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    Nathan HughesNathan Hughes
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    I’ve give this about two weeks or so then get the voting threads up

    Nominations needed for the following categories

    Poster of the Year
    Flat Horse of the Year
    Jumps Horse of the Year
    Flat Jockey of the Year
    Jumps Jockey of the Year
    Flat Trainer of the Year
    Jumps Trainer of the Year
    Hero of the Year
    Riding Performance of the Year
    Broadcaster of the Year
    One to watch
    Racecourse of the Year
    Journalist of the Year
    Villain of the Year
    Owner of the Year
    Commentator of the Year
    Thread of the Year

    Last year TRF Lifetime Achievement Award was introduced for the first time. Do we want to include this every year or every other or longer….?

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    Nathan HughesNathan Hughes
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    Also if you can post a link for your nominations for ‘thread of the year’ or point me in the right direction it will be very helpful.

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    Nathan HughesNathan Hughes
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    I’ll kick off with a couple

    Flat Jockey – Jim Crowley, say no more.
    Flat Trainer – Aiden O’Brien, Arc 1,2,3 amazing
    Jumps Trainer – Nicky Henderson, Handling of Sprinter Sacre spot on and getting him back to win the QMCC is worthy of a nomination alone.
    Poster – Triptych, Her parade ring comments always very useful on who will improve and who was rock fit, backing the ones who did not look fit in Trip’s eye but ran well next time out was nearly always bang on. Frankel thread very useful with being able to check up on who’s run where, postion etc and always willing to lend a hand on comps and runs her own weekly one which is very popular. Shout outs to all that post on here and make the forum what it is. Most missed SteveCaution

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    I’ve only put up a few posts since joining this forum, but I’ve read avidly throughout the year so feel qualified to suggest a few nominations.

    Poster of the Year – SteveCaution I know he’s stropped off now, but he put up some fantastic tips and his posts on 2 and 3 year old flat horses were especially insightful
    Flat Horse of the Year – Minding
    Flat Jockey of the Year – Josephine Gordon
    Riding Performance of the Year – Seamie Heffernan, Highland Reel in the Breeders Cup Turf
    Thread of the Year – Why Frankel will rule the world

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    Poster of the Year – VTC for his in depth race previews
    Flat Horse of the Year – Concur with the TheGun
    Jumps Horse of the Year – Sprinter Sacre for the comeback
    Flat Jockey of the Year – Concur with Nathan
    Jumps Jockey of the Year – Richard Johnson. Champ at last.
    Flat Trainer of the Year – Hugo Palmer seems to have reached the top in very little time.
    Jumps Trainer of the Year – Paul Nicholls with his never give in attitude towards the title.
    Hero of the Year – Freddy Tylicki. A tragedy which I’m sure he will make the best of.
    Riding Performance of the Year – Vicky Pendleton. Many gave her zero chance of getting over the first.
    Broadcaster of the Year – ITV for getting the gig. Hope they have a bright future.
    One to watch – Jack Kennedy. Seems to be one for the future.
    Racecourse of the Year – Hereford. A comeback which a lot of people didn’t expect.
    Journalist of the Year – Claude Duval. Never a great fan but a massively long time in the game and now earning a well deserved retirement.
    Villain of the Year – Willie Mullins for pulling Vautour out of the GC.
    Owner of the Year – Jean Bishop. Unfortunately lost her husband very shortly after Cue Card’s KG win but the horse has given her days to remember since then.
    Commentator of the Year – No real preference
    Thread of the Year – Concur with TheGun.

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    Poster of the year Triptych
    Flat horse of the year. Minding for putting up a superb display at Ascot after starting off with a demolition in the guineas.
    Jumps horse of the year. Thistlecrack.
    Flat jockey of the year. George baker.
    Flat trainer of the year. St aiden of ballydoyle. Arc 123 just mindblowing.
    Jumps trainer of the year. Colin tizzard.
    Hero of the year. Bryan cooper for his quick thinking in getting jockeys leg free after falling.
    Ride of the year. Seamie at the breeders cup on hreel. Superb jockeyhip and he knew he had loads left. So well deserved.
    Broadcaster of the year. As usual Matt Chapman. Can’t wait to see him stir it up on ITV.
    Will post rest later as have to get wee guy to school.

    Nathan HughesNathan Hughes
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    don’t be shy boys and girls…… :rose:

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    Thank you for your nomination Nathan and mickey will be putting up some more thoughts when voting opens because of family commitments at present.

    I would however like to put out a strong shout and nominate VTC for Poster of the Year.
    His Ten to Follow Competition is so addictive even to a flat racing fan like myself and as homer stated above his in depth race previews have been spot on and very well thought out. He has also had a Leprechaun on his shoulder for most of this year with regard to leading and winning most of the competitions on here. :good:

    Freddy Tylicki for hero goes without saying :rose:

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    i am with triptych VTC poster of year,triptych close second (some great paddock pictures)
    Frankel thread was different class
    almanzour horse of year
    Obrien for his 123 in arc
    dont follow jumps that much but richie rich/mullins i know got my son hot under the collar,so bad guys go to this duo
    racecourse as usual for me has to be york

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    Poster: Venture To Cognac for Big Race discussion, so many big prices time and time again + great previews

    Jumps horse: Thistlecrack

    Trainers : Tizzard + O’Brien

    Thread: 2 year old summary thread or Gingers winners, fascinated if not confused by Gingers method

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    Poster of the year – Not a difficult one, VTC….he should get a job doing it

    Flat horse of the year – Minding

    Jumps horse of the year – Sprinter Sacre….thank God he didn’t have 1 race too many

    Flat jockey of the year – Frankie Dettori… for what he’s been through in the past to come back to where he is
    now takes courage. He also had the highest % winners (21%) along with Ryan Moore.

    Jumps jockey of the year – Richard Johnson….. for eventually getting there

    Flat trainer of the year – Aiden O’Brien ….. the Arc +

    Jumps Trainer of the year – Paul Nicholls… for keeping it going to the last throw of the dice

    Hero of the year – Freddy Tylicki….for what he gave and for what he is about to go through

    Riding Performance of the year – Ryan Hatch….for his performance winning on Millicent Silver at Newton Abbot
    in April. If I had had a betting slip, I’d have torn it up with a mile to go.

    Broadcaster of the year – Matt Chapman, not least for stepping into the breach to help Freddy Tylicki

    One to watch – Kotkikova….Bought by JP and presently with Nicky Henderson. She looks like she could be top notch

    Racecourse of the year – Cheltenham….I went for 1st time last year on Gold Cup day, it more than lived up
    to my expectations (but Hamilton is still a cracking wee course)

    Journalist of the year – Tom Kerr….I like his style of writing

    Villain of the year – Willie Mullins…..For,….well take your pick (purely from a punters perspective)

    Owner of the year – Jean Bishop…. I agree with Homer, and also for taking her possible/probable “loss”
    of £1,000,000 bonus with good grace.

    Commentator of the year – Richard Hoiles

    Thread of the year – Why Frankel Will Rule The World….. for all the expectations, highs and lows it
    created. Well done Jonibake

    I’m not sure about the Lifetime Award Nathan. It’s a special one and I think should be held back for a few
    years, unless circumstances dictate otherwise.

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    Finish my list now I’ve got time.
    One to watch. Idaho,as half brother to highland reel could well get better with age.
    Racecourse of the year. York
    Journalist of the year. Alistair diwn. Still writing some great pieces especially his piece on the arc and aidenss 123.
    Villain of the year. The sheikh’s for showing no loyalty to jocks. If the horses aren’t good enough don’t blame the rider.
    Owner of the year. Rich ricci. His main employee isn’t very forthcoming but he has been tremendous especially his interview in atr which was very illuminating about his relationship with Willie Mullins and his love of horses.
    I don’t think any commentator stood out but having watched the breeders cup our guys aren’t as bad as some made out.
    Thread of the year. 2yo summary.

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    FHOY – Arrogate
    JHOY – Empire Of Dirt
    JJOY – Richard Johnson
    FTOY – Eve Johnson Houghton
    JTOY – Noel Meade
    HOY – Limerick Stewards 3/4/16
    RPOY – Paddy Brennan (Vice Et Vertu)
    BOY – John Hunt
    OTW – Super Follo
    ROY – Hereford
    VOY – Philip Hobbs
    OOY – Turf Club 2014
    COY – Des Scahill

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    A few noms

    Flat jockey – Josephine Gordon
    Commentator – Alan Howes
    Poster – LostSoldier3
    Jumps jockey- Jodie Hughes
    Journalist – Claude Duval
    Broadcaster – Hayley Turner
    One to Watch- Jack Milner
    Racecourse – Pontefract
    Villain – Bookmakers

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    Poster of the Year – VTC hands down – wish I could get a bet on it!

    Flat Horse of the Year – Almanzor

    Jumps Horse of the Year – Cue Card – utterly remarkable beast who spent what should have been his best years with a breathing deficiency

    Flat Jockey of the Year – Dettori: bounced back when many wouldn’t have. Best strike rate of top 50 on the turf

    Jumps Jockey of the Year – Johnson: diligent, modest and the best front-running jock I’ve ever seen over jumps

    Flat Trainer of the Year – Aidan. Genius. End of.

    Jumps Trainer of the Year – The TIZZ!

    Hero of the Year – Every groom who goes home carrying an empty bridle and finds the courage to keep going.

    Riding Performance of the Year – Dicky’s Aintree ride on old up the lazy River

    Broadcaster of the Year – G Cunningham for digging up Geoff Banks and some others who needed digging up

    One to watch – Sub Lieutenant, esp for Ryanair

    Racecourse of the Year – Kelso

    Journalist of the Year – Chris Cook

    Villain of the Year – Ricci

    Owner of the Year – John P McManus for everything he does to keep many trainers in business

    Commentator of the Year – Mr Hoiles

    Thread of the Year – Anything with Thistlecrack in it :)

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