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    I like going in to William Hill betting shops, not least because the race commentaries are nearly always allowed to be broadcast uninterrupted.
    After all, that’s what people want to watch and listen to, rather than a voiceover person constantly butting in with news on greyhound betting, Tote returns or whatever.
    "Leave it there, at Hove, they bet…"
    But I can’t stand Jem, with his drawling, monotone and very laboured, slow-motion, deep-voiced delivery. How he gets away with it, I will never know. It is painful but I remember being told years ago that he is regarded as an indispensible member of the team. Haven’t heard him recently but I assume he is still there.
    His so-called commentaries on the virtual motor racing events and virtual horse races are nothing short of appalling, especially as he seems to do little more than read very slowly, with no atmosphere, the changing numbers for the motor racing competitors at the bottom of the screen.
    Carla Hilton, by contrast, seems admirably professional and fluent. I’m surprised she hasn’t been snapped up for a more high-profile TV role. Certainly, her race commentaries are far better than those of Hayley Moore and Carla’s rival betting shop voice, Rachel Casey, in the lamentable women racecourse commentators competition.
    Hayley gave up at Brighton after a couple of races when the fog rolled in, even though she had supposedly been billed as being the course commentator all day. Mike Cattermole, who was already doing the off-course betting shop commentaries,had to take over and, predictably, did an excellent and entertaining job in the fog.
    Carla’s strident voice, with the slight but irritating northern twang, might be a reason she has not progressed further. It drives me mad when I hear her going on in the betting shop. How the all-day punters stand it, I will never know. She seems to have been there for years.
    Naz and Darren Owen do a good job. Darren Owen is an under-rated racecourse commentator and, for my money, is easily the best of the trio of BBC TV commentators for the Grand National. Certainly, far more fluent than Jim McGrath.
    I’ll gloss over the William Hill man whose name I’ve forgotten with the seriously annoying broad northern accent.
    I’m sure I’ve heard Malcolm Tomlinson in Stan James betting shops. And I believe Mike Vince has, or still does, do betting shop work, as well as being MC at Market Rasen and Ascot and being the regular Shergar Cup course commentator.
    I believe Alan Howes does, or did, SIS betting shop voiceover work as well as being a good racecourse commentator for the last few years.

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