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    Seven Towers
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    I’m surprised that the forum’s new crack team of moderators haven’t chopped this thread out. It’s what it deserves.

    Andrew Hughes
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    A cheap dig based on a misapprehension, liberally sprinkled with prejudice, provoking a barrage of disagreement which inevitably turns sharply personal. There isn’t anything good about this thread. Aside from my presence in it, obviously. And the word, ‘muppet’, which I enjoy in any context.

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    Muppet :D

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    Nevison is the wrong guy for a Cheltenham preview

    He is a expert on betting not form and as such, Cheltenham is not where he concentrates.

    His form knowledge last night was pretty dodgy and the whole preview lacked substance and variation. They seemed to think that the front three in any market were the only ones worthy of analysis.

    Nevison in particular showed that he’d paid very little attention to the festival until then After all, he’s a day-to-day bettor.

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    I lapped up Dave Nevison’s witty articles in the Racing & Football Outlook, I think – but then my sense of humour wouldn’t always be considered sophisticated much of the time in my wife’s or other people’s eyes. She thinks Laurel and Hardy are beyond childish.

    As for the chav thing, in my experiece, some of the very best people have atrocious taste, and vice versa. Not that we would necessarily agree on what’s wally or chav, Chloe. But I’ve been more distasteful on here by far than you in my bad-mouthing, so I suppose it’s pot meet kettle, as far as that’s concerned.

    Yet, it seems strange. On the one hand, you wonder why we are making a federal case out of a kind of "rough and ready" post, and on the other, it’s good that people stick up for the victim, if we think a post needlessly verges on invective.

    I don’t get the sensitivity about calling a horse a "muppet" though, at all. I love the wry comments of some of the commentators, about "dodge-pots", "the usual suspects", etc. It has me in stitches when I learn what characters some of those horse are. I don’t know him, but I expect mad Davie would actually be as kind to a horse as any of us. My two penn’orth, anyway.

    As regards Dave’s reasoning re the Champion Chase, I’m inclined to agree with it. The big Cheltenham meeting has a terrible rate of attrition, I think, in relation to "sexy" bets on relatively unseasoned horses, as compared with course and distance winners. But any successful public figure expressing an opinion, is on a hiding to nothing, here. He or she may be quietly tolerated, but it’s anything but guaranteed. We’re most of us armchair generals of the highest order.

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    Could it be that most of those critercising Mr Nevison are just envious of him making a profit at the game.
    Tghought he put some interesting theories up, some I agreed with (Gold Cup) some I did not (Oscar Park) but interesting none the less.

    No doubt if Alan Potts was not a member of this forum, there would be the same comments put foreward if he did the preview.

    I don’t care what they sound like or look like as long as they know what they are talking about. Dave and Alan do.


    value is everything
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    Agreed Gingertips, the peculiar relationship the public have with those who can be loosely defined as ‘celebrities’ tends to manifest itself in a diametric opposition: belittlement from a safe distance or gushing bees-round-a-jampot veneration when up close and personal.

    When listening to Dave N, and racing pundits in general, and the world in general, I much prefer to be confronted by thoughts contradictory to my own: agreement is both untaxing and unsettling.

    I thought the chalk-and-cheese pairing of Nevison and Howard provided a couple of hours of worthwhile entertainment, if a bit Large and Little.

    Lambswool pullovers are rarely appreciated as an object but are savoured by the subject; hence best restricted to home use only.

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    Dave Nevison would probably make me look like a selling plater if he was discussing a handicap at Southwell because that is his game – backing on a daily basis. As regards the Racing UK preview not a big fan of his either but I think Mark Howard had more to offer. I am quite happy to ignore Nevison’s general advice of not taking early prices. Hopefully, in future they will revert to the tried and tested combination of Hislop and Mellish.

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    at least chloed .you are still married.poor nev is divorced.and is he happy?does he look happy?if i was you chloed buy his book .it would be worth a read

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    "hes a RUFF diamond geezer!"

    and i wud go broke following him.

    well connected though………. hes got horses wiv J R Best.


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    She described him variously as ‘chav’, ‘ignorant’, and ‘talking out of his a**’

    I see you chose not to observe that there was anything offensive in that.

    I’m on Nevison’s side, and was just balancing things out a little.Somewhat more mildly, I might add.

    And as a ‘fact’ I did post my considered view of Nevison, which you seem to have missed.

    Unless you are Dave Nevison, I see no need for you to "balance things out a little". You can make your point without insulting her. Otherwise the thread just degenerates into a slanging match.

    Shadow Leader
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    The various comments that this thread belongs on the Betfair forum are spot on.

    I’d suggest that anyone who says Nevison is "talking out of his a*rse" is, in fact, talking out of their own.

    You may not agree with his interpretations (do you agree with every other pundit or tipster who offers an opinion, chloed?!) but that does not make them wrong and I’d wager that the evidence of his bank balance allayed with his great success punting would show that his opinions are, in fact, pretty decent a lot of the time. It might be worth pointing out here that I do come across him regularly both professionally and socially, so I do have some idea of what the guy is about.

    I’d certainly take Nevison’s opinions over the manager of a load of nanny goat ladies, on any day of the week!!!!!! :lol:

    Shadow Leader
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    Out of interest, I wasn’t aware that the nanny goat incurred such large liabilities oncourse taking £2 pool bets from old ladies that they are having to lay off large amounts of cash……..

    …..and how would they know what liabilities they are standing on pool betting anyway?!?!

    Black Sam Bellamy
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    I enjoy listening to him..he’ll give an opinion and then offer some reasoned analysis to back it up. Not all pundits are quite so competent. Floodlit meetings at Kempton would be unwatchable without him. (My opinion)

    There seems to be a fixation on this site, and on the Betfair forum with crabbing RUK and ATR pundits…it’s rather unneccesary. I did some live radio work a few years back and I have to admit to ‘going to pieces’ under the pressure. TV must be even harder.

    If people think they can do better, put a portfolio together and get applying.

    He got it wildly wrong with Ashakzar though….

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    Nothing wrong with being wrong, Sam.

    It’s the denial that’s the problem that most people have.


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