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    Stone me! The BBC are showing virtual jumps from Steepledowns….hang on…..false alarm…..its only their new drama – Rough Diamond – priceless .

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    Priceless doesn’t do it – and I thought Trainer was a pile of s**t

    This is just cringeworthy….

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    Totally unrealistic – Dunne’s have just taken a £120 bet without referring it.

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    I actually thought it was quite good. Its drama its not going to be 100 % realistic be a bit boring to see a string of horses exercising and a stable hand shovelling horse manure.

    Thought it was quite entertaining.

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    If you look in the dictionary for the definition of ‘gentle comfort television, with nice scenery, shown exclusively on Sunday evenings’ you will see that there is no entry.  

    However, if there was, Rough Diamond would be listed with such esteemed company as Heartbeat and Ballykissangel; though the footage of horses (even when its disturbingly eroticised) raises the former above the others in my view.

    Also, the horse who plays the eponymous beast should get an acting award. I was moved by his portrayal of an insane loner, in the grand tradition of Travis Bickle and Hitler (in Downfall). Neigh!<br>

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    i agree with the majority its rubbish. i wonder how many people would if given the option accept not having any bbc channels therfore paying no tv licence.<br>millions.<br>unfortunately it will never happen.<br>

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    I’ll take evens that Harry Hill rips the p**s
    out of it on next week’s TV burp.

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    Fave Harry Hill moment ever – his renactment of the opening titles of Emmerdale by running a pen-cam over a tray of broccoli at speed. I absolutely corpsed.


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    complete tosh  – but delightfully watchable tosh

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    Gentle? Entertainment? Think again!

    We have a local fat cat, who likes Bond-villain touches such as the synchronised opening of the stable doors, bringing in a well spoken young Englishman to run his yard while simultaneously trying to squash his handsome neighbour.

    A struggle will ensue which will confront scientific rationalism with native nous and capitalist greed with the romantic struggle of the underdog. Roll back the industrial revolution!

    And dare I say it, elements of the ancient struggle between Irish and English may surface, although the fact our local hero has been assigned a young English lad to bond with as his new-found son will no doubt help to calm troubled waters.

    With so much at stake I will be a nervous wreck. Mind you, next time I’m at Newmarket I’ll be very keen to see the goings on in the hospitality tent.

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    <br>The last time this name appeared on the big screen it was the character Sir Sidney Ruffdiamond, played by Sid James in Carry On Up The Khyber.

    Just think of this Sunday evening tosh as Carry On Up The Curragh and your expectations won’t be raised too high.


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    Stables were impressive, was it filmed at Ballydoyle with GW playing the part of Rough Diamond?

    Did I hear it mentioned that he had the speed for a July Cup?:biggrin:

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    Quote: from apracing on 8:47 am on Feb. 5, 2007[br]<br>The last time this name appeared on the big screen it was the character Sir Sidney Ruffdiamond, played by Sid James in Carry On Up The Khyber.

    Absolute class. The Khasi of Kalabar (Kenneth Williams) and Bungdit Din (Bernard Bresslaw). They don’t make ’em like that anymore. Carry on carrying on.

    As for this ‘Rough Diamond’: crap but beautifully cooked, aka Light Family Drama.

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    Yep, a succulent biscuit to accompany Heartbeat.

    What a wonderful horse, that can walk into a stable AND shut the door after itself, my 22 year old son can’t do that coming through the front door! :(

    Couple of points:

    Even back in the seventies bookies would pay you out on a lost ticket. all you had to do was rewrite it as it was…That bookie last night was a tad harsh on the young lad.

    What a superb first riding lesson, approx. 3 miles bare back..Wow! :o

    It also strengthens the myth,  [or fact?],  that women are only in it for the money…no way that attractive Vet would go for that fat pillock….he looks like Barry off Eastenders!

    Also, that smart caravan looks like my future abode after the inevitable Cheltenham Festival Losses!!:(



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    "What a wonderful horse, that can walk into a stable AND shut the door after itself" :)

    We had a little pony who could do that too.  Unfortunately she could also undo the bolt on the door and let herself out again.

    Much hilarity in our household over this – entertaining enough to watch next week I think.  You’d think, given all that lovely red stable branding that they would have been able to afford a matching set of cherished colours wouldn’t you?

    Extra super-dupa bonus points for anyone able to name the horse winning the race in the archive footage.

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