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    Does anyone have any or have something in the pipeline ?

    England winning the WC would be a nightmare, but a nightmare that could give over a couple of quid.


    10 points each

    England 9/1
    Spain 11/2 & 5/1

    Euro Cup

    Real Madrid 9/1 2 pts

    Barcelona 5/1 2pts

    League winner treble

    Celtic, Chelsea & Boro 57/1 1 point

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    SPL – Rangers 10/11 :D

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    Spite is a bad thing Pete. Much you losing on that bet ?

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    Liverpool to do the Quadruple (Premier League, Champions League, FA Cup & Carling Cup) 300/1


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    I hope you didn’t dig deep in your pocket for that bet, danny.

    Nathan Hughes
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    12/1 top goalscorer – Paddy Power. I don’t know Chelsea’s plans but he’s a proven goalscorer and if he is in the starting line up more weeks than not should go close. 1/4 the odds 1,2,3,4 aswell.


    40/1 League one winners – Paddy Power. Bit of a fun bet really, they got promoted last season and I’ve been informed they play a good style of football. funny over the years aswell the amount of teams going up in consecutive season, Exeter, Peterbrough and Reading I think have all done it recently.

    Member since March 2008
    Neil Watson
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    World Cup for me is about the climate.

    1990 in Italy, Germany won it

    94 USA, Brazil

    98 France, France

    02,Japan, Brazil

    06 Germany, Italy

    South Africa being in the Southern Hemisphere so back Brazil to win it, People ignore conditions but the climate is so much important so that is what i would suggest.

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    Neil, the way things work out with the time of year, climate and kick off times means the conditions will suit England as it won’t be as hot as you’re thinking. For what it’s worth, alot of Brazilians play in Europe anyway so the climate is not that big of a deal. It’s not much of an issue for anyone i don’t think, they’re all professionals.

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    Although it galls me to say it (and I’d be hung from the nearest lampost if my neighbours knew I was saying this), Wrexham at 12/1 for the Blue Square Premier League looks value. True, they were piss-poor in the second half of last season after the initial boost of Dean Saunders coming in as manager, but somehow I think he’s got what it takes. They’ve got (for a non-league club) a big fan base and the capacity to attract decent players at that level. (They’ve already signed some ex Welsh international – can’t remember his name, can’t be that good but hey, this is still only non-league football so it was never going to be Ryan Giggs).
    Take the 12/1 and then lay after the jammy Welsh buggers have got off to a good start and are down to about 4’s.

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    I like to have a few ante post bets on the soccer so here are my thoughts –

    Bets from the heart –

    Premiership –


    are the team I support in this league and I do not expect them to get into the top four. No value in the hcap market either in my opinion so I’ll bet on them in the Cup competitions if their odds are reasonable.

    Championship –

    Plymouth Argyle

    are the Devon team that I have supported for many years. They just escaped relegation last season and a new consortium have taken over and argyle have a new chairman. The new owners do not have as much money as some of the other Championship clubs but I expect argyle to do better than the bookies predict. Their manager Paul Sturrock made some bad signings last season but should have learnt from the experience and needs to as he will probably be sacked if Argyle struggle early in the season. He is very good at getting the best out of his players and knows how to motivate them. He is not afraid to drop bigger names if they are not playing well or not trying hard enough. I do not expect them to get promoted but I think they are worth a bet in the

    Hcap market

    with a 28 pt start.

    Other bets –

    Premiership – I like to bet on


    in the the ante post soccer market and last year I backed Hull who were looking good at one stage but faded. This season I am going for


    with a 50 pt start as I think they may do better than expected and have a good manager and some entertaining skilful players – excellent team spirit will also help.

    Championship – WBA may not so as well as some think imo and I do not rate Southgate as a manager and bet on Boro to be relegated from the Premiership……unfortunately it was 2 seasons ago and not last season :roll: Newcastle are not much value but will make this league interesting. I do not like Roy Keane but he knows how to get the best out of soccer players and


    look decent each way value at 12/1.

    League One – Leeds are favourites again :roll: One of the relegated teams from the Championship could bounce back – Charlton have the best chance in my opinion.


    are not a popular team but they played some good soccer last season and nearly got promoted via the play offs so they are my each way bet at 18/1.

    League Two – No surprise to see Notts Co as favs at 11/2 as money talks in soccer but the value has gone so I’ll go with


    at 16/1 who did well last season considering the points penalty that they had to suffer.

    Good luck and if this thread is brought back up at the end of the season then everybody will probably be laughing at how my selections performed :)

    The Young Fella
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    World Cup : USA @ 66/1

    I’m hoping to have some fun with that one if they play as well as they did in the latter stages of the Confederations Cup.

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    TYF, i wouldn’t read much into the Confederations cup to be honest.

    Ultimate Nightmare
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    Just routing around for some last minute fun before the season starts and noticed Ladbrokes online odds on oddschecker, Not available in the shops according to the screens etc.

    I can’t believe betting the front 3 to make a profit would be possible, the WIERD is on this year, i just need to find out what team it is, 17 to choose from :?

    Can Money Buy the league, or are Ladbrokes being generous, i really hope its not the return of the Gooners,

    Will King Harry reign C.O.Y.S. or is it just an error on oddschecker!

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    No point betting on scottish prem or english prem. Odds are too short.

    Plenty of value in betting in the lower leagues though.

    I haven’t had a proper look at squads etc (only one more day) so I’ll come up with something for you all tomorrow/saturday.

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    Odds ain’t too shabby if they’re doubled up Doug.

    Anyway i’ve take 72/1 on this bet, which was 80/1 with Corals. I dunno if they’re gonne be around next year though.

    Torres – top EPL scorer
    McDonald – top SPL scorer
    Middleborough – promoted

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    Ok, I am technically one day late but here are my thoughts (and bets struck yesterday) for the season.

    Championship winners = Cardiff 20-1
    League 1 winners = Colchester 16-1
    League 2 winners = Rotherham 7-1
    Top Prem League scorer = Rooney 12-1

    10p each way Lucky 15

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    Good luck.

    Celtic(SPL) Barca(Euro) 11/1 2.5 pts

    Celtic(SPL) Madrid(Euro) 11/1 2.5 pts

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