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    Very sad news. The racing world will be much quieter for this loss.

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    Was just about to start a thread myself Sal. As a kid, a visit to the Duke’s Open Day still sticks in the mind – notably him yelling at an unfortunate stable lass called Miranda – and the likes of Waterloo Boy, Another Coral, Bigsun and the ill-fated Mighty Mogul all hold fond memories for me.

    A sad day for racing.


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    Very sad news. He was a central figure in jumps racing for a generation and left a big hole when he retired.

    Condolences to his family and friends.

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    very sad news

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    sad loss


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    Often used to watch races out on the track by the last. Remember a day at Haydock a few years back when a hurdle was missed out because a groundsman had left some cones out. The Duke ran out – told the jockeys to go back, jump the hurdle, then continue again. Not sure whether this was the correct thing to do but I don’t think the stewards on duty fancied arguing with him!

    Last saw him leaning against the paddock rails at Aintree back in April. Looked to be struggling to get about – so I didn’t approach him to have a word – wish I had now.

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    A very sad loss. David Nicholson was not only a fine trainer and jockey but also a very down-to-earth, honest man and a true gentleman to boot. I had the pleasure of spending a few hours in the bar at Chepstow with him and various others in 1992; some of his anectodes were simply brilliant.

    My most sincere condolences go to his family.

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    The last time I actually saw him in the flesh was about 10 years ago at Lingfield. It was in the members bar and he was standing there talking to J. Gifford and T. Biddlecombe. I felt like going up to then and asking for their autographs.

    He was a goodish jockey, and eventually became a top-class trainer (after many years of making a horlicks of it).

    I remember him riding the great Mill House to his last famous victory in hte Whitbread in 1967.

    He was certainly a character and really will be much missed.

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    Aye, Moorcroft Boy’s Scottish National went in my top three training feats ever when the Post ran that a while back – anyone unmoved by that performance and the scenes that immediately followed it really does have a heart of Formica.


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    Certainly one of the great racing characters of the latter half of the 20th Century. He was bloody minded and didn’t always get it right, but he was a hugely passionate (and emotional) supporter of racing and even those who got on the wrong side of him, and there were plenty, couldn’t help but have some admiration for the man.

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    A great loss to the whole of Racing; and my heart goes out to Dinah and the family. We Can’t afford to lose such great characters. To me it is the end of an era.

    I have written a piece on my blog:

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    Loved the impression that R.Phillips[very briefly-and surprisingly? the master of Jackdaws]did a few years ago  on the morning line.


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    ROA report the sad news on their website: … easeID=502

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    I particularly remember a quote about David Nicholson from Kate Fox’s book ‘The Racing Tribe’.

    Talking with Nicholson’s travelling head lad she writes;

    ‘When I admitted that I had initially found his boss quite intimidating, but was now revising my opinion, he said "Oh yes," and then, looking around as though making sure he could not be overheard, added almost in a whisper, "he’s much nicer than he lets on".’


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    That’s a good book.

    And indeed a fair quote. I never met the man but I have the impression it was probably fairly accurate.

    Certainly outspoken but entertaining for it, he said what he thought and people like that are hard to come across the game these days.

    A sad loss indeed.

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