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    Scottish Jamie
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    This man is all over TV and has even grabbed himself a Radio 2 show.

    Is he :-

    a) Comedy genius and a legend in the making<br>b) A passing fad who will return to obscurity in no time<br>c) Insane<br>d) A waste of space, nonsensical, drug addled fool and a royal pain in the backside

    I can’t quite decide. Discuss.

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    He’s very clever – but not quite clever enough to avoid Rod Stewart putting him in his place.

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    His previous tenures for MTV et al mean he’s probably just about been around too long to qualify for b), although the quantities of drugs he used to hoover up – he’s a reformed d) – briefly looked as if they might have brought that about.

    He’s almost certainly c), and his stand-up does embrace a) on occasion, although he wouldn’t appeal to me in that sphere as much as, say, Eddie Izzard or Ross Noble.

    He’s chalked in to host the Brits, which may prove life or death for any short-term mainstream aspirations thereafter.


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    My view:

    97% annoying and up his own arse.<br>3% very amusing


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    Definitely D

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    Mostly (d) but his stint at the Secret Policeman’s Ball showed that there could be a bit of (a) lurking, if in danger of being strangled.

    lollys mate
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    I think he is the best at what he does.

    What he does?

    I’m not sure about. But he is good at it.

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    I’d say B. He’s going to milk this for all its worth while he has the opportunity. I think he’s a novelty but a very clever/amusing novelty.

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    C) Definetly – believe hes a west ham fan so will forgive him……..

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    E – for me

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    No thread yet so thought it is high time one was begun!

    What does everyone think?

    I think if you look elsewher in the lounge there has been more than enough lively debate on this one :D

    Try the "Unwanted and ungifted idols killing society like a disease" thread – there has been plenty of debate in there

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    I think the folly on the part of the producer was putting the two together. It was a certainty they’d try to outdo each other in the Shocking Juvenile Stakes. All it needed was Graham Norton to contribute his two penn’orth.

    lollys mate
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    Its just been announced that Ross and Brand have been added to the Sach’s offenders register.


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    Quote – "As for the little cow who is behind it all."

    She’s hardly ‘behind it all’. The two presenters who phone a 78 year old man with childish comments are the two ‘behind it all’. I don’t know if you have a grandfather or grandmother or, indeed, father or mother of that age. If you have then ask yourself how they’d feel to find that on their answerphone.

    Ross makes every attempt to keep his own family out of the spotlight so you’d have expected him to act with a little more consideration. Boys behind the bikeshed stuff, which isn’t what he’s paid £18 million of OUR MONEY for!

    Agreed though that Ms Bailey is making the most of her fifteen minutes though and winning no friends in the process.

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