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Will 2006 be the year for England?

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    Quote from Grasshopper –

    "I could just about stand seeing England win the World Cup actually.

    But only so long as the entire episode was prefaced by Michael Owen being nicked for stealing a bracelet from a jewellery shop near the training camp, and Beckham being found b*lls-deep in a rent-boy, the night before their opening game. "

    They (via Rooney/Owen) have made a fair start to compiling the necessary qualifications to obtain a Grasshopper validation to their World Cup bid!<br>

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    £700 grand in 5 months …

    Cheesus, even if you were a pin-sticker, how much would you need to be turning over in your betting to lose that much?

    I reckon about a million a month (assuming losses of around 14%)

    Here’s the headline for a press release for a well known betting exchange:

    "England strikers don’t betfair"


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    He’ll have plenty time on his hands now to hone his poker skills, or even tune into the occassional afternoon of Racing UK.

    Andrew Hughes
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    I think you’re too pessimistic, Cormack

    I hear that FIFA will be giving him special dispensation to play in a wheelchair (though he may need someone to help him work out how to use it)

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    Aranalde –

    That scanario may well be preferable to the alternative involving one P.Crouch

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    One thing about Peter Crouch is that other sides c**p themselves when he comes on the field. Both Argentina and Uruguay paid so much attention to him that it freed up the other forwards to score. No, I think he’s especially talented, though there are plenty worse in the Premier league, but it’s often what’s perceived rather than what is.

    Incidentally I think England will get through the group stage and then, as usual, go out to a side ‘we could have beaten if Sven had the tactics right’.

    Meanwhile having moved to Fife a month ago, there’s the much more important matter of the East Region Juniors kicking the s**te out of each other for the next month or so! Will Bathgate overhaul Tayport? Will Oakley hold on in Fife? Exciting stuff!


    (Edited by robnorth at 12:35 pm on May 4, 2006)<br>

    (Edited by robnorth at 5:36 pm on May 4, 2006)

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    NO !

    Nathan Hughes
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    A shame 2022 isn’t the year the World said no thanks to the World Cup

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    I’m saying no to it.

    Sir Cherryade of Hampshire
    ("Chezza" to the proletariat)

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    every chance with Dell’Olio and Wine Rooney.

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