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    Just a quick message to say a big THANK YOU from the team at The Racing Forum to all members, old and new, who’ve helped make it a great year for the site. We really appreciate the way everyone conducts themselves on here and we’re looking forward to continuing to improve the forum as we move forward.

    It’s been an interesting year for us, dominated by the major changes we’ve made to the site, both in terms of the graphical interface itself and also the technology which drives it all. Much of the credit for the smooth transition from old to new should go to Charles and Andrew at Thus Ltd, who have joined The Racing Forum to help ensure the forum continues to develop. They’ve been busy working away all year helping ensure that all the techie bits and pieces I don’t understand work and that the site’s advertisers keep coming back, allowing us all to continue having stupid, meaningless arguments about which horse might run faster than another (among other things). They’re also working on the next steps and are about a year ahead of me at the minute. Thanks for your help and hard work guys.

    We’d also like to say a huge thank you to the members who help us with the day to day running and moderation of the site. In particular Bob Rolf, Matron, Grasshopper, Dave Jay, Jim JTS, Davidbrady, Johnny B, Happy Jack, Non Vintage and Adrian, all of whom have contributed greatly during the year. (Sorry if I’ve missed anyone).

    Finally, of course, many thanks to everyone who posted, or indeed simply stopped by to have a read, during 2007.

    So, as we hurtle headlong past Christmas and into 2008, it remains for us to wish you all a Merry Christmas and a great 2008. We sincerely hope to see each one of you back here at the end of next year when we’ll hopefully be looking back on another great year’s racing.

    Best wishes,

    Cormack15 and The Racing Forum team.

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    And thank you gaffer! :D

    Gazs Way De Solzen
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    This forum is fantastic.

    I have only been a member for a short while but everyone here has been really good, very friendly and welcoming.

    The forum has a great feel to it and has great discussions.

    The way it is conducted is brilliant.

    Thanks a lot.

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    can I just say something that I’ve been meaning to say for ages; I’ve only recently learned how to use computers but of all of the websites that I’ve come across on the web this is by far the best laid out one….thanks.

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    Great site, a credit to everyone involved in the running of it.

    Thanks Cormack and everyone else who contributes.

    Merry Christmas everyone.

    Chris B
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    A thank you to you all, I have read the site picking up knowlegde for a good while but have only posted recently, I have mostly posted on the Ricky Hatton forum but have really liked this forum and it’s members lately so merry Christmas and happy new year and I look forward to speaking to you all next year, I’m off to Kempton on boxing day and am looking forward to taking some photos so will get them on here when I can between Christmas and new year..

    Fist of Fury 2k8
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    This site is like a breath of fresh air to me. Great place to have a bit of crack and debate with people who actually have a good understanding and knowledge of racing.

    Many thanks to the all you guys behind the scenes, fellow members and a special thanks to Arazi for all those wonderful clips he has posted on here.

    May it long continue.

    Merry Xmas all

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    Nice site , Definatly getting involved more

    Blue Brazil
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    Great site, with lots of good natured friendly debate :wink:

    Even though I’ve not long joined, it has been enjoyable reading everyones opinions on racing issues. It’s amazing how we can all watch the same things, but everyone has varying views, which makes for good debate!

    Merry Xmas :D

    % MAN
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    I echo all the above sentiments.

    A good site and some very healthy debates, which only rarely degenerate into slanging matches, some achievement!!

    However you all spend the next few days may they be enjoyable and may 2008 be profitable – unless you happen to be a bookmaker :D

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    Have to say it’s a great site and the debates are brill. Thanks for the opputunity!

    Merry Christmas and a happy new year!!

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    Yep, I echo all the sentiments. Most forums I come across are full of idiots, but this one contains intellectual debate about one of my big passions in life.

    Thanks to all.

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    Yes, great site, great forum – long may it continue.

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    It’s compulsive reading, an essential barometer of what racing fans are thinking, so special thanks to all of the contributors and a very Happy Christmas to everyone in racingforum land

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    Couldn’t agree more with all that has been said. Some wonderful people on here, who, at the end of the day will help with almost anything. The lengths some go to in order to help others gives me back my faith in the human race. HAPPY CHRISTMAS.

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