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    Horse of the Year: Hedgehunter (definitely the star among horses who failed to win a race in 2006!)

    Trainer of the Year: Adrian McGuinness

    Jockey of the Year: Ruby Walsh

    Poster of the Year:apracing

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    HORSE: Kor-toe Star<br>TRAINER: Alan Swinbank<br>JOCKEY: ooooh, Jamie Spencer, just to be different<br>POSTER: empty wallet, for his tireless dedication to the cause

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    Horse: Detroit City<br>Trainer: Paul Nicholls<br>Jockey: Chocolate Thornton<br>Poster: apracing

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    HORSE: BH has stolen my thunder here a bit (and as a fellow jumps nut she’s more than welcome to!), but the frequent wins of Spotthedifference and Mr Dow Jones well into their dotage continue to poke a finger in the eye of a sport whose power base continues to shift in favour of precocious but fragile types. From the Flat, I’d have to give a mention to Collier Hill and Aahgowangowan, I think.

    TRAINER: The hitherto nominated Evan Williams and Pam Sly make appeal, as does the similarly upwardly mobile Alison Thorpe.

    JOCKEY: Sam Jones, Johnny Farrelly and John Flavin have all impressed me with their competence beyond their years in 2006, and it simply to be hoped that the first two can avoid the sort of dreadful injury that has kept the last-named on the sidelines since May.

    POSTER: For his good grace and humour on these pages in the face of the fall of the Sportsman (in which he and several others of us had placed so much store), I’d like to nominate Prufrock. Grasshopper still manages to post something here pretty much every month that has me corpsing, and deserves a shout also.


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    What’s great about horses like My Dow Jones and Spotty are the clear enjoyment they still get out of their racing. They wouldn’t keep winning like that if they wern’t having a good time. You could see Spotty the other day looked like he was just having a fun day out. It wasn’t work to him.

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    Davidjohnson. Naturally i disagree with your nomination of poster of the year :)

    Horse.  Would have to go for Ouija Board. To compete so consistently all round the world at such an exhalted level is an achievement in itself. It a funny way, she almost became a reassuring presence at so many big races. A nice line of continuity in a game where there is so little

    Kauto Star on the jumps.

    Jockey. Ruby Walsh as ever. A craftsman. On the flat, i agree with the Ryan moore comments. Sad to see Munro injured after what was proving to be a fine comeback and Kerrin Mcevoy would also get my vote

    Trainer. can anyone really look past Paul Nichols on the jumps? A real credit to the game in so many ways. I think Alan Berry is worth a shout on the flat, but Jerry Noseda just pips him…

    Poster. Loads to mention frankly, but Cormack is definately my choice for very obvious reasons

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    Horse – Kauto Star

    Trainer – Proven: Paul Nicholls<br>               Progressive: Evan Williams<br>               Promising: Alison Thorpe

    Jockey –  Proven: AP McCoy<br>               Progressive: Dominic Elsworth<br>               Promising: Sam Jones

    Poster – All those who bother to contribute even Mr Riddle-me-this-riddle-me-that. 3927 members, 100? Active

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    Yes I’m having second thoughts myself:biggrin:  Good shout about Noseda actually. He’ll probably get my vote.

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    Horse: George Washington, more for his character than anything else, everyone loves a flawed genius

    Jockey: Ruby Walsh. For me the best NH jockey

    Trainer: Evan Williams, for his progression through the season but also just for being an honest and stand up bloke

    Poster: Gamble, I miss his madness, where is he?!

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    Horse: Deepwater Bay<br>Jockey: Dead-heat between the Holy Father and the Holy Son, Patrick and Richard Hills<br>Trainer: Henry Cecil<br>Poster: ‘The Guv’nor’ Sean Boyce

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    Horse:  Kauto Star. No other horse, flat or jumps, has set up such an imperious sequence, or promises more.

    Trainer:  Paul Nicholls, for demonstrating that one can win races, even big handicaps, without chicanery. The most punter friendly operation in the game, and a constant source of reliable betting opportunities.

    Jockey: Kieren Fallon, for his stoicism in the face of adversity and his ability to still deliver the goods when required.<br> And it upsets Clivex.:)

    Poster: Jackane, because God loves a trier.

    Special Mention: Cormack15, for stepping into the breach and maintaining this forum as the premier place for horse-racing discussion.

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    Horse of the Year: Sergeant Cecil

    For winning the Group 1 Prix du Cadran along with two Group 2 events after his great wins of 2005 ( Plate, Ebor and Cesarewitch).

    Trainer of the Year: M P Tregoning

    Jockey of the Year: M J Kinane

    Poster of the Year: empty wallet

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    Ive been waiting with real anticipation to see who Aidan votes for as best trainer………. :cheesy:

    Irish Stamp
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    the good old Nike Air Max Classic is my bet for that one Clive

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    Horse of the year

    REVERENCE – Made it into the bigtime despite all his problems.

    Trainer of the year


    Some good horses and an affable chap.

    Jockey of the year


    Hopefully taking the job with Swinburn won’t hold him back

    Poster of the year


    Never fails to amuse.

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