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    As i got him out this season, clean bowled:o i’ll try to beat him again!!

    Cant believe he’s tipped 3 teams to win the tournament!! How big a fence is that!!!

    Having said that, they are the only 3 teams that i think can win the world cup Aus, SA or NZ.

    NZ are a good team but they will miss the bowling of Chris Cairns and the pat time bowling of Nathan Astle, shame he chose to play in the world cup and not a season with us at Derby, cant think why!!!!!??

    So will rule NZ out but think they will do well.

    Aussies not quite ticking at the moment and a couple of niggling injuries to key players(McGrath, Warne and Gillespie) cant be good at 7/4. Plus Gilchrist is not in the same form he was 2 years ago. Still major players but can afford to leave them at the price.

    South Africa have to be the bet. They have been settled at home and not toured anywhere for a while. They also have a settled team and have one of the most underrated bowlers around, Ntini.

    Pollock, Donald and Kallis normally get the plaudits but Ntini has improved out of recognition recently and makes the SA attack right up there with the best, if not the best.

    They are ideally suited to thier own conditions, the lack of a top quality spinner doesn’t matter on the South African wickets. Boje can do a job but he is no Murali or Saqulain, but he is a far better batter and fielder and therefore will be more of a use to the team.

    Batting looks strong with Gibbs looking the best around. All capable of scoring decent scores and play well as a settled team.

    Fielding, they all try to emulate the awesome Johnty Rhodes and to be fair, some are getting there.

    Home advantage with a patriotic crowd and the easier of the two groups in the first stage makes for an easy passage to the super 6’s.

    Top Batter

    1)  <br>For this you gotta have an opener. Because when they play one of the lesser teams then they will have chance to cash in big time. One of the players batting down the order may well only have a few overs to score their runs.

    2)<br>You gotta have a team that will reach the semis at least that way he will have at least 9 innings’

    My idea of the 4 semi finalists are Oz, SA, NZ and Pakistan. So that gives us Gilchrist & Hayden, Gibbs & Kirsten, Flemming & Sinclair and Anwar & Elahi.

    Gilchrist not in form, Hayden short enough price.

    Gibbs is a possible, cant see Kirsten being top runscorer.

    Flemming at 66’s with the Tote is huge Sinclair looks like playing second fiddle to his skipper.

    Anwar 50/1 with Bet 365 again is massive, look out for him to see if he still has that massive beard, if you’ve seen it you will know what i am on about!!;)  Elahi, well if Anwar is scoring the runs then he cant!!

    Top Bowler

    1)<br>Again you need a player who is going to play most of the games.

    2)<br>You need someone who bowls at the death (end of the innings) as batters are just slogging and wickets are easier to come by. Remember this market is top wicket taker, it doesn’t matter how many runs you go for!

    Same 4 teams for the semis then, Oz,SA, NZ and Pakistan

    McGrath, Lee, Gillespie and Warne for the Aussies

    Pollock, Donald, Ntini and Kallis for the hosts

    NZ have got Bond and Tuffey plus bits and pieces bowlers

    Pakistan; Akram, Waqar and Shoaib

    Aussies, McGrath injury worries so no thanks, might not play the lesser games, same with Gillespie and Warne. Brett Lee is pure class and though i hate backing favourites, at 10/1 with Ladbrokes, Stanley and Sunds, he is a solid favourite. His reverse swing at the death will see him getting plenty of wickets.

    All the South African bowlers in my opinion have as much of a chance as each other of taking most wickets, so picking between them is impossible.

    NZ, Shane Bond is the new kid on the block with similar credentials to Brett Lee, but as yet not as good. Tuffey, well just cant see him being the top wicket taker.

    Pakistan, Waqar and Wasim will do their stuff at the top of the innings, then the only other bowler of note, Shoaib Akhtar will come on to bowl in the middle of the innings and at the death. He is a massive price at 33’s with Coral and Hills.

    <br>Deany’s Tips

    4pts South Africa 11/4 Sanley <br>2pts S. Flemming (NZ) 66/1 Tote Top Bat<br>1pt   S.Anwar (Pak) 50/1 Bet365 Top Bat<br>3pts B.Lee (Aus) 10/1 Lads, Stan, Sunds Top Bowler<br>2pts S.Akhtar (Pak) 33/1 Coral, Hills Top Bowler

    So there you go, my opinions for what they are worth, just wish i could bet on them!!!;)

    P.s. Tuffnell’s picks in case you aint got a post or are reading this when mine have all gone down;

    5pts Australia 7/4<br>3pts South Africa 11/4<br>1pt  New Zealand 12/1<br>1pt Adam Gilchrist 16/1<br>1pt Herchelle Gibbs 14/1<br>1pt Nick Knight 40/1

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    Excellent write up Deany – maybe you should get in touch with the Racing Post!

    The “Catsâ€ÂÂ

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    Nice one Deany,

    I was hoping someone knowledgeable would mark our cards!

    I’m on Herschelle Gibbs, but after reading your piece I’ll have a little on Flemming an Anwar as well – nice prices on betfair.  

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    Excellent write up Deany.

    Couldn’t agree more about Tuffnell’s staking plan.  No doubt he knows his football too and could tell us to get on Arsenal, Man United & Newcastle for the Premier League!

    Agree with the comment about The Racing Post so sent an e-mail to the editor suggesting he check this out.<br>nb. As I only have internet access through my tv, I’m unable to create links etc.  Perhaps someone else could send an actual copy to

    Best of luck Deany…even though you do play for the Sheep!

    (Edited by Taxman at 7:33 am on Feb. 8, 2003)

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    Excellent write up Deany

    One thing that strikes me is the differential between the pools, Pool A looks a lot lot tougher than Pool B, New zealand are definitely interesting, however the fact they are forfeting a game against Kenya worries me, im interested in the WEST INDIES to get through from the Pool, also heard that Jermain Lawson is a man to watch, he is 12-1 to finish top WI wicket taker, that to me seems a good bet. As for winners well im going for SA.

    As for individual performances well i believe SA will have more opportunity here as they are playing weaker opposition more often than Pakistan or Australia will. So ill go for Pollock as top wicket taker and Gibbs as top scorer.

    As for Englands chances well with so many doubts about them playing Zimbabwe they will have to beat 2 of India, Pakistan or Australia. However, they may have confidence going into these fixtures as they are playing the weaker teams first.


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    Cheers Gang!!!

    Will try to mark your cards for the upcoming domestic cricket season!! Your reply’s are greatly appreciated!!!

    Cheers taxman for sending my piece to RP, will do it myself too!! Also s**g sheep and proud of it! Baa!!!

    Ok, not the best start by SA, but don’t lose faith they will still qualify and might be a better price now, though doubt it will be anything over 3’s. Not checked betfair yet so don’t know. Only just got back from Pompey after watching the super Rams… erm the less said about that the better though!!!

    Back to proper sport, was a great first game eh!! Hoipe it rasies the profile of the game in this country by plenty of close matches like that and our boys doing well!!

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    This is a first, a Forst fan agreeing with a sheep sh#gger!

    Seriously, a great peice Deany and very enjoyable with a lot of nodding here in agreement.

    SA look the bet to me also and took a fair chunk of 5/2 but I bow to your expertise on the batting front but could not resist taking B.Lee on the bolwing too.

    <br>Good luck guys!

    Happy Jack
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    Excellent write up Deany, although I have to go against the general consensus that South Africa is the bet to win the tournament. IMO they are not as good as they’re cracked up to be, especially in the bowling department. Pollock seems to be the only bowler who is capable of consistently getting wickets. Donald is not as good as he was and has lost that extra yard of pace. Ntini is very quick and is capable of getting anyone out on his day but is very wayward and should have been called for far more wides than were actually given yesterday against the West Indies. Klusener is an average bowler who is mainly in the team for his tail-end batting nowadays and Boje is a run-of-the-mill spinner. <br>Totally overrated at 5/2 if you ask me :biggrin:

    (BTW I’m on West Indies at 16s and New Zealand at 12s, plus Brett Lee for top wicket taker – we do agree on something!)

    Gearoid VI
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    I think Shane Warne may have been framed. Do crocodile bites contain the banned substance ? Cricket players must be more carefull as to what pets they keep.

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    You would not believe what we can and can’t take with regards to what is on the banned substance list. For example if you’ve got a cold or flu you cant even take a Lemsip or Beechams, let alone anything stronger!!

    Anyway back to the cricket….

    Big blow for SA losing Rhodes though this could be offset by Aussies losing Warne.

    Good luck with all ya bets gang!

    Gearoid VI
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    I thought thje West Indies were over priced but still went in at 8/11 and also took the 13/2 about S. Styris being top N Zealand bat. He finished 8th out of nine with pathetic 5 !

    Has anyone else got an intrest in up and coming matches.

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    Oooh the Cats tip for Herchelle Gibbs to be top bat is looking pretty good now!!

    Long way to go, but he is sitting pretty with that one!!

    Anwar has missed out today only scoring 23 against Namibia:angry: :angry:

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    Hang on a minute……. Kiwi skipper has smashed a few runs!!!!

    Wonder who has got the 85.0 about him being top runscorer in the world cup with Betfair!!!??

    Shoaib Akhtar got 4 wickets also today!!

    However my tip on S.A. not looking as clever now as the bowling isn’t loking as strong as in recent times.

    Slippy Blue
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    Hi Deaney , S.A. are in deep doo-doo .<br>Latest betting from the non-exchange firms.

    Australia 11/10  Stanley ( odds on everywhere else )<br>N.Z.         17/2   Bet 365<br>W.I.         12/1   Bet Direct<br>Sri Lanka 12/1   Nanny Goat<br>Pakistan  12/1   General<br>S.A.          12/1   Stan James<br>India        16/1   Chandler<br>England    28/1  Sunderlands<br>Zimbabwe 100/1 Ladbrokes.<br> Stan james have got the Aussies at 8/13 !! That is absolutely ridiculous and can only assume they have liabilities and don`t want any more.<br>N.Z. and Sri Lanka appeal at the moment at the prices but not had a punt on the outright market yet ,  will wait for the next stage.England have got no chance of winning whatsoever and should be 100/1 .

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    Hats off to the Cat who beat me!!

    But cant help but think if Brett Lee had bowled his full 10 overs in the final, instead of 7, especially at the Indian tail, then think he would have taken at least one more wicket!!

    But it wasn’t to be.

    Hope i can do beter for you in the county cricket preview i’ll do ya all!!!!

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