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    Another that caught the eye in a good way was Roseman. I think this years Hampton Court will be well worth watching for the future. Rounding the bend he looked like he could be tailed off. Then at the 1f pole he started to motor. He only started racing in April, so it’s possible he was still green? Given he started out in April + had the ability to get within 2.5Ls of King Of Comedy at Sandown suggests there’s plenty of potential there. Might be a slow burner but i wouldn’t be surprised if Varian made him into a very decent horse.

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    I had a rare Flat antepost bet on Pinatubo for the Gns at 16/1. Most impressed by the way he passed the fav and went to the line. He looks tough and very strong in build.

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    Looking at Pinatubo’s breeding and finishing effort you would think he has a good chance of staying. Off putting factor for me, for next year, is how butty and muscled up he looked behind the saddle in the parade ring. No wonder he could power away from more unfurnished youngsters on the day but I would think there could be more potential for improvement in a lankier type to go past him next year.

    Still, the time and style he did it in mean there are plenty worse bets.

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    King of Comedy is progressing at an incredible rate. One to keep on side.

    Ventura Rebel, who would have won in the Coventry IMO.

    Dream of Dreams looked mighty impressive too

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    King Of Comedy has been rated as the top 3-y-o of the season so far by Timeform. With a ‘p’ to go with his rating. His conqueror Circus Maximus doesn’t make the top 10.


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    I agree re- Roseman Jack. Came wide but finished very strongly. Beat Sangarius time before. More to come from him.


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    That race looks very strong form

    Though sangarius came on a tonne for the run in that race

    Think he could be the best of the 3 in time

    Next years king George winner imo

Viewing 7 posts - 16 through 22 (of 22 total)
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