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    After reading the variety of opinion on Australian import Hugh Bowman, I was wondering which jockeys people tend to view as a positive and which you will avoid like the plague, no matter how good the horse may appear.

    I have to admit to being quite a fan of the Aussie Bowman, as well as the likes of Murtagh, Kinane, Catlin, Baker, Robinson, McEvoy and Hayley Turner.

    On the flip side, I am loathed to back anything ridden by Steve Drowne, Richard ‘Aaah, I Give Up’ Hughes, Dean McKeown, Neil Callan, Oscar Ribena or Darryl Holland.

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    Fallon at his best was superb IMO. Of those riding now, Spencer I think is hugely talented (so is his wife but thats another story lol). McEvoy, Kinane, Murtagh.

    Ones to avoid like the plague Richard Hughes, Michael Hills.

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    I’m quite open minded but disliked seeing Fallon on anything I fancied. Strong, yes, but a tactical dwarf and more bent than a bugle, in my opinion.

    I still like to see Frankie aboard. Spencer has been worrying me for some time. Kinane is hopeless and gets lucky every now and again. I much prefer to follow successful combinations at certain tracks and I’m more than happy to the likes of Richard Hill up if he’s on a front-runner I fancy.

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    LOL, Maurice, as your sig states that you are "always up for a giggle" I can only assume that you are having a laff when you claim that<br>

    Quote: from Maurice on 8:47 pm on May 24, 2007[br] Kinane is hopeless and gets lucky every now and again.

    <br> And regarding your accusation that, quote: " "Fallon is more bent than a bugle" well, I’ll refrain from making any comment on same until he is actually convicted of such a crime by a jury of his peers.

    Re jockeys of the modern era that seem to bring me out in an allergic rash, one in particular is Tony Culhane. A jockey that nearly succeeded in making me fall OUT of love with the game.

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    Fallon for me. Its his hunger for winners. He’s similar to McCoy, in that he seems to anticipate how his mount is going to react to circumstances in a race as it unfolds.<br>When most jockeys are rowing along half way through a race you can throw away your docket, with Fallon it probably still has a chance.<br>P.S    How can Mickey Joe Kinane come in for flax? Such a dependable jockey in the big races. Despite the fact his indecision on ‘Yesterday’ in The Oaks cost me a bundle I still think he’s a top jock.<br>Kerran McEvoy and Johnny Murtagh on their day are two excellent pilots also.<br>As regards the Fallon accusations, how can you become champion jockey in England,where it is most competitive, by throwing races.It doesn’t make sense.<br>I’ve always felt it’s a tabloid driven campaign to finish the man.<br>Jamie Spencer and Ryan Moore also have this hunger for winners and will rarely be riding a no hoper.<br>KIERAN IS KING……………..

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    i think christophe soumillons a good jockey but every now and then he does ride quite badly…his pairing with Ouija Board last year springs to mind.<br>Eddie Ahern, Frankie (just cos he’s a ledgend) and kieran fallon.

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    Maurice – have to disagree with you about Kinane – superb jockey IMO

    McEvoy, Murtagh, & Spencer are others I don’t like to see riding a fancied horse when I have backed something else because they can make the difference that matters.

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    AP all the way, the man is completely peerless. The only thing that puts me off backing more of his horses is that everyone else seems to think the same, and thus his rides are systematically at skinny odds. See Intersky Music today at Bangor, never previously better than 6th in any race, went off 11/4 fav and it wasn’t even a massive racecourse gamble.

    On the flat, I really don’t see Maurice’s Kinane hating at all. I think he’s top class, and his ride on Electrocutionist in the Juddmonte a couple of years ago especially stands out for me. Along with Richard Hills and (as much as I hate to admit it) Fallon, he’s an eye-catcher on the card for me.<br>

    Money on
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    Over the sticks i love Mc Coy especially in a finish or if 1 is lazy. For a more relaxed ride Paul Carberry is ur man and his balance is unreal and he rides as short as some as the lads on the flat. Richard Johnson is a good job but he frustrates me sometimes if he’s neck and neck at the last he will never ask the horse which loses him some races imo.

    On the Flat u cant beat Fallons strength and determination  and i love the way spencer balances a horse and kids them that they have more in the tank that they really have. Richard Hughes is gone at the game in big races and i still can’t believe him and Richard Hills are num 1 retainers for Abdullah and Al Maktoum

    madman marz
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    I believe most of the top jocks are much and a muchness and if their on the right horse they will invariably win, no jockey is immune to the odd cock up, be it Fallon, Dettori, Mc Coy or Walsh.

    But there is one less profile jockey that I wouldnt put up on a beach donkey, and that is Travis Block, actually he should change his name to "Travis Blockhead". Ok he is only young but he looks weaker than Kristin Stubbs in a finish, and his timing is more off than a wedding bride. <br>"Avoid".

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    Sorry, mm, but I think your remarks about Travis are unpleasant, unnecessary, and incorrect.

    madman marz
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    Quote: from Nor1 on 10:08 am on May 25, 2007[br]Sorry, mm, but I think your remarks about Travis are unpleasant, unnecessary, and incorrect.

    Not anymore unpleasant or unnecessary, than the the abuse Richard Hughes gets on this forum. Nor1

    Incidently are you related to TRAVIS ??

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    Dettori is king for me particularly in small field tactical races. I also very much like Ryan Moore and Eddie Ahern, particularly when Ryans riding at his "home" track of Brighton.

    Negatives definately Richard Hughes!!

    Irish Stamp
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    Positives – K. McEvoy, R. Walsh, D. Holland<br>Negatives – R. Johnson, R. Hills, R. Hughes (get the pattern?)

    Also steer clear of horses with R. Baze on – you never know what you’re going to get ;)

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    On the flat in this country



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