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    Horse of the year

    War of Attrition – His performances in Cheltenham and Punchestown in both festivals were top notch.

    Trainer of the year

    Paul Nicholls – Pure Genius

    Jockey of the Year

    Ruby Walsh

    Poster of the year

    Cormack15 – For stepping in and taking on such a colossal job, fair play!


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    Horse – Young Mick, the Darknight puts it perfectly with regards this horse.

    Jockey – Ryan Moore, lets his riding do the talking.

    Trainer – The hardest category, Paul Nicholls.

    Poster – cormack15.

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    Kauto Star.  His recent performances speak for themselves.<br>Paul Nicholls<br>Ruby Walsh.   <br>Poster.  APracing.  Alan’s contributions are always well informed and full of insight.  But for obvious reasons Cormack should take the plaudits.

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    Jockey:Ruby Walsh-the one you want on your side at the highest level.<br>Trainer :Jim Bolger -played his hand magnificently.<br>Horse :Beef or Salmon ,fluked his tenth Grade 1 -is this a record.<br>Poster: Clivex for inextricably linking Paul Carberry to the war on terror.Next year it will be Fallon and weapons of mass destruction.

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    Chippy post of the year


    Slowest poster of the year


    who couldnt understand the connection between setting off fires on planes and peoples nervousness about terrorism

    Cave dweller of the year?

    (Edited by clivex at 9:13 pm on Dec. 13, 2006)<br>

    (Edited by clivex at 9:14 pm on Dec. 13, 2006)

    Andrew Hughes
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    Captain Caveman, obviously.

    (Edited by Aranalde at 9:37 pm on Dec. 13, 2006)

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    I will base my selections on the horses and trainers that were consistently good to my betting bank when racing at the highest levels of the sport in 2006.

    Trainers = PJ Hobbs and A OBrien

    Horses = Ouija Board and Detroit City

    Poster = Alan Potts ( always insightful and well informed)

    Moments of the year = Ruby Walshes immeadite post race interview on the BBC after his victory at Aintree on Kauto Star (the most insightful interview given all year imo).  Georgous Georges antics after winning the Guinneas, Y Takes incredibly weak finish in the Arc, Horatio Nelson breaking down at Epsom and Teofilos victory in the Dewhurst all readily come to mind, there are probbably more.

    Most missed posters on TRF = Stav and EC

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    Horse: Katarino (remember him?)

    Trainer: Colm Murphy

    Jockey: Ruby Walsh

    Poster: Grasshopper

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    Horse – Kauto Star – has already brightened our days and has enormous potential

    Trainer – I’ll row in with Paul Nicholls.  However of the trainers not so far mentioned I’d give an honourable nod to Brian Meehan for his big wins in Dubai and Breeders’ Cup with two very different horses.

    Jockey – Dean McKeown, who, whilst no spring chicken, pulled off two remarkable million dollar rides on Collier Hill in Canada and Hong Kong – both times giving his owners heart stopping moments but prevailing by the narrowest of margins

    Poster of the year.  Of course hats off to the much missed Daylight and to Cormack who has taken on the job with such style and vigour.  I’m going to nominate Wit however because he is unfailingly informative about the sort of subjects that interest me.


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    Rory  —  Yes, I remember KATARINO who won the triumph hurdle a few years ago. He’s a lovely looking horse who always trys his best and looked as if he was going to be a great chaser until injury intervened. He’s come back to win the Foxhunters for the last 2 years and jumps those Aintree fences brilliantly. He’ll be 12 years old soon so I don’t know how much longer he’ll keep going but I’ll always remember him as one of my all time favorites.

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    Horse of the Year: DETROIT CITY<br>(….and horse of next year I should imagine)

    Trainer of the Year: ALAN SWINBANK<br>(For COLLIER HILL and having faith in Dean McKeown!)

    Jockey of the Year : KERRIN MCEVOY<br>(Has to be the best number two in the world…?)

    TRF Poster of the Year: SAL <br>(I learn something new with nearly every post!)

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    Time to move on from nominations to actual voting, I reckon. How about dj takes the lead, given that he started this thread in the first place?<br>

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