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worst tv pundits or tipters

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    1 angus mcnae<br>2 graham goode<br>3 zoe bird<br>4 tanya stevenson<br>5 tommo<br>also i find when steve mellish and lydia hislop are together <br>jesus christ they do my head in  waffling on i wouldnt want to be left in a room to long with those two<br> thank christ there is a mute button

    barry dennis
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    do not even think about taking tanya on, one shrewd cookie, respect her opinion. back her against all comers, with MY money

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    I would imagine she does rather nicely with her punting – and, good luck to her.

    Regards – Matron<br>:cool:

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    1 Derek Thompson<br>2 The Beulah Twins<br>3 James Sherwood<br>4 Dastardly & Muttley<br>5 John Francome


    1 Angus Loughran<br>2 Angus Loughran’s dentist<br>3 Everyone Else



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    1) Matt Chapman<br>2) M Chapman<br>3) Matty C<br>4) Mr M Chapman<br>5) Chappers

    Is it me or is he being especially irritating this morning?

    <br>Best…choose from Robert Cooper, Steve Mellish, Eddie Freemantle, Dave Nevison and Sam Turner.

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    Chubs to deal with your nominations first,

    Angus – There are a lot worse than him and he does a reasonable job in the betting booth.

    GG – Well I’d hardly describe him as a pundit or tipster although he’s the worst commentator around and has been for sometime, think he must play golf with some of the hierarchy at Highflyer.

    Zoey – I quite like her, not the most knowlegable (not alone) but puts plenty of effort in and is easy on the eye.

    Tanya – Well it beggars belief she’s still broadcasting to the nation, only it seems in racing are lack of broadcasting skills tolerated so much, her titbits are laughable.

    Tommo – Okay for 5% of the time.

    My own noms – Chapman, verbal diarrhoea springs to mind with this guy, obviously doesn’t realise a good presenter etc should only speak when neccesary.

    Paul Morrison – Comes across as totally ungenuine, gelding may improve him.

    Rishi – Seems a nice enough chap but in the wrong job.

    Willie Carson – What a big disappointment he’s been since joining the BBC but he just carries on and on.


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    I have loads of time for Lydia and Mellish. Defaintely my favs

    Barely watch C4 nowadays but however "shrewd" Tarrrnya is, she leaves me totally cold. Gives the impression thats shes doing you a favour by being there

    Worst presenter is Lesley Graham :angry:

    Black Sam Bellamy
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    I think Tanya has improved as time has passed. She looked nervous when she first appeared on our screens but she’s a lot more assured these days. I think she does a good job.

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    Willie Carson, he only has minor faults like,

    > cannot remember a Classic Winning Horse’s name at Newmarket, Epsom and Doncaster on the day of Classics’.

    > cannot remember a horse’s name in a race up and coming in 5 minutes, with full race card in front of him.

    > cannot remember horse’s name 5 minutes AFTER a race, with full race card in front of him.

    > Cannot remember Race’s Name and time, of the horse whose name he cannot remember 5 minutes prior to that race.

    > Cannot remember the last race the unremembered horse ran in, nor can he remember if it won, lost or even ran it , because he cannot remember.

    > As a breeder, cannot remember the unremembered horse’s sire or dam, that he actually bred.

    > simply cannot remember Numbers, including the number of the unremembered winner,  loser, or non runner.

    > CAN remember if he rode a particular horse’s sire or dam, but as he cannot remember the actual horse’s name he is referring to, his memory must be flawed.

    > When he somehow grasps what maybe a horse’s name is, he will misquote that name, instead of BLUE SPINNAKER, he will call it BLUE SPINNACH. RED EVIE becomes RED BEAVER . :(   and SIR PERCY becomes LORD PERCIVAL.

    > If given a chance by McGrath, Carson will give the third horse home as the winner, the second as third and the winner as very unlucky!.

    > Responds to Viewers E-Mails with absolute garbage, instead of saying simply, "I don’t know"

    > Says TROY at least 15 times a week, and is puzzled by the fact that Brad Pitt took the part of the horse in the great Equine Blockbuster.

    > Fondly remembers his great fun with the lads in the weighing room. although undisputedly being a grand jockey, no one liked him :(

    But all, in all a great pundit….:)

    More Night Nurse please!



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    Never forget when he refused to speak to the media for a year (not long enough..) and also when he continually trotted out the garbage about a horses welfare being "none of the publics business" or words to that effect

    not good seeing him on the box…

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    Apologies for my lack of knowledge – why did he refuse to speak to the media for a year?

    Lovely Lady
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    …just to chip in, I think it was to do with him being interviewed one day on the t.v. whilst still a jockey and Dick Hern said from his wheelchair something like "don’t tell them too much" and he looked like he meant it.   From then on we didn’t hear much from Willie.

    He does make me laugh a little. I remember his first solo outside broadcast direct from Dubai when it opened and he referred to the tracks name as "Nad a Biba"….lol!!!<br>

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    how many times do i have to tell you about derek thompson the man is a complete and utter clown, knows nothing about horse racing and you believe me i go racing every week, week in week out and when that buffoon is commentating the racegoers are gutted. the man is a complete and utter blethering idiot followed closely by the highly pompous alaistair down.

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    Quote: from jonny33 on 4:24 pm on Mar. 30, 2007[br]how many times do i have to tell you about derek thompson


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    ATR Xtra on full screen is the best solution to the pundit issue.  Wish RUK would provide the same function.

    No pundits, no adverts, no betting booth rubbish, just betting shows and races with commentaries.<br>

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