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    Andrew Hughes
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    With a packed midfield likely from England and heavy expectation, combined with our inability to keep the ball, I think this one will be close. If we do win it will be a single goal. Ecuador are strong physically, and quite aggressive going forward, with good width. This will not be easy.

    Also getting tired of the ‘we’ve got the best squad in the tournament and everyone is jealous of our midfielders’ line. Gerard is world class, Cole is getting there, Lampard is solid and Beckham is okay. That’s it.

    Teams win tournaments, not collections of individuals. Worse still, our big name players are not famous because they have prodigious ball skills and breathtaking technical ability – they just have a high media profile and play in the most expensive league in the world. Every tournament there is a team that people say must have a good chance on paper but never produce. This year its England.

    And, lets not forget, nine months ago or so, they were losing to Northern Ireland in Belfast and were supposedly a national disgrace. Now they are potential world beaters. Based on what? They qualified from an easy group, struggled past Paraguay, Trinidad and couldn’t beat one of the worst Swedish teams in recent years. I would love them to win the world Cup. But in six years under Sven, we’ve seen no evidence that they can.

    (Cue seven nil win and Lampard hattrick)

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    Unpatriotic I know, but I’ve backed Ecuador at 7.6 with Betfair. I’m hoping that England win but don’t get an early goal as I’m looking to sell Ecuador during the game.   <br>Ecuador rested some of their star players in their last game but judged on their first two games look capable of beating the England that turned up for their group games. 7.6 seems way too high imo.<br>The weather  forecast for today’s match suggests it’s going to be very hot; conditions not likely to favour an underperforming England. <br>The England that has turned up for this competition hasn’t, so far, been the England that beat Argentina recently (last November I think). Why not?<br>I blame the manager.

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    best to start slow and build up the performances is the best defence i can make for their showing so far.  anyway, i’m off to tidy myself up and get out with the rest of the adult population and get smashed while yelling stupidly at a little box.  every cloud has a silver lining – if we lose, pubs get back to normal.

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    Good call Aranalde, on both the result and the England hype

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