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Your emotions as the festival finishes?

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    Hows everyone feeling as the 2017 festival shuts up shop?
    For me, from a betting perspective I’ve found it frustrating and simply bewildering, never found it so hard to pick a horse in a race let alone a winner! Still find jumps handicaps an minefield, worse than a Friday night at Dundalk in fact. Think I’m going to try and bet big prices ante-post and trade out before the off for a free bet next year as the value on the day is just terrible for the most part.
    In terms of watching the racing it was brilliant, Might Bite’s finish being one of the most exciting I’ve seen, some very close finishes throughout the four days.
    Hope Phil Smith sticks to his guns next season and puts this Irish lot up even more, they’re making a mockery of us!

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    Funny you should ask this question, as I was just reflecting upon the meeting and decided that it was a “165” festival- in other words, high class but not outstanding.

    Might Bite’s race was one of the best I’ve ever seen and the sheer joie de vivre displayed by Un De Sceaux will long live in the memory; Fayonagh’s impossible run from last to first was astonishing, too, but after that…. well, erm, that’s pretty much it. Sure, there was plenty of top class racing and some wonderful storylines but don’t we get those every year? Nothing else really took the breath away, in my opinion.

    The fact that Altior didn’t dazzle, allied to the injury to Douvan and a missing cast of Cecil B. DeMille proprtions, didn’t help but the overall feeling I got from this year’s Cheltenham was that it was all a bit “meh”.

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    Yes shouldn’t have forgotten Un De Sceaux’s stunning performance Glad, in fact that wound me up a little as much as I enjoyed it. Having backed him in last years QM I decided against him here because Ruby hasn’t been letting him roll out in front recently, now he finally does and the horse wins very impressively….should have been doing this all along like in his novice days.

    The festival really was missing so many stars this year; Don Cossack, Thistlecrack, Min, Annie Power, Coneygree, Faugheen, the list could go on and on, it’s no wonder it felt a bit “meh” to me as well.

    As much as I enjoyed the racing I never felt like I got truly stuck into it like I have the last few years and surprisingly I’m left with a taste in my mouth telling me ‘well at least that’s over’.

    Roll on next year.

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    As a gambler I think your view of racing festivals is largely coloured by how successful you’ve been. I backed quite a few winners this week, and thus my feeling is it was a thoroughly entertaining Cheltenham. That said, my overriding thought with regards racing at the current time is ‘roll on the flat’.

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    Not as brilliantly memorable as 2016, but not without its moments (Tiger Roll overcoming some shoddy jumping to sin the fourmiler, Apple’s Jade taking the Ricci horses to church, Might Bite’s insanity, UDS and Yorkhill turning things around for Mullins and Walsh) and there was the whole Changing Of The Guard narrative.

    It was better than 2014, though. 2014 was poo.


    So don't run, just like the others always do

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    Some terrific finishes (Might Bite and Whisper), Un De Sceaux astonishing! The amateur girls sit on Tiger Roll Ruby’s ride on Let’s Dance

    They are outstanding but and it is a big but THE MEMORY that will stick with me is Jimmy Frost running alongside and almost going faster than the finishers in the Foxhunters Just Classic!!

    But overall a slight disappointment that there weren’t more outstanding performances.

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    Not sure depressed is the right word… maybe melancholy?

    Been waiting for it for such a long time and now it’s over and I don’t really know what to do with myself.

    Since splitting up with my missus I joined this forum (after reading it for years) got right back into racing and gave up social media, now the big one is over and it feels like the 2nd of January.

    Lots of racing tomorrow but hard to be as enthusiastic about it. Hurry up Aintree!!!

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    I remember the horrible feeling I used to get


    after the Grand National each year,realising that I’d have to wait another year for the race, and not knowing anyone that was at all interested in racing. I’m glad that the big owners didn’t win everything, although more wins from smaller yards would have been nice [that horse that came 4th in the Triumph for example]. Fayonagh’s [aka Zenyatta] win was unreal. Might Bite pure theatre. Labaik was magical and set me up for the whole week. I had a nice ante post on Sizing John, albeit not expecting him to win. Thought the Champion Hurdle was a non event, though. We found a new preview evening to go to this year, which set the Festival up nicely for us, although I was so shattered after Tuesday I can’t help but feel that our days of going to the Festival are numbered. Which saddens me.I do wish there were northern horses running at the Festival these days. Still, it’s the Midlands National tomorrow!

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    Not sure depressed is the right word… maybe melancholy?

    Been waiting for it for such a long time and now it’s over and I don’t really know what to do with myself.

    Since splitting up with my missus I joined this forum (after reading it for years) got right back into racing and gave up social media, now the big one is over and it feels like the 2nd of January.

    Lots of racing tomorrow but hard to be as enthusiastic about it. Hurry up Aintree!!!

    Plenty of irish racing to get stuck into coming up in the next 4-6 weeks also aswell as aintree of course

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    It was a pretty good festival. RUK’s coverage was outstanding. Most impressed by Might Bite (if you forget the quirkiness that can be solved by headgear he had a decent field scattered all over Cleeve Hill) and Defi Du Seuil. The Foxhunters was more exciting than the Gold Cup! Don’t feel too high or too low, just spent three hours studying the Midlands National (Gonalston Cloud E/W). Can get more than five hours sleep tonight for the first time since Sunday!

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    I felt strange all week as if we didn’t get to see any outstanding performance. Last year it was exciting to see Annie win, and the don and thistlecrack. They were exciting performances. We had many close races but not many exceptional performances.

    My actual favourite performance was arctic fire, because he was the best hurdler to run all week and managed to carry top weight in a handicap after 14 months off with injury. And a close second would be the performance of Lil Rockerfella which was just very pleasing to watch.

    So I enjoyed the weeks racing but I can’t say that we saw any mouthwatering performance

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    Agree; slightly underwhelming. Competition was white-hot, possibly more so due to the defections. But still the best 4 days of the year

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    Post Cheltenham blues can be brutal but I will look back fondly on this one as my best ever

    Tiger Roll 16
    Willoughby Court 16
    Cause of Causes 5
    Supasundae 18
    Yorkhill 2
    Altior 2
    Penhill 18
    Pacha Du Polda 14
    Let’s Dance 3
    Arctic Fire 36
    Sizing John 8

    Made 4 grand yesterday :good:

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    From a punting point of view I came out on top but overall I was a little underwhelmed by this years festival.

    There were a lack of stand out performances which you’d have thought would’ve made races more competitive but that wasn’t really the case particularly on the third and forth days.

    What the festival really highlighted was the lack of good horses in Britain. Only Nicky Henderson has any real firepower with Altior, Buveur D’Air and Mite Bight. Colin Tizzard was unlucky with the loss of Thistlecrack. Paul Nicholls’ once formidable stable is formidable no more. One winner in one of the lesser events is a truly sad state of affairs.

    O’Leary has made himself look an absolute fool with his rantings about Phil Smith and his handicapping of the Irish horses. They need rising further in the handicap, they have run riot at the festival to the stage where it finally became embarrassing to GB.

    Willie Mullins and Gordon Elliot are leagues ahead in terms of firepower right now. It was nice to see Jessie Harrington have a good end to the week. Sizing John is a welcome addition to the staying chasing ranks. Next years Gold Cup has the potential to be some race with maybe Yorkhill, Thistlecrack, Sizing John and Might Bite in the line up.

    Cheltenham 2017 was good enough but there have been better festivals. Roll on 2018.

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    Always a bit sad the day after … as you have to wait a year for the next festival.

    Financally I ended up without profit or loss. The first two days were kind of disappointing, but the third day was very good. Unfortunately the fourth day was also disappointing, especially the Gold Cup. Had some very nice ante-post bets, but Sizing John spoiled the party.

    About the races. I think in last year novice races we have seen some (future) stars. Don’t think we have seen too many stars this year. Maybe Labaik and Might Bite, but they have their quirks. The best performance of the festival was Un des Sceaux for for me. It would be nice to see a race with Un des Sceaux, Altior and Douvan together. Most disappointing race for me was the Gold Cup with Cue Card never travelling and falling.

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