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    The Ante-Post King
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    "Halfway, Your forum needs you! Big Ted and his "FF" team want to kick TRF"s A** again! You were top tipster at the time you last posted! So get in touch mate!

    Nathan Hughes
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    <!– s:cry: –>:cry:<!– s:cry: –> Ken(West Derby) if you are reading this let us know that you are alright, please come back home to TRF, we can forgive you for running away and promise you that you are not in any trouble and Cormack will not lock you in your bedroom without any tea again.

    Natalie said she left you in a cardboard box in a grotty side street in London but when the authorities arrived at the scene witnesses said you were beaten up by rats and had moved on. We miss you fun, banter, mood swings, moaning, intelligence, insight, joy and most of all your willingness to finish last in all Competitions.

    Bob Rolf had professionals make you a trophy for scoring the record of 0’s in the 4pp and the whole forum were looking forward to your witty speech at the presentation. The World Tipping Championships starts soon Ken and I’m hoping to get a run for my £1.00 I bet on you winning the thing.

    So come on Ken get your arse back on board the good ship.

    Also still missing.

    Goldikova(possiby banned)
    Pompete <!– s:mrgreen: –>:mrgreen:<!– s:mrgreen: –>
    Kingston Town

    Awaiting Gamble to add more.

    Member since March 2008
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    Hi everybody!

    It has been a very long time since I’ve posted on here and boy the landscape has changed. I have too. Since the NH season is creeping upon us, I reckon I’ll start posting on here again. Thus, it would be nice to find out who’s new and who’s still here. Me first;-

    I’m kotkijet, I’m funking awesome and there isn’t a person or scenario out there that can intimidate me. However, I want to make sure right now that my confidence is not misconstrued as arrogance because I don’t believe that I’m better than a single person on this planet. My many hobbies include hitchhiking around England, meeting as many people as possible, standing up to bullies, music (mostly metalcore, dubstep and classicle) comedy, studying history (I will eventually become the best history teacher in Britain) and watching sports. In particular, Horse Racing.

    I have been watching this ‘sport’ since I was 9 years old and I’ve found it to be utterly awe-inspiring at the best of times and thoroughly repugnant during the bad times. As much as I love the sport, it has a distinct moral deficiency and has a million miles to go before it can be considered as ethically sound. My racing heroes include every single horse that’s ever stepped onto a racecourse and the following;-

    Carl Llewellyn
    A tough little toerag who enjoys shagging.

    A P McCoy
    If God himself was a jockey, A P would still have him in a finish. He’s addicted to winning and if everybody had his attitude, humanity would be an incredible concept.

    Clement Freud
    Anything I say about this man would be well worn and cliched. He was fantastic, he knew it, everybody knew it. Heaven is a blessed place.

    Politically speaking, I am a Conservative Libertarian Socialist. This essentially means that I’m an Anarchist who hates hippies who are too busy coming up with excuses not to make a positive contribution to society, to make a positive contribution to society.

    That’s enough about me for now… Who are you?

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    Oh, forgot to mention my trf heroes who I hope are still here…
    Seabird – top man top of the list. I still owe you a scoop my friend
    Dave Jay – the second most politically astute guy on here and a good chap to boot
    Grasshopper – taught me many a valuable about womankind. If you’re still rocking teh ganj, I’ll roll you one if I ever meet you
    Ian Davies – an arrogant unt with a capital C. I wouldn’t be surprised if he isn’t still banned but he knows what he wants and he isn’t shy about pißing people off which makes him a man in my books
    Gamble – not weird but very complicated
    Razeen – one of the most formidable trolls I’ve ever encountered. Had me on my arse on more than one occasion
    Paddy the Paddy – star player in my absence
    Irish Stamp – young good looking northern lad who knows his horses. I wonder who he takes after
    Insomniac – always good for a good argument
    That woman who was into System – burroughhill something…

    there are several others who I can’t remember atmit as it’s been a while.

    Also, when I go racing then I would be happy to do irl meet ups. I’ll keep y’all informed as to where and when. It will be a while though because I’m brassic.

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    ………….nothing new there then! 8)


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    Grasshopper – taught me many a valuable about womankind.

    Yes, "rattling some boilers" was a piece of vernacular that I hadn’t come across before.

    Main interests are staying chases, and applying numerical methods to pedigrees. Supposedly, my main passion is sprint h’caps, but I just couldn’t get back into them this year. I would also be interested in speed ratings, but don’t have the time.

    Pretty much friends with everyone, as I don’t like to get into arguments. Hardly watch any racing, as I don’t have ATR or RUK, and my internet link ain’t too good.

    Specialty is making funny remarks without including an emoticon, so people can’t tell whether I’m serious or not.

    dave jay
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    Hi Kotki .. nice to hear from you again.

    I’ve given up on politics, more or less, other than to oppose tyranny and corruption here and overseas.

    My gambling/forum life is the same as it ever was. The gambling has becoming finely honed over the years and I don’t post much about racing these days as I used to. I find it difficult to find anything interesting to say, that hasn’t been said before.

    Razeen and Davies are both deleted members, both falling foul of the big red button for various reasons. I remember the clashes with you and Razzer with fond memories .. :D .. ‘Pulling at race courses’ .. one of my favourite threads of all time, on any forum, anywhere !!

    Are you working, in love, young free and single, atm .. ?

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    Hail Kotkijet!

    It’s been too long sir. Weren’t you bent on ending it all at one point, to the extent of posting a poll on here requesting advice on which would be the best way to go? Delighted that this never came to pass, especially as your other posts, outlining the hiding of sausages, popping of cherries, and such like, were solid gold.

    And who was the female jockey you befriended at Hereford that one time? Can’t for the life of me recall.

    (still TRF’s token Wet Liberal. You’ve missed nothing. 8) )

    The patron saint of lower-grade fare. A gently critical friend of point-to-pointing. Kindness is a political act.

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    I want to hear more about Carl Llewellyn; dish the dirt, please………I won’t tell anyone……

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    Hello from that woman who was into System :-)

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    Hi everybody

    Sorry for not getting back earlier on this thread but I have had a funked up week. One laden with poverty, violence, anorexia, heartache, mutually assured destruction, alcoholism and a schmit load of success on a variety of fronts.

    I will though reply to the posts on this thread in good time. Great to see some of the good ol’ boys (and girl) on here:)

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    I’m just waiting to hear more about BH’s ‘system’ !! :wink:

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    Nothing to get excited about Corm, just "System of a Down", a heavy metal band that have rocked my world for the last seven years or so. I’ve had so much fun with the music and made friends from all over the World too. It’s been fun :-) Given me a new lease of life in my middle age ;-)

    lollys mate
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    I allways thought you would "come back home"!
    I missed you! XXX.

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    I haven’t read too much on Betfair, well at least not until lately.

    Would it be possible that Halfway is writing as Value King? He specialises in sprint h’caps. But then, if that was the case, he’d show up on the US Racing section as well.

    Just a dumb suggestion.

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    Hi Marble, I thought you and Bulwark are mates? I was thinking he’ll be back at some time, as he’s working in the Middle East.

    My original theories about Halfway were 1) he got disillusioned with all the furore about TAPK, and his exile and 2) he jacked it in, because although he had all those winners, he never had any money left to back with at the end of the month.

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    i enjoyed this immensly, and have been inspired to return to the forum! HIYA!

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