as good the morning after:o !!!!:biggrin: :biggrin: :biggrin: :biggrin:

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    Well done to all involved. I ran into John at Newbury on Tuesday and he seemed enthusiastic about her chances ~ I’m just kicking myself for forgetting about it until 8:42 last night!! I am genuinely thrilled for Daylight and the Network Racing team.

    On a slightly worrying note,  I heard that she was dismounted pretty quickly after the line and hope that she comes home safe and sound.

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    Congratulations to you all.

    Regards – Matron<br>:cool:

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    I would just like to add my congratulations to all the syndicate members. Looks like a cracking yard and a lovely couple who run it. (Superb bacon butties)!!

    Hey Daylight, Is that the horse that wasn’t trying on the gallops when all the others were sweating up?

    Looks like a very bright future for the yard, good luck to Moon Glow today, hope she can make it two wins on the bounce.



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