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    Do you know ?

    This is a nice application for people interested in tb-breeding. It’s the only application so far in www, that shows progeny of horses over more than one generation (see "Stammtafeln").

    There you can find lists of winners of important races as well. The focus still is on German tb-racing (blacktype-races and big handicaps), but the international sector (Europe – Europa, World -Welt) is steadily growing.

    If you have some problems with the language, please ask, I shall translate.

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    That’s an interesting site – thanks for the link. I like the big race results feature, much more detailed than I was expecting.

    Shame that the East German Classic results are patchy though – that would have been really useful for me.

    Mostly I use the Direktorium base for German breeding (, which offers more in-depth info on recent racing, but some parts of the site are only accessible with passwords.

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    Thanks for that remark, Sal!

    You can find the important races of former GDR among:


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    Thank you…. there are some old DDR families still in circulation, such as the family of Seenot (going back to Seestern who was 3rd in the DDR Derby in the 60s), so sometimes I need verified data on those old races, which can be quite tricky. I always value any attempts to plug the gaps!

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    http://www.galopp-sieger is almost complete in German pattern- and listed races. So when you take the option "Stammtafeln" with these home-based or imported sires standing in GDR, you will find all successes of their progeny in those races – unfortunately they are few:

    Alciglide [GB]
    Antrieb [GDR]
    April [GDR]
    Arcaro [IRE]
    Asterios [GER]
    Aveiro [GDR]
    Baba [GDR]
    Balaton [GDR]
    Carolus [GDR]
    Cavalier [GDR]
    Cil [GDR]
    Czerkies [POL]
    Dixieland [POL]
    Farat [SU]
    Freefoot [GB]
    Gidron [GDR]
    Immer [HUN]
    Intervall [GDR]
    Isonzo [GDR]
    Meridian [GDR]
    Narzan [POL]
    Negresco [GDR]
    Orsk [POL]
    Parole Board [GB]
    Salto [GDR]
    Santamoss [IRE]
    Saragan [GB]
    Shepard [GER]
    Tauchsport [GDR]
    Tuny [GB]
    Wildschütz [GDR]
    Zigeunerheld [GDR]
    Zigeunersohn [GDR]

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