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    i started playing on betfairs poker site that run on cryptologic software (as do william hills, i think) and even though there are issues of randomness (is that a word?) in the hands dealt, i always end up playing back there.

    And the reason is simply that the others make me nauseas. the colours and graphics make it for me akin to reading a book whilst in a car. maybe i’m just too delicate.

    anyway the reason for the post was just to find out other peoples experiences of other sites and how they find them.

    incidently i’ve never played live, and live no where near a casino but do’t leave that out if u do.

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    I play at VCbet after trying numerous others and always end up back there as it isn’t overladen with un-nessesary graphics like all the others or nor does it deposit icons in your browser.

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    Mainly VC & the many skins.

    Although now in a quandry as Stan James have offered a decent rake back deal.

    Notes on hundreds of players & no rake v new site & rake.

    Mr Frisk
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    Started at VC and Ladbrokes and still play there on occasions, but am keen on Pokerroom these day, not least because I have to use a Mac when I’m out and about and it’s just about the only site that supports it.

    I also also like the percentages that appear on the download version when there’s an all-in – bit of a gimmick, perhaps, and for all I know, a common feature on loads of sites, but fun all the same.

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    I’ve played at most of them but personally I think that the best one is Party Poker.


    Jim JTS
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    I only play poker for fun and only occasionally.

    I play here :point: :- POKER (no download required)

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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