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    Ok so everybody is doing them nowadays. But surely none could be as prestigious as receiving the backing of the racing brains that operate at TRF. Keeping it simple four awards. Horse of the Year, Jockey of the Year, Trainer of the Year and personally to TRF, poster of the year. Perhaps use this thread for nominations if anyone is interested and then one of the moderators can open a seperate thread for voting on each individual category.

    To start off my nominations are;

    Horse of the Year-Ouija Board<br>Athough I’m loathe to admit it, Ouija Board is probably the most deserving as she was on the go since March and as well as her wins at Royal Ascot, Goodwood and the Breeders Cup could well have supplemented those successes under better rides in Dubai, Singapore and possibly Ireland. Teofilo would be a close second, but I have no doubt he’ll have his time in 2007.

    Trainer of the Year-Tim Pitt<br>He hasn’t had the raw materials that some trainers have but his achievemnets look pretty good, particulalry in his rookie year winning the July Cup and Golden Jubilee with Les Arcs and Chester Cup with Admiral. He has also shown his excellent skills of placing horses with the sort precision that the Baron would be proud of, horses like Eccollo and Yungaburra have shown.

    Jockey of the Year<br>Has to be Ryan Moore for me. Although the last couple of years he had looked like a champion in waiting, it was a surprise he could do it so soon, especially without the full backing of a main yard, picking up only half of the Hannon rides and not all of Stoutes.

    Poster of the Year<br>A close run thing but seeing as Grasshopper’s loathing for Flat racing rules him out of meaningful debate on the Flat he is just pipped by Clivex, for the only reason that I disagree with him so much, on so many things, he’s ensured I’ve posted about 70% more this year than any other.:biggrin:

    Obviously my votes are rather flat orientated but they can also include jumps, as long as it is based on 2006 achievement.  

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    <br>Horse of the Year   –    Detriot City

    On the basis that he keeps breaking records for a horse of his age – the Cheltenham/Aintree double, the Cesarewitch without a prep race, the Greatwood and the Bula, neither won by any four year old for decades. <br>I also have a soft spot for Reverence on the flat.

    Trainer of the Year   –   Paul Nicholls

    Not only for the first championship and the big winners already this season, but for his excellent attitude towards keeping the public informed – e.g Kauto Star declared a definite runner in the Tingle Creek three days earlier than required by the rules. We all know how others would have handled the situation.

    Jockey of the Year   –  

    Not exactly a great year for the jockeys and I can’t think of one that stands out. Agree with DJ’s comments about Moore, but his unwillingness to be interviewed gives him a painfully low profile for a champion.

    Poster of the Year   –   Cormack

    For the very obvious reason that without him, we might not have TRF at all, leaving all the other candidates with nowhere to post.


    Maxilon 5
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    Horse of the Year

    Sir Percy’s Derby was the single greatest performance in 2006, but I have to go with Ouija Board who warmed the coldest of hearts in the Nassau and the Breeders Cup. Good luck in retirement; she shall be missed.

    Trainer of the Year

    Pam Sly. The year’s unlikeliest heroine, seemingly at ease with Classic winners and handicap hurdlers, and proving that top grade success isn’t the sole preserve of the billionaires. Closely followed by Alan Swinbank for his handling of the amazingly underrated Collier Hill.

    Jockey of the Year

    Timmy Murphy.  As good a rider as I’ve ever seen over the sticks and seemingly dead and buried two years ago. A magnificent story which deserves a happy ending.

    Poster of the Year

    Cormack 15 for saving the site and hnis level headed approach.

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    Great Idea DJ –

    Keep the nominations coming and I’ll then open a voting thread for each category next Sunday.

    My nominees –

    Horse – I’d have to go with George Washington. Enigmatic, moody, maybe just a little bit bonkers but brilliant with it and a Racing Forum’s dream.

    Trainer Pam Sly for me too. To win a classic in this day and age from a small yard like hers takes some doing. Honourable mention to Martin Pipe who rewrote the record books during a fantastic career.

    JockeyRussell Baze for me. Oustanding achievement.

    Poster of the year – Ah, here’s one close to the heart, after six months spent scrutinising most posts for lewd and libidinous behaviour I feel I know each poster intimately (yuk). My vote would be for Grasshopper (sorry GH) whose knowledge, humour, level of participation (chat-room regular and poster in many sections of the forum) and sense of diplomacy make him a worthy candidate.


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    Some good nominations already.<br>Here’s mine for what it’s worth.

    Horse: Les Arcs<br>Trainer:  Pam Sly<br>Jockey:  Ryan Moore<br>Poster: Cormack – for all the reasons already expressed. Lots of posters on here who I enjoy reading – even if I don’t respond to them – but none of this would still be possible were it not for Cormack.  Special mentions to Wit,  Grasshopper, Dave jay, Seagull, Rory, carlisle, FlatSeason lover, DavidJohnson, apracing, jackane 25 (!!) etc.  

    The Market Man
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    Horse: Red Evie<br>Trainer: Pam Sly   <br>Jockey: Jamie Spencer<br>Poster: Anyone who agrees with me. ;)

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    Horse Of The Year – Ouija Board is an unlucky in running second to Rail Link, with George Washington not quite seeing it out in 3rd ;). In all seriousness, I think Rail Link has not really entered the British racing Public’s consciousness because it hasn’t raced in Britain, put I thought its Arc win was superb and there should be more to come next season (I’ll look stupid if connections have decided to send it to Stud!)

    Trainer – Torn between the flat and jumps here. I’d probably have to go for Paul Nicholls who has a fine record this year, is media-friendly (pretty much) and seems to be doing exceptionally well with young (eg Kauto Star) and "delicate" (eg Eurotrek) horses.

    Jockey – Incredibly boring but AP McCoy for me. Incredible drive and ambition and hates losing. Won the jockeys title again this year and same story likely for 06/07 campaign. Ryan Moore gets a mention for his clean riding style, but as already said his dislike of the media works against him. (perceptively anyway)

    Poster Of The Year- Difficult one. As someone with very limited racing knowledge (only started getting interested in racing at the end of last year) people like Cormack, Wit and DavidJohnson have helped me with my knowledge of racing and ratings and just been generally helpful (as was the now departed EC). I also read what Empty Wallet and clivex amongst many others post. However as this is done by proposing someone and people voting on it I will go fro the as yet unproposed DavidJohnson.<br>

    dave jay
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    Horse of the Year .. Speciosa

    Trainer .. Mrs Sly

    Jockey .. AP McCoy

    Poster of the year .. Glenn

    I can’t be bothered to type up any reasons for my nominations.

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    Horse: Detroit City – unbeaten in 7 from 7 now in 2006. Speaks for itself really

    Trainer: Pam Sly – agin for the reasons outlined above

    Jockey: Nina Carberry – finished in the top 10 Irish NH jockeys for 2005/2006 with 38 winners and a SR of 22%

    Poster: Too many for anyparticular one to stand out but 3 who are no longer with us (for various reasons) are EC, jackane, & Daylight.

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    Horse of the Year  –  Ouija Board

    Although I’m much more of a National Hunt enthusiast, I have to vote for Ouija Board who deserves the award more than any others due to her wins at Royal Ascot, Goodwood and the Breeders Cup which I thought were excellent achievements. Watching her in the Breeders Cup, I was cheering her home without having a penny on her to win – very rare for me to do this in relation to a flat horse.  

    Trainer of the Year  – Paul Nicholls

    Mainly for his first championship and the excellent start to this season and also for his excellent attitude towards keeping the public informed 24/7.

    Jockey of the Year  –  Tony McCoy  

    Jockey – Tony McCoy is simply the best jockey ever – difficult to fault him in any way.

    Poster of the Year  – Flat Season Lover

    Difficult for me to be sure as I have only been a member of this forum for 3 months but FSL’s enthusiasm for horse racing and positive attitude is excellent to see on here. <br>

    empty wallet
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    Horse – Les Arcs

    Trainer – Tim Pitt

    Jockey – no nomination – don’t give a toss

    TRF Poster, no nomination – all regular contributors are worth their weight in gold imo  :cool: :cool:

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    Horse…….difficult one. I think I’ll have to go with OUIJA BOARD, the one ‘flat’ horse this year that’s brought a lump to the throat.<br>In the also rans I’d like to mention Young Mick, Mr. Dow Jones and good ol’ Spot thedifference.

    Trainer……Pam Sly

    <br>Jockey……Ryan Moore

    <br>Poster………it’s got to be Corm for taking on the forum so successfully in difficult circumstances, but following my heart I think it should go to DAYLIGHT.

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    Seeing as this is the nomination stage rather than the voting stage, it might be a good idea to put forward names that haven’t already been mentioned for the various categories, otherwise there might not be much choice at the voting stage!

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    Detroit City…………… that he always exceeds my expectations.

    Evan Williams………….I may be biased here but my local trainer seems to be on the rise and winning the Hennessy with State of Play may be the first of many big wins for this hard-working young Welshman.

    Robert Thornton………..Not just for his very competent riding but also for sticking to his principles of not talking to the media before he reports to connections (good on you, Chocs)

    Best poster……………….The most difficult category, if Gamble hadn’t disappeared there could only be one pick for me but in his absence I have to go for Barry Dennis for his always unbiased view of anything to do with the betting markets!! Glenn is a close second choice, also for his even-handed view of bookmakers and the HRA.;)


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    I think Carl Llewellyn has made a good start to his training career but I would nominate David Elsworth as my trainer. Season after season he has shown himself to be as good as anyone.

    I would give the jockey award to A.P. Mc Coy it was an error of judgement that he was overlooked at the BBC Sportsman of the year awards. Any time he carries your money you know you will get 100%.

    The horse of the year would be Kauto Star.

    Wit would get my nomination for the TRF award. <br>

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