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    The forum is a lot slower than it used be. That stops people visiting.

    In 2006 the top internet speed breaking through on the scene was 6mb, we’re now in 2011 were 24mb has been availble for a year or two.

    I am not having this silly excuse used time and time again!.

    I’ll always promote TRF and have done today, I think Cormack deserves a lot more respect for what he’s done and it’s annoying to see that "so and so" has left keep popping up, it just shows you about there character and what they think of you by leaving in the first place and the longer they have been left the sooner they’ll be forgotten ans I am sure we’ll see an influx of members in the coming years.

    Let me remind you that they are not the be all and end of all racing discussion so pull your socks up stop the tears and get on with your life, you can make the website as good as you want to but all you ever do is complain, it’s like you need a friggin baby sitter.

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    Ok as someone who has been a member of this forum under one name or another for 10 years+ I think I even pre-date I can say that personally i dont find the forum as enjoyable as I used too, but to be honest thats more down to me than the forum, I pretty much read as a guest now and find very few threads of any interest to myself. I dont care how much money people have on horses or how brilliant they are, and for the last few years thats pretty much all there is to read about, hence why I dont. I still recognise some names on here but they pretty much only post in the 4PP competition these days maybe they feel the same, and the chat room used to be the heartbeat of the forum now its often empty. The forum can only ever be as good as its members though and some key members will come through and install freshness back all forums on every subject need fresh members and these members need to be encouraged to speak not get knocked down as may have happened recently. Love to all Beax

    trapper john
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    What a ridiculous thread and an insult to most of the people who post on here. If the rest of us are not good enough then why don’t you just PM the people who you deem ‘worthy’. The biggest problem this forum has is people putting themselves on pedestals.

    There are plenty of great competitions on this forum, many of which should be better supported. Most, if not all of those quoted ‘names’ don’t even enter. If they are so knowledgeable why not?

    I hope most people would not take seriously the idea of valueing any forum by the number of ‘celebrity’ posters.

    well said stilvi

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    I always thought TRF was the best racing forum and still do. That said I’m another old member who barely posts anymore. I pop in from time to time and have been reading a lot more lately over the Cheltenham/Grand National period.

    When I first joined in 2002 I was on here all the time, but then again I was 17 then and life had yet to get in the way!! I gradually spent less and less time on here and then sadly, grew further apart from racing when I decided to drop the idea of becoming a racing journalist, for various reasons.

    So when I did come back a month or so ago to read the forum again, I didn’t know most of the names who post on here. The observations I’ve made though is that there don’t seem to be as many threads any more in this section (maybe due to some being in the ‘big races’ section) and the lounge is a lot emptier. Also, I did prefer the old original layout best!

    I do find TRF useful for getting racing insight I don’t get from what I read on RP online or watch on TV. These days I feel very detached from racing. I still love it, but I’m stuck back in the early 2000s when I was last immersed in it, and I find little time to get involved anymore.

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    I remember when I first joined this forum a few years ago, there were people saying at that time, "it’s not as good a forum as it once was". Obviously when someone joins any forum, everything is fresh, every discussion is new. Yet after many years, members have probably heard a lot of it before. So it might seem as if the forum is not what it was, even though (in practice) it’s even better.

    Exactly. The actual racing we discuss is different every year so there is no reason why any forum dedicated to the sport should get stale.

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    I think its a remarkable feat by TRF TOWERS to keep this whole thing running smoothly

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    Thank you Mr Wilson. I never thought of that. We are really lucky to have Mr Wilson on this forum.

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    BC – The speed has been good for me for quite some time now, I haven’t seen/heard any complaints about it of late.

    Can I ask everyon, is speed still an issue?

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    Cormack the speed is a lot better than what it was a few months ago when it was almost impossible to access but I still find it one of the slowest forums on the net.

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    Thanks BC.

    We’ll have a look at speeding up further.

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    One of the reasons why some people, including myself, post less often these days is simply because, and I’m talking about


    topics rather than ones on a particular race or horse, it just gets tedious posting the same thoughts on the same topics, year after year.

    Another off-putting factor is the sheer number of sub-forums here, it must be more than a dozen, there could well be some fascinating contributions being posted in some of them, but I’m never likely to read them. Such separateness doesn’t help to engender a sense of a community, a group of friends exchanging thoughts on a shared passion.

    I should add, I think Cormack does a good job running the place, though.

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    The demise of TRF is very much overstated imo.

    Take a look at Imperial Calls thread in Lays and Plays, almost six grand ahead since November. Robert Gibbs has a superb and profitable blog in there as well. Zarkava’s, trends analysis of the upcoming Guineas is pure quality as was BigWolf’s analysis of the recent Lincoln. Mr Wilsons speed figure work is essential reading, The Blues Brother has shared what seems like a mountain of his work on speed figures with us as well. Jose’s handicapping blog is the best you’ll read anywhere on the subject. The forum


    has long standing contributors who have an ability with prose that any professional racing publication would kill for. These are just a few examples, there are

    many, many


    I think people get "all issued out" discussing Racing’s politics, you feel your repeating yourself over and over so its understandable there may be less debate on that score, although when something topical comes along, there are still plenty of people happy to express a generally informed opinion, if the recent Grand National safety thread is anything to by.

    Reet, I miss the posters you mention as well. However the impression sometimes conveyed was that they prefer discussing racing with people whose involvement, knowledge and experience in the game is at a similar level to their own, which while being completely understandable, would have ruled out people like me from ever joining the forum in the first place and I don’t think that was ever the ethos of TRF. Granted I don’t want to see it turn into Disneyland Lite, either.

    Regarding the bannings, the moderation of the forum always seems to be on a very fair

    repeat offender

    basis and I’ve never had the impression that cormack shirks difficult threads if their expressed in a reasonable way (and I know because I’ve tested him on this :wink: ). I went through the last dozen
    or so postings of both the aforementioned posters and I can see how some of it would be viewed as completely unacceptable to other forum members, and again its not what TRF has ever stood for. If you repeatably ask someone to do tone it down and they repeatably ignore you, what other option is there in the end?

    The site speed has been very good over the past few months. Keep it up!

    One area that has been neglected lately is the Q&A section. A few more of those would be welcome.

    My interest in racing is largely a solitary one, none of my friends or family has any interest in it, so TRF has always been a great place to touch base and express opinions with other racing fans. Long may that continue.

    No resting on the laurels, mind. :wink:

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    Great post Cavelino, sums up my own thoughts on where we are much more eloquently than I managed myself. I think people focus on only the H-racing section when assessing the health of the forum and there has been so much exciting, interesting and profitable work published in the sections you highlight. I’d also single out Rob North’s excellent posts and your own work for mention.

    Some of the (free) info in the daily lays, systems and trends/research rivals (and often beats) anything available commercially or in trade publications.

    Re – the Q&A’s.

    Yes, been overlooked. Very happy to focus on getting a few more in the pipeline. Any suggestions for who people would like to see featured?

    Venusian – you have a good point about the number of sub-forums. It doesn’t want to be a library and I’m perhaps a bit gulity of trying to ‘order’ things to a stifling extent. The site wants to be a bit more dynamic than that (in terms of structure). I’ll do something with that in the next couple of weeks as it’s something that’s been on our minds for a wee while.

    Without re-igniting the whole debate over bannings, I don’t think people appreciate how tricky a balance that is. Or how time consuming moderation can be (to which I am always largely indebted to Matron whose absolutely sterling work in that area goes largely unnoticed).

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    With apologies, I sometimes get confused by Cormack15. I remember reading a fairly recent thread to the effect where he wrote that, because he has two heads, in future he would confine his personal thoughts to user name Cormack15 otherwise both he and his work colleagues would all adopt the user name TRF Admin.

    Some of the posts on this thread would appear to contradict that intention and so this dual personality scenario makes it difficult for me to understand whether I’m dealing with the commercial manager of the forum (who no doubt has a pecuniary and vested interest in painting a positive picture) or an unbiased and objective fellow-member who is honest and up-front about the realities of the forum’s current well-being compared to past times.

    Then again, as I do with other retail ventures who seek my custom, maybe I should just read between the lines and form my own opinion as to the merits or otherwise of the forum without having to rely on promotional junk-mail as being the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth.

    Irish Stamp
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    I’m here still Oh So Sharp – just mainly posting on the P2P threads these days, still try and contribute to the big race discussions and other topics though too :)

    FWIW I don’t think there’s any demise on TRF – still a good core of posters as mentioned earlier and a few new additions too, all of which contribute to a great forum :)


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